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  2. Looking for funky pet ID tags

    Hi @Little Gifts i recently opened a store on Etsy selling hand stamped pet iD tags and I offer free shipping within australia. Each one I custom hand make. If you are interested, feel free to ask me any questions. If it’s not what you are after that’s perfectly fine also. https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/teddybeansxx
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  4. I have read many posts regarding breeders of blue staffordshire bull terriers. The majority say that breeders of blue dogs are unethical. I understand the reasoning behind this and am not here to ask about what health conditions these dogs may have as I am well aware of the potential conditions. We have owned one purebred black staffy and a tan amstaff x before. The black staffy died from cancer and the amstaff x had a bad skin allergy. Prior to that I had Jack Russell Terriers. Both died from cancer and one had bad skin allergies. Skin allergies, in my limited experience with dogs, seem to be something that does crop up relatively frequently. Most of the time its treatable and I'm OK with that. We have two very young children who have grown up with our most recent staffy. We would like to welcome a new dog into our house. We usually get rescue dogs but on this occasion we feel that it would be in the best interests of our children to get a puppy that can grow up with them and be used to kids from a very young age. We love the staffy breed and feel they are the right temperament, size and energy level for our household. I contacted about 6 breeders. My husband would like a blue staffy because we've had black and tan before (less confusing for the kids if its a different colour) and because he has always admired them(no judgement please). We want a calm, good natured dog who will become a member of our family. The breeder I like the most has a puppy for us and raises her dogs in her family home with her husband and 4 young children. She breeds blue with blue. I've questioned her regarding skin conditions and temperament. Her response was that she has only seen alopecia once (not in her dogs) but that was 8 years ago and she feels that honest breeders have tried to breed the condition out. She believes that "backyard breeders" would probably not be so vigilant with this. With regards to allergies she had a black staffy and it had bad skin but none of her blues have had a problem yet. She spent a lot of money purchasing her stud, whose father was actually imported from overseas. All her dogs are tested for the common genetic conditions and have beautiful temperaments. So can I trust her? Her dogs look healthy and happy. They are surrounded by children. She hasn't asked for a deposit until we come and visit and then decide to go ahead. She lives several hours outside of Sydney and doesn't advertise her litters (she was the last breeder I stumbled across after extensive searching, but she didn't state she had puppies). Can a blue staffy breeder still breed healthy, good natured pups even though its allegedly unethical snd not in the best interest of the breed? Is there such a thing as an ethical blue staffy breeder?
  5. Italian Greyhounds

    I was talking to Shantiah this morning and she said to get in touch. She had quite a few that would Lure Course back when the Afghan Club were running LC in NSW and this included Pirate, litter brother of Dogmad's Diamond.
  6. I need to update the ID tags for our two dogs. I've previously bought star shaped metal ones with funky prints, fonts and fun images that were printed on the metal disc rather than engraved. I think they came from America (may not be able to wait that long!). They lasted really well but I've had a look on Ebay and Etsy but couldn't really see any like that anymore. Saw some similar on Zazzle but the price was a bit too high for my liking. I'm also wanting colour and not stainless or base metal colours. Worst case scenario I'd be happy to do without the fun print, font and images if I could still get strong coloured stars. Does anyone have suggestions of a supplier I could check out? Since I wouldn't mind getting them sooner rather than later I might need an Australian supplier. Thank you! PS This gives you an idea of the type of thing I'm after (very expensive to get to Australia!) - https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/233327854/double-sided-personalized-pet-tag?ref=shop_home_active_13 Me again - I found these - not as fun as my previous ones but I could live with them, but still interested in other options peeps might know about. https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/541612622/metal-steel-personalized-pet-tags-cat?ref=shop_home_active_24&pro=1&frs=1
  7. My teenage Pom chews rocks

    I think you should to get her a really comprehensive vet exam, including having a vet who is especially knowledgeable about dentistry examine the chompers for malocclusions. This sounds pathological to me, not a just bored dog. If physically well then a vet behaviourist can assess for a compulsive disorder etc and treatment requirements.
  8. Foster Dogs

    Former foster Rookie is also doing well. His family have advised us that he achieved his Rally Novice title earlier this year. He has also started competing in Agility and on the weekend Rookie got his first ‘qually’ in Novice Jumping plus he came first in his height category. In the photo, he is showing off his certificate and ribbon. Rookie is also doing Noseworks and some tracking as the weather cools. His family say that he is a happy and busy boy and a joy to have around.
  9. Foster Dogs

    Former foster Evie has turned out to be very child-friendly
  10. Elbie, Hoover, Dodge & Friends!

    Our dogs having a blast at A Pooch Affair last weekend
  11. My dog went through a phase of lunging at interesting things, just about pulling my arm out of its socket. I have been training leash manners in her from the very start, but there are still a couple of things (birds, other dogs) that are super exciting. I used a K9 Bridle on her on the advice of my trainer until she could control herself better. I don't like the thing, she doesn't like the thing, but it was never used as a punishment (no yanking from me) so she learned that it only tightened when she, herself lunged. Now she's 98% of the time controlling her own behaviour in just a flat collar, even when something is really exciting. I help her along by asking her to sit and focus on a high-value reward for controlling herself.
  12. how to dogs eat without teeth?

