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  1. I know it is quite far but Bendigo RSPCA have a brindle 6 month old 'Staghound'. http://rspcavic.org/adoption/animal-detail/Staghound/Duke/47955 And regularly seem to have scruffies of various sizes in. Some look very lanky and scruffy. ETA a photo of my sisters scruffy that she got from Bendigo RSPCA back in 2011.
  2. One of my children has animal allergies and sees an allergist specialist and it is possible to make it work. You just need to be committed. We succesfully live with both an indoor cat and a Dalmatian. Both shed like mad but we have floorboards and daily swiffering or vaccuming to pick the fur up means that for the most part we all live comfortably with minimal fuss and you do build up some immunity as you are in daily contact. On bad days we have antihistamines.
  3. I just looked their website and no they aren't listed. But I didn't see some of the dogs they have listed so they may just be behind. From memory they were 2 females both 2 year years old. One merle and one harlequin. And 2 females? 3 years old. Can't recall their colours but one was very distressed growling and trying to hide. I did not stop as both were very agitated and scared. There were quite a few people looking at them which probably wasn't helping them feel safe either.
  4. Just been to the Bendigo RSPCA and there are 4 great danes waiting adoption if anyone is interested. 1 seems extremely distressed.
  5. Well she's a Dalmatian and it involves food so she'll probably love it :laugh: I like the fact that it can dispense food 6 times TSD. At the moment she is getting a puppy Kong stuffed with some kibble, grated fruit and vegies and sealed with a touch of peanut butter and she is getting it all out in a couple of minutes and then bringing me the Kong and asking for more.
  6. Oh I just bought one of these this morning from CotD. I had been looking on the Foobler website and noticed this morning they had them on sale and by chance I looked on CotD and even with postage was still a few dollars cheaper. Hopefully Audrey likes it. :)
  7. Audrey this morning after ripping up all the paper, tearing round the house like a maniac and hoarding all the toys. Begging me to go outside. Unfortunately for her we had to stay in due to a rather large snake that was sighted by husband and son in the yard. (Again) Audrey at the end of the day. Audrey thinks Christmas is far to tiring.
  8. Lovely photos. I always hoped that one day it would be used again and now it is. How funny to come full circle.
  9. Sure if you dont want it anymore. I know it fits Tag :D I'll pay for the postage if you like. I'd love to see it go back to Tag. Just pm me your postal address. I will give it a good clean and send it.
  10. Would you like it back? It makes me a bit sad to see it just sitting in the cupboard.
  11. How cute! In real life it looks a bit duller than in your photos. I think it just needs a really good clean though. The buckle bit is a little worn now but still good and the stitching is still pretty good as well. :)
  12. Yes, that's one of mine. The only time I worked in cow hide. All hand stitched, no machines here. It was a copy/replica of an antique sighthound collar I saw on ebay. Seems to be unused It's actually in need of a good clean. I gave it to a friend and when her dog died she gave it back to me for Georgia but it didn't really fit her Dally neck.
  13. Dalmatian. Because Georgia was everything we could have hoped for in temperament and personality.
  14. I'm not fussed on sex. Have had both but must admit the slightly smaller stature of the female Dal appeals more to me.
  15. We lost our Kelpie to a snake bite and one also got our cat whilst she was in the cat house. Fortunately Curly survived. Just have to be vigilant and give them a wide berth. We try and keep the grass short around the house and the bushes trimmed off the ground but as we have a large dam and an abundance of frogs they will always be around.
  16. I love the look of fluffy dogs but the fur scares me. I think we are definitely a Dalmatian family. Love the looks and personality. Love how individual they all are but still have that stubborn streak that tells you to get stuffed whilst they bugger off during obedience class because they just couldn't be bothered and saw something more interesting across the other side of the field. . :p
  17. We have had two large browns here already. This was the first one The second one I was talking to my husband distracted and he goes "snake"and the damn thing was under my feet and I completely freaked out even though I know to stand still and I was dancing around trying to get away from it. :laugh: The poor thing was so freaked out and it was huge! I was so lucky not to get bitten.
  18. I'm sure they have finished at Wellsford for the season but I'm not sure if anyone might go there to train their dogs. We regularly rode through there with Georgia but haven't been since we lost her a few weeks ago.
  19. I posted in the training section but I will post here as well. Wellsford Forest Bendigo has been baited. Just letting people know as I know the Husky clubs run their jorging through there.
  20. Just a message to let people know that the Wellsford Forest at Bendigo has been baited as I know the Husky clubs run their jorging in there.
  21. perrin


    Blown away by all the messages and pms. We pick up Georgies ashes on Saturday as I didn't want to go alone. The kids picked out a white tin with black paw prints as it looks Dalmatianish. Have been keeping busy and trying not to dwell on her being gone. Just remembering all the good times we had together as a family. Thank you again for all your kind thoughts.
  22. perrin


    Best friend, awesome camper, brilliant geocacher, gentle nature, full of Dally silliness. Miss you forever.
  23. Georgia is our first pedigree dog and I love the fact that she is a pedigree not just just a purebred. I'm a pet owner but I researched all of the dogs listed on her family tree just like I do for my horses and am doing for my own family. To me it's not just a piece of paper. It's Georgias family tree and her history and therefor to me it is special. I have it in my filing cabinet and even though Georgia is a desexed pet I am still proud to hold that piece of paper. And still proud to own Georgia.
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