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Further Update on Perth Woman Mauled by Her Rottweilers.


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As someone who is a passionate Rottweiler "fan", I would have the second dog sent to God after it displayed that level of aggression toward me as its owner. I have owned several Rotties over the years, and never have I ever been in any way worried that they would "turn" on me under ANY circumstance. Even when they have had the odd spat with each other, none ever redirected that toward me when I intervened in said spat - and if there was ever any indication they would redirect towards me, I would have had that dog put down, as that behaviour is simply NOT to be tolerated under any circumstance. Rehoming a dog that has shown any propensity for directing aggression towards the hand that feeds it is not an option, an owner needs to put on their responsible citizen pants and do what is needed without fear or favour.


The restrictions required to be put in place in order to keep a declared dangerous dog are not conducive to actually rectifying the issue of what makes them "dangerous". Do the right thing, and save the dog the trauma of being kept in that manner for human vanity reasons.



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