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  1. Ringsports

    there is a guy in nsw or qld that is looking at starting PSA not sure were he is up to though he had a seminar last year that i tried to get to but didnt get there
  2. Temporary Dog Fencing

    chicken wire and the pickets held my malinios pup 3m old til 8m oldin untill he worked out how to chew the soft wire then he moved into a proper kennel run and is all sweet now
  3. Temporary Dog Fencing

    chicken wire and star pickets using tent pegs to hold it down or trallis using the star pickets to hold it up both cheap and can be reused
  4. Warrnambool (vic) Dolers

    report it to the local ranger and you should have given the dog and the lady a peice of your mind
  5. Introducing Muzzle To A Dog

    place it on for a couple of second then treat do that a few times then extend the length of time till ur happy that the dogs happy some times it works out very quickly some times it takes time
  6. Flirt Poles

    you can make them out of just about any thing mine is a wooden broom handle cut down to 1m drilled a hole in one end and ties some 6mm nylon cord to the end about 1.5m long then i tie a soft leather rag (u can use a bit of towl or some hessan or old potato sack) to the end to start with then when the dog is up to the next level i tie the tug toy im going to use when u use it just think of the rag as a rabbit and the dog has top nail it and when ur ready let the dog win the rag by keeping the cord tight give the dog a pat every now and again and praise the crap out the dog when ur ready to end the game make the toy go limp (the prey has been killed) get the dog to relase how ever its been trained and start the game again only do it for short burst at first to teach the game and once the dog has been shown whats expected you can make it longer and longer
  7. Not Drinking Enough

    get a spray bottle from the cheap shop fill it with water and lightly wet there nose and give a few spays in back corner of there mouth try not to shoot the spray direactly down the dogs throught (spel) the dog may not let you do it again if you do
  8. Should I Let Lucy Go A Ratting?

    let the dog loose make sure its a good kill then put the dog away no chewing is allowed after the kill has happend
  9. Choker Chain Help Please

    heavy chains are good for strong dog but arnt the best at relessing them selves i have a heavy set one and it often hooks it self up on the links so i have to stop what im doing some times and give it a quick flick to release it but other than that no complaints
  10. Schutzhund In Qld

    ur best to talk to the club and ask them some clubs alow of breeds if they pass the evaluation i think there is 1 or 2 clubs in bris with the AUSC
  11. Breed Suggestions

    goldie will be right with the right guidence (spl) tell her to visit some breeders as well as to have a look at breeder of her second choice of dog and then make her mind up i know people wont agree but i belive any breed is suitabul for some one as long as they have the right guidence from a club or a trainer or a breeder some one that can help with the progress it up to the owner to make this happen not every one else to make it work
  12. Bendigo People

    the gsd club there has some good instructors there not sure were they train though hopefully some one else can help out
  13. Resolved

    i know this is done by leerburg but dont discount michael ellis he is a good trainer that has done very well for him self he has titled dogs in french ring mondio and sch and breeds very nice malis Michael Ellis Explains the French Ring Sport
  14. Resolved

    french ring would be nice
  15. Dutch Shepherd

    i could change that weres the clippers lol