    I had two Chinese Crested dogs that progressively lost their teeth, as it's linked to the hairless gene. They had no problems eating their dry food and chicken necks right up to the very end of old age.
  13. My teenage Pom chews rocks

    My teenage dog also went through the rock phase. It started after she watched me painting rocks, tried to get to my box of rocks and when denied, went outside to get her own rocks. She was trying to chew them though, so it was causing me concern. I removed her access to the rocks and gave her some antlers to chew and after a while, she forgot about it. I'm afraid to start painting rocks again though
  14. Reintroduction and new introduction

    "democracy dog" LOL
  15. Thank you, Tassie and Persephone I am happy to keep sharing her training journey! These two pictures are from relatively recent public access training sessions. She came voting with me so I nicknamed her Democracy Dog The other picture is her learning to give deep pressure in a busy environment. I rarely use the headcollar anymore now. She had a habit of just about pulling my arm out of its socket for a little while so my trainer had me use it for safety until we trained her not to lunge at interesting things.
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  17. Looking to buy new puppy from breeder

    yes puppy pictures are a must
  18. Looking to buy new puppy from breeder

    Thank you all for your time and generous thoughts. I will certainly consider all the advice that I have been given here. Can I post the pictures here once I have got the puppy?
  19. Puppy with flatulance

    Teddybeans, her coat is fine and her skin is a nice healthy pink. It’’s just the scratching at her ears and nibbling her back and legs. I am seeing the vet on Friday and will ask her to check her over. I am just trying to pre empt any allergies before they become chronic as my poor previous Sheltie boy was. Interestingly, the flatulence is back tonight....she went to puppy care this morning and maybe they gave her the 4 legs meatballs they use for treats, she also does puppy school there and they give us those meatballs to use.
  20. Puppy with flatulance

    how is the coat of your baby? Does he have dandruff? Given that it’s winter, the air can be rather dry and skin can be dry causing itchiness. also most pet food companies allow you to return the food if it doesn’t suit your pet. There may be terms and conditions but if you are sure ivory coat isnt working, perhaps you can enquire.
  21. Puppy with flatulance

    I don’t think it contains chicken according to their website but it has turkey. https://www.mealsformutts.com.au/product/puppy-turkey-salmon-sardine/ While turkey and chicken are birds, I think I read somewhere that turkey doesn’t have the same allergy rates as chicken. But this formula has two proteins, turkey and fish. So if it was food allergies, it will be hard to identify which is causing the allergies. Having said that, I not sure whether puppy food has only single protein. When I switch my boy to fish, I went straight to the adult formula because I think he was almost out of the puppy stage and it was hard locating puppy food with just fish protein at that time. Your puppy is 14 weeks so for you I think you should stay on puppy food. My sister is feeding this turkey and fish formula to her almost two year old. He seems to do well on it. My sister says she wants to keep her adolescent boy on puppy food because it has more protein than the adult range and the protein is where all the nutrients are. the fat content between the two is minimal so she doesn’t care about that. I don’t know whether she just made up that theory or whether it’s scientifically known. Haha You mentioned you were going to see your vet, did they suggest anything?
  22. saw this article have to wonder if there is a connection https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2019/06/women-autoimmune-diseases-pregnancy/591901/?utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=the-atlantic&utm_term=2019-06-18T14%3A40%3A27&utm_content=edit-promo&utm_medium=social&fbclid=IwAR0Nu31d_pvOgpGvUIGsw9PBrwlz38_-scmeRmdsgbP_1kHGUcNDGMsJ9ZI
  23. Puppy with flatulance

    Teddy beans, do you know if the MFM Puppy Turkey Salmon Sardine is free of chicken fat/meal? Can only seem to find info that says the adult salmon sardine is made with fish meal.
  24. There is only the one picture of a very emaciated greyhound, but still super horrible treatment to read: https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/trainer-banned-from-owning-greyhounds-for-five-years-after-sick-dogs-seized-20190617-p51ykp.html I remember when first looking at dogs, I was turned off greyhounds purely because of the leash BSL. I'm finding as more and more are taken out of situations like this, when it becomes an option for me, will re-evaluate that. Such lovely dogs Would love to give one the care it deserves.
  25. autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia

    Thanks everyone, we all have our fingers crossed. Last I heard his count was up to 28
  26. autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia

    Oh, Sheena how awful. Here's hoping for good news.
  27. Advice Needed - 1yr old Jack Russell

    Yeah it's a weird one. She still plays with her other toys with squeakers in them. I just took her for a walk and she's back to normal again. Just thought it was strange since she's usually fearless and then all of a sudden she's nervous/scared of a noise.
  28. autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia

    It's a horrible thing, Sheena … my first pure bred BC died of it .. competed happily in 2 UD trials on the Sunday, and after being a bit off on the Tuesday, went downhill rapidly and died on the Friday morning … but that was while the diagnosis was still being made, and in the days before transfusions were available … at least down here. The fact that his PCV has gone up to 26 after the 3rd transfusion is encouraging. There's quite a bit of information available on the net .. take it for what it's worth .. but you might get some ideas about how they progress from here. For my boy it was going to be massive immune suppression .. but again . that may well have changed, and has almost certainly improved in nearly 20 years. I guess my advice would be … keep asking questions .. and hope for the best. I do wish your daughter and her dog well.
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