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Help Please! Is this normal? It bought me to tears


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I saw my girl for the 1st time in years (divorce) and was absolutely devastated by the condition of her coat and skin. I know coat funk is a thing, especially for older malamutes, but this seemed much worse, with some areas red and raw. Please look at the pics and tell me should I be rescuing her or am I over-reacting. Is there a cream or oil that would give her relief?

She is white with ginger markings. The black around her neck appears to be in part from the metal collar and lack of bathing (I've binned the collar), but all around her neck are huge chunks of missing hair. The red parts are from her belly and legs. I was only able to upload 2 photos.

Other than not being bathed, walked, taken to the vets and the condition of her coat and skin, she is cared for. Am I over-reacting, or is part of ageing? She's 11yo.

What do I do?



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Not getting medical treatment is neglect which is a crime.

If you are able to give some more details about the situation, it may help people advise you what your next steps should be.

Have you tried contacting Malemute clubs? Sledding clubs?

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I've spoken to a few vets and am seeking help to transport her, get her treatment and get her home with me.

My first hurdle is transport and my baby needs a wash so the vets can treat her.

If anyone knows someone in Canberra that could help, please let me know.

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