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Back when BARF diets were a new trend and it was all DIY, there were recommendations for, say, 10% organ meat.  Haven't seen much about organ meat since then, but have seen occasional warnings about toxin accumulation in the liver.


Back then my dogs wouldn't eat liver.  My present dogs are happy with beef liver,  and it's reasonably cheap.  I'm in NZ, so the beefies are pretty much all grass fed and livers probably don't accumulate much toxic stuff.  Is it good to do give them, say, 200 g a week?  (oversized ESSs, 20 - 30 kg)

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Yes I remember those days but I thought organ meat was 5%. Certainly wouldn't hurt to give the 200gm but I'd split it up over a week. My dogs wouldn't touch it!

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I had a rotti female once who wouldn't eat anything except raw liver or lean beef (no fat) soaked in milk for the final 2 weeks of pregnancy... it was really bizarre, but didn't seem to have any detrimental effect on the resulting pups.



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You shouldn't feed too much liver. Once or twice a week, that's it.


Other organ meats are fine daily, and 10% is still recommended. Most BARF foods have 10% organ meats. It's where most of the nutrients are, so if you only feed mince or chicken then your dog won't get the nutrition they need.

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