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  1. Where do you show dotdashdot? If its in the Brisbane area I could possibly help you figure out what other dogs there is
  2. It also can depend on what dog's are in the other classes.
  3. This information is incorrect. In QLD junior handlers can handle dogs under the age of 12 mths in the breed class. They cant take dogs under 12 mths into the junior handlers competition.
  4. Looking for someone that makes dog collars. The type that ribbons are sewn onto. Any suggestions??
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    More of my Froggy
  6. Jsk


    This is my baby, his name is Froggy!!! Well actually it's Bobby as he is a natural bob tail, but when he barks he sounds like a frog so he got Froggy.
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    Yay thankyou Troy Promise not to message you and harass you for at least a week as a thankyou 1. What is my relationship with the breed? (ie breeder, first time owner etc) First time owner 2. Where and why was the breed first developed? Schipperke originated in Belgium as a small version of a black Belgian sheepdog known as the Leauvenaar. The name Schipperke is thought to have come from a word meaning "little shepherd," but the dogs were best known for guarding the boats that plied the canals between Brussels and Antwerp. Shoemakers and other tradesmen kept them for their ratting abilities 3. How common is it in Australia? They are not a common breed, although they also aren't a rare breed. 4. What is the average lifespan? 13- 15 yrs but can be longer with the right diet and care. 5. What is the general temperament/personality? The Schipperke is the proverbial "big dog in a little dog's body." He's active, confident, and curious. A closed door is simply a challenge to be overcome. The Schipperke retains his puppylike qualities — including the troublesome ones — until he's 4 or 5 years old. He loves his people and wants to please them, but he also likes to have his own way. If he's allowed to, the Schipperke will soon be running the household. Protective, fearless, and naturally suspicious of strangers, he makes an excellent watchdog and will take on anyone who seems to have evil intent. Schipperkes are selective in offering their friendship, generally limiting it to family members, with whom they create strong bonds. When it comes to training, they're mischievous and can be stubborn, but with positive reinforcement they learn quickly. Like every dog, Schipperkes need early socialization — exposure to many different people, sights, sounds, and experiences — when they're young. Socialization helps ensure that your Schipperke puppy grows up to be a well-rounded dog. 6. How much daily exercise is needed for the average adult? Schipperkes need at least half an hour of exercise daily, and more is better. Their people are usually tired before they are. They are always running and playing and will use your house as a racetrack when the mood strikes. Walk them on leash to prevent a sudden dash toward an interesting animal or object. Count on two daily walks to keep your Schipperke's desire for action satisfied. He'll also enjoy riding in a basket on a bicycle or cruising the aisles of the pet supply store in a grocery cart. 7. Is it a breed that a first time dog owner could easily cope with? On my personal experiences I would say yes as long as your up for a challenge and you can deal with a strong and stubborn personality. They are commonly reffered to as "LBD" "Little Black Devil" and that is exactly what they are but in a cute way compared to some other breeds. 8. Can solo dogs of this breed easily occupy themselves for long periods? I think like any breed alone they will get bored very quickly and get into things. 9. How much grooming is required? Grooming a Schipperke is simple. Weekly brushing will help keep the fur from flying around your house, although some fuzz will always be around. He'll shed heavily, known as blowing coat, once and sometimes twice a year. During that time, a warm bath will help loosen and remove the dead hair. It takes about a month for the shedding process to be complete. The Schipperke is a clean dog with little odour. Bathe only as needed, usually after he's rolled in something stinky. 10. Is it too boisterous for very small children or for infirm people (unless the dog is well trained)? I wouldn't think so, being as they are a little dog, I would highly doubt that they would be able to knock someone over. Although in saying that they do tend to do "zoomies" and this may scare a small child that is scared of dogs. 11. Are there any common hereditary problems a puppy buyer should be aware of? Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease: Autoimmune Thyroiditis: Epilepsy: Patellar Luxation: Mucopolysaccharidosis Type IIIB (MPSIIIB): Also known as Sanfilippo syndrome type IIIB, MPS IIIB 12. When buying a puppy, what are the things you should ask of the breeder? (eg what health tests have been done (if applicable) and what is an acceptable result to those tests so the buyer has an idea of what the result should be) You should be making sure that there are none of the above mentioned health problems, also asking plenty of questions about the temperament of the breed and especially that of your breeders lines, so as to make sure that it is a breed suitable for your home.
