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  1. Big hugs. Run free beautiful Shelby
  2. Justrace - my clinic has a kitten adoption program and used to give them a 'desexing voucher' for them to bring the kittens back at 6 months - included in the adoption price. More often than not they didn't come back, or came back pregnant or with a bunch of kittens. We now desex before they go to their new homes.
  3. I'll third the awesome pics blackjaq... I wish Louie wasn't such a chicken - he can jump solid jumps but often knocks the agility ones and then loses his marbles... Especially If the jump wings move!
  4. Agree with BSAVA books being good - I use some of them (especially the exotics manual) at work.
  5. Clay is to die for!
  6. She has multiple problems but mainly we're managing hers with harness (no collars) and weight loss. Her other problems don't really make medication viable for her unfortunately, but luckily it's not as bad as it could be - only when she gets over excited or stressed.
  7. From my research the stenting surgeries are complex and have a pretty high complication rate - my parents mini schnauzer has a collapsing trachea and we're just managing it medically unfortunately. Re not being able to hear the valves, I'd think the vet was trying to listen to his heart and hear for murmurs etc - but the coughing and honking probably meant they weren't able to hear it. Harsh breathing is enough to drown out the sound of the heart. Sorry to hear of the diagnosis - that sucks.
  8. No words, just hugs. RIP Buddy - loved forever
  9. I saw this on fb GW - very cute!
  10. A physical exam is more than just a TPR - it's looking for things that the majority of nurses would not be able to pick up. Murmurs, lumps, lamenesses etc. I am a (newly graduated) vet and will be getting one of my colleagues to look at my dogs at least once a year because they are likely to pick up things that have come up gradually (a friend picked up a lump I hadn't noticed already!) so I think having an independent physical is very very important. Not only that but vaccine consults don't usually charge for the consultation so you're actually saving the consult fee. I say shop around but don't do it yourself.
  11. I'd be very careful about putting anything in eyes that aren't prescribed for that specific condition - eyes can go badly very very quickly. You especially have to make sure that there are no steroids put on ulcers. I would watch the eye very closely and at any sign of pain (holding eye closed/partially closed) or strange discharge I'd go to the vet.
  12. Marg Cockburn in Victoria might be able to do something BlackJaq - she is usually the contact on a lot of the rescue wei's I see... have you tried the Vic club's rescue?
  13. haha that's probably right - I vaguely remember the name Greta ST so that might be why... I've packed up his papers ready to move back to SA but will have to check when I'm settled!
  14. Ahh - Cusack is Louie's dad too... that might be where the drive comes from then! And Charlotte (Greywei I think) is his mum I have to say I absolutely love Cusack - one of my all time favourites.
  15. Who are Ari's parents again ST? I remember she's something like Louie's great aunt! :laugh: