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  1. Just so awful.... We should be able to walk our dogs, on leads, doing the right thing. I know how thin the skin is, there is hardly anything to "repair" so poor Maddie, will be so hard for her, luckily Stan fared a bit better, but still has been put through this stupid ordeal. I do hope you push the Council to really come on, not just this owner, but to let everyone else know the consequences when you have dogs that obviously are not friendly and NOT secured. I see she paid the Vet bill... that is and admission of guilt as well, dont forget. I do hope you seek medical attention as well. All our love to Maddie and Stan, and hope that they both recovery quickly... Please let us know. Hugs to you as well...
  2. Fantastic !!!! I am sure it will be a huge success. :thumbsup:
  3. Oh Anne... think you are right... Greyhounds the king of dopeys....just love them so much... BUT :)
  4. Thanks again for the most up to date results... Thanks Rebecca greyt reports !!! Congrats again to all the winners...
  5. Thanks so much... really appreciate the results to us so quickly!!! Huge congratulations to all the winners.... well done !!!!!! Such an achievement.
  6. Getting close now !! Thanks Rebecca for these results.
  7. Thanks Rebecca.... YAY The Irish ... well done Greg and Tay....
  8. Yes thank you to all for the results... most appreciated !! :thumbsup:
  9. Oh.... c'mon....please BIS !!! please....
  10. Thanks Anne, they are very funny !!!! :laugh:
  11. Thank you so much Weisjac.... love to hear the Group 3 results Kind Regards,
  12. Thanks so much Sway..really appreciate the time you put in for us....
  13. Yes, again, Thanks so much Sway.... and am also waiting for Group 3 as well !!!!
  14. Terrific, but really would love some results over the weekend... Good luck luck to all
  15. Yes... we would all like some results !!! Please :laugh:
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