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  1. How fantastic... Warrior Inter in Group I always think inter is the strongest class !!! :thumbsup: Well done...
  2. Ok Thanks, well that eliminates the blondes !!
  3. Thank you.... would love to see the "in betweens/blanks" Love to know the the Irish Setter....please !!!!! Ta
  4. Hi, Any results for today, Sat June 1st please :)
  5. Yes Rebanne.... Looks terrific, with two greyt dogs, what else! :thumbsup:
  6. Hi Rebanne, Why coudnt you chose some emotions to express your happiness !!! Think you are :laugh: too reserved !!!!!!!!!! Fantastic effort Sway.... :laugh: :laugh:
  7. Fantastic news..... Well done in such a short time... Enjoy the moment...
  8. I am with Petsecure... have been for many years. Very happy with them, and I think most are about the same. Just which one suits you I suppose. Have never had a claim rejected. Have ongoing meds which are paid. Have a new claim, and will be persuing another vets opinion, again, they will support this. Just read all the conditions. If any questions, just ring and ask them..... Would never be without the Insurance,
  9. Hi Rebanne, We did all the trims with the Setters, whiskers OF COURSE, then one day a judge said.. I have never put a dog down by a whisker !!!! Gundog judge so it really hit home. However, I still think a dog without whiskers just has a better look... remembering we are in a Dog Show !! :)
  10. Thank you so much Sway for all the extended results over the weekend.... Really most appreciated for those who are unable to attend.... gives us our "fix" Many thanks !!!! :thumbsup:
  11. Hopefully they will realise that any in group, any in show that is offered.... is exactly that.... You offer the classes, you must reward the dogs accordingly. No difference between BIG BIS and Neuter BIS.. you offer them, they are entitled to the same prizes. Most are past wonderful winners anyway, so please just acknowledge them. Cant understand if they offer the classes, why they cant deliver. !! :)
  12. Oh I am so happy that you have your beautiful little boy now in your life.... Sorry I havent been up with things lately.... Welcome Noah !!!
  13. Thanks Krislin.... That was Greyt.....
  14. Agree Rebanne, thanks so much for the results, really appreciate the time taken
  15. Yes.. Thank you so much, love the results
  16. Thanks Rebanne.... So happy and look forward to all the results that we can get...
  17. thank you so much for the effort you are putting in... really appreciate it !! Waiting Waiting Waiting.............. :laugh:
  18. Thanks again... really appreciate it.
  19. Wonderful, That makes AJ The English Setter Supreme ch,. He has been out of the show ring for 15 months !! Biggest congratulations to Dean..... also of course to Darren and Bev. BIS No 29 WoW.
  20. Well done Fern..again Just a lovely Grey.
  21. Thank you so much SWAY.... Sitting at home this is just greyt, to hear the results, keep us in touch , so much appreciated ..... Thanks again...
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