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  1. I just use the small buckets and hang the hanger over the clip to open and close the door. Easy as!
  2. Thanks guys! Was starting to thing there were no vets!!! Hoping nothing major happens, but would be good to know of a vet that is good, especially with show dogs/people! I find horse/large stock vets are often fabulous vets!!! Thanks again :) ps - those names would be great Elise!
  3. Hi- I am wondering if anyone knows of any good vets in Dubbo? When moving to a new area it is always handy to know who comes highly recommended! Thanks
  4. I have never used the Vebo ones but have had friends buy them and they have had the wheels fall off, floor and roof warp and do up clip break or stop working. They are half the price, and that cuts down on the quality from those I have spoken to. Is there anyone on here with a Vebo one at all or one they have had for 10 years? My OKS one copes with anything! In the case of trolleys I really believe you get what you pay for. Just my experience.
  5. http://dogshowequipment.com/ I have had my first one for 12 years and it is still as good as new! Just bought my second one in the last month and love them both!
  6. Oks light weight show equipment if you want a light weight aluminum one, C Trolley if you want a heavy duty one. Both last for ever and are worth the extra money.
  7. Hi - I am trying to transport a trolley from Sydney/Newcastle to Albury (the weekend of the Albury shows - 10/11/12 August). If there is anyone heading down that could fit in a small dog trolley, I would be very grateful. Thanks Ashley :)
  8. I am on the Central Coast, however would recommend David Larrit from Wallsend Vet Hopsital very highly. He is also a Greyhound man and is very experienced. I do not however know what their afterhours is like. Ashley
  9. Breed: Australian Shepherd Dog: Supreme Champion Dykinta Hot Property ET Date: Saturday 7th July 2012 Age: 5 years old Owned/Handled: Teresa Anderson and Ashley Bennet
  10. Good luck... but I hate to tell you, his hair will not be back in two weeks!
  11. Totally agree... Ticks are horrible creatures and are here all year round. It is horrible watching an animal suffer from tick paralysis.
  12. I'd shorten that to just Bling Leads :laugh: don't like 'em. A little bling is OK, but some are very distracting. I like my leads to match either what I'm wearing, or my dog. If I'm wearing black and I have a white dog, I won't use a fluro pink lead with sparkly stuff all over it. Totally agree with this! Both my dogs have one lead each and that is what they are shown on. I can't stand all the bright coloured leads that detract from the dog. BTW both my leads are black :)
  13. This is very helpful! http://dogsnsw.org.au/activities-a-events/showing-your-dog.html
  14. Any (one) show that runs over multiple days like Royals the dog is entered in the class it qualifies for on the first day of the show.
  15. I also agree with many others already listed in here... I hate dangly leads, show clothes that look terrible - ie the very short tight skirts, and other inappropriate outfits, really it is not appropriate to wear skimpy little tops in the ring either. I also hate it when people throw bait and never pick it up, or those that have bait bags on and their bait falls out all over the ring when they run around.
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