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  1. Hi, Just a question, think the one point deduction from group/show is not enough. This means a dog can win the best dog without actually winning a best in show. Think the points should be allocated at least 25/50 points less. Of course, many will disagree with this, but i feel we are rewarding the minor not the major winners. Would like other comments.
  2. [ Any results??? please...Group 3 if poss
  3. [ Thanks so much for the group 3 results... always wait on them, so thanks for your prompt replies. Best of luck for BIS Dean...
  4. [thanks, will wait to see who it was.....
  5. Cant wait to see the show, as a Greyt owner (my 2nd) they are THE BEST pets. Having had Setters previously (show dogs) which I totally adored, these dogs are just so misunderstood by the general public. So quiet, and just real couch potatoes!!! Hope the show gets lots of enquiries for adoption.
  6. [ I am with Petsecure....this is my 2nd dog with them over many years. My dog is on constant meds, so each claim (regardless how small) is put in and at the end of the year, they all add up, and I am certainly in front. Have never had a claim refused, have had an MRI,many XRays, expensive procedures etc., and as I said constant meds, which are all covered. My excess is $50 per individual claim, ie a new claim NOT relating in any way to previous, is subject to this. I have no problems with that. Usually receive payment around 15-20 days.
  7. I would always advise anyone without a show dog to desex them immediately. I am in a horse racing syndicate, and we have a young colt who is just an absolute nuisance, to everyone, himself included. As he has an impeccable pedigree they dont want to geld him... It is so hard to manage him on race days, and the decision will have to be made soon. This was the example on this thread...a stallion, how hard to manage... Exactly that. If the horse is not going to be used for breeding, you will geld him. If you are not going to breed with your male (or female to that extent) they should be desexed. We would not have all these dogs at The Lost Dogs homes, rescue places etc., it just stands to reason. You are being very selfish if you dont desex. The dogs are not going to be bred with, except for accidents ... now how often do they occur !!!! If breeders would just sell puppies that are given a desexing certificate that MUST be honoured... we wouldnt see the thousands of dogs PTS each year.. Please think about this before you think I am maybe overreacting. The only reason these poor dogs are there is exactly the above !!!! Please think about things, others may be able to advise further, but usually a desexed dog is easier to manage etc., for obvious reasons. Why on earth would you keep a dog or bitch entire for 2 years..??? Sadly this is why we have so many poor dogs PTS because of backyard breeders who just have no idea.
  8. Hi Bailey's Mum, Can you tell us the name of these Kennels please. I was impressed with Wellington Park Kennels, they have suites as well. Thanks
  9. Mrs Rust Bucket you have no idea. I could show Fern on a piece of cotton. The chain is for looks. Totally agree Rebanne....the snake chain is for looks only.... as it is a Dog Show... It will still give you the confidence that if needed you can use it..but I am sure 99.9% times, its never needed for that purpose, just for the showing, and will be taken off as soon as the dog leaves the show ring. Obviously Mrs Rust Bucket, you dont show dogs or you would be well and truly aware of this. As Rebanne said her Fern doesnt need any "correction" type leads, and if you look the lead is relaxed almost all of the time.
  10. Well done Miller.... what a Greyt achievement... Congratulations Fay and pete
  11. Has to be BIG RED The most wonderful story, packet of Kleenex needed, of the most beautiful Irish Setter BIG RED.... must see, will out do all others.....
  12. Congratulations Anne and Paige.. What a wonderful result. Fern and bro Miller would all be pleased... Fay :rofl:
  13. Marina Scotts Irish Setter who became Gr Ch on Friday, with the Group, also got the group again today. Then went on to get BIS today !!!!!! .. Just so happy for Marina, Jacinta, and Ty who have handled the most beautiful Irish Setter. Keely has just been such a wonderful example of the breed, and I am so pleased that she has been acknowledged by International and local judges. Congratulations, Fay
  14. Thank you so much SWAY for your results, greyt to see a Greyhound runner up in group, this Greyhound was BIS (maybe BIG ?) at the Eukanuba show recently (so my US friends tell me) Wonderful to see Robin Wallis with the Petite get 4th in group...Always remember her GS - Run For The Roses.. Cant wait to see the Setters
  15. Hi, have been absent for a while, and used to love the almost immediate show results from"Sway" Notice they are non extistent now. As a person who cant get to shows this was invaluable, and the results now are just a couple of breeds and not that informative,. Is there any way SWAY - or someone else can continue this really wonderful service...invaluable if someone can provide it... laptops, etc., just a way of life ??
  16. [ Suntop Winterbreeze...."Jasper" gee there is a blast from the past, and what a lovely Dog. Imported from England and lived just out of Canberra by Pat Johnson. A real English gentleman
  17. Please let me know, W/Bool is just a bit tooooo too far. Colac 1/2 hr not bad...but Camperdown...wooo way to go !!!
  18. Thanks for all your replies, will let my sister know, and she can decide which way to go. Seems Colac may be the answer, Thanks again for your speedy replies
  19. Does anyone have a phpne number for an Obedience Club in Camperdown Vic, or nearby. My Sister has a new puppy and is terrific, except for walking on the lead. Feel the Ob Club is the best idea, tried all the usual.... Thanks
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