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  1. Today DeDe passed away. She was our little ray of sunshine and her Daddy's Heart Dog. This precious tibbie girl was originally meant to be a companion for our old male Tibetan Spaniel Wiz. She was very timid when we got her and was full of quirks. Her and our lives changed when we learnt by accident that a tightish shirt reduced her anxiety and let her shine. She continued to grow and lately, at the grand old age of 13, learnt that she could influence her life by asking for things (lol Hubby created a rod for our backs when it came to dinner time *eyeroll*). When I took her to
  2. Are you after a recommendation for a sliding door inset? or just a through wall/wooden door type or a glass door/window type pet door?
  3. I have never put coats on my Tibs - even when Wiz & I lived at Orange - the Corgi begged for a coat and Wiz went naked in below zero temps. My newer dog buddy (bitzer of indeterminate origins) has a long silky coast and I am off to get him a jacket today, he is really feeling the cold. I find dog things at Aldi including coats are quite good. The also have a kangaroo tinned food and a kangaroo jerky strap treat which my bubs love.
  4. Petlife have both the leads and collars and you can order online
  5. love that photo tibbie tabbie - my Wiz would have loved a cat tree too. As for the barking question - I use the term alert dogs. In my experience tibs will bark until you acknowledge them - then its like "right they (humans bigger do whatever) know now so I'll shut up". I have yet to have complaints about the tibs barking. For a kelpie (whom we did get a complaint about) I taught her to speak - and a "be quiet" command - that helped us too. We also found solid property boundaries ie. a front fence helps define what they needed to worry about.
  6. lol I would except for the fat shame - my hubby over treats. I will take some shots anyhow - I thought corgi when I saw his paws shot too - and went woohoo a tib or a corgi lol but in real life quite different body shape to either type of corgi or a tib. Lol I used to call my cardigan corgi "the tank" he just plowed through. The other spitz-y thing was this weird stiff legged walk at the front end, when excited. I have seen video on you tube of the walk. Buddy has a very pink body (no, not inflamed just pink) and his hair is nearly clear and very clean no smell at all, cept when he rolls
  7. I actually think Buddy may be more of a jap spitz or just an interesting agglomeration of genes - he has very different fur to any tib I have seen, and is much bigger, DeDe can walk under him, but he has hare feet, but a pointy sniut - but tis a weird triangle - either way he is a hussy.
  8. omg - Sandy has a heart on her side :) I hope you have many happy days with her
  9. I thought I had better poke my head back in here :D The comment about Billy the Charmer - reminded me of my sister's tib Merlin - he was heavily socialised when young and thinks the world is full of people to adore him. My old boy Wiz was nicknamed His Lordship, as he had the greatest sense of dignity I had ever met - in either person or dog. He also was very aloof (with both people and dogs) and he was my heart dog. He also had a wonderful way of planting his but and turning his weight from 6.4kg to 600kg - LOL there was no way I could move him when he was planted. My girl DeDE is a very
  10. The Port Stephens girl went to a new home on Staurday - straight from the refuge
  11. I didn't manage to get to the Refuge yesterday - I will call them Monday and follow up on her.
  12. I will try and get over there tommorrow and check her out
  13. Short haired coat - poor girl is only a baby at 2 - she is yet to come into her full coat. I was told about her at work today.
  14. ESCS - I'd reconsider your thoughts about not taking Miki to the tibbie social group - my old boy was dog aggressive but LOVED the tibbies in the park meets and NEVER misbehaved at one - even when this girly tib kept shoulder-barging him. Siv- your baby is gorgeous Jibba - I want! I have been trying to convince my hubby that we need a tib mastiff - he ain't buying it yet lol
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