  8. Is anyone interested in having a meet around the Ipswich area anytime in the next few weeks?
  9. Stay away from greys and pale blue/ grey colours. A solid dark colour such as black looks good behind a blue merle as it helps out line the dog. I used to show a blue merle sheltie and always wore black bottoms with different jackets. I am now about to start showing a black Schipp and have NOTHING to wear at all
  10. Does anyone have any plus size suits or mix and match pieces they want to sell?
  11. Ok thanks Ellz. We aren't certain that's what it is. I am trying to convince him to take it to the vet. Belly seems to be staying full, and he tries to poo the puppy and only a tiny amount comes out. And when it does poo it's black. The puppy keeps making an odd noise kind of like a deep squeak noise. Any ideas on what else it could be??
  12. Posting for a friend of a friend What can he give a 16 day old puppy that is constipated?? The mother is not a good mum at all and he has been feeding the puppies. Now it seems one is constipated. Any suggestions????
  13. Those clips posted by showdown were done all very controlled at no time were any of the dogs aggressive, to me the first clip the dogs were waaaaaaay to close but it was controlled with no incident that we seen. The incident Smisch is talking about some of the dogs were not as controlled as those in the clip, also there nearly was an incident when leaving the ring with one the dogs asked to spar. And when they were in the ring sparring there was aggression shown from one of the dogs. I know for a fact if Smisch had if been asked to take her dog to spar in one of the incidences shown the the clips there would have been no issue at all, but this was done very different in a situation that was not very controlled.
  14. Is no one going to share what they feed there babies?
  15. My Sheltie boy is allowed to go say hello etc to the bubs as I know he would never hurt them and he loved playing with him untill they start trying to suck of him and go to close to the family jewels then he runs from the the little princess. And I wouldnt allow the 2 elkie pups in with them as they are just too rough and would accidently squish them.
  16. Ok my babies are 4 weeks old tomorrow and last night when I was in bed the bitch was starting to have a grumble at the bubs. This is the first time I have heard it. I'm thinking maybe it's time to separate her from them for longer periods. She is out for a tub in the mornings for about an hour and a half and in the afternoon for about 2 hours. I'm thinking maybe longer through the day. I have noticed yesterday that she has stopped cleaning up after they toilet.
  17. As the title asks what age has your bitch/s started to wean there puppies? Started not wanting to feed them etc.
  18. I can understand Smisch's point, I know her and her OH and neither of them would try and change Amber to become something the breed shouldn't be. BUT what the judge done IMO was wrong. As so As someone has said sparring should be done with 2 dogs. What this judge has essentially done was sparring in a pack situation with 4 dogs. Also with Amber only being just 9 mths old she should not have been put up against much older dogs. Also not all dogs will know when it's over, and stay agitated. As Smisch's said there was very near an incident with 2 dogs after the fact. All it would take is for someone to walk a little too close to a dog that is agitated after a spar for it to end badly. Also the point some people seem to be missing is how is this sparring taken by the general public when seen? Quite simply they don't know what's going on, and it does put a bad light on the breeds to the unknowing public. And while yes it's easy to say but this is what the breed is bred for it still at the end of the day looks bad to the public.
  19. Ok so I like to see what others do so ........ what do you feed your puppies? What age do you start feeding them? When do you start taking mum away from babies? TIA
  20. We have babbies!!!!!! She started at 1:30pm so very respectable. We have 6!!! 3 tri dogs 2 tri bitches 1 sable dog Weighing from 210 g(7.4 oz) to 285g (10.1 oz) which are decent sized bubs as from everything I have read an average for Sheltie newborns is 5 to 8 oz.
  21. I have no idea how to do the temp thing and tried googling the info but came up with nothing as I suck at googling.
  22. It's getting very exciting!! 11 days at the most to go. Vet and her breeder thinks she will go a few days early. If I can figure out how to post a pic from my phone I will
  23. Some of those first names are great!!!
  24. Pretty simple question what do you put in your whelping box before the bitch has her puppies? What do you have in the box while bitch is whelping? What do you have in box once pups have arrived?
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