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  1. Our goals for 2013, though again, I'm not sure how much time I'll have to get to trials! We didn't even get to any agility trials this year! Jedi - RA Title (needs 2 passes) - ?CDX pass - JDX pass - SD pass - GD pass - ?HT pass Ahsoka - CCD title (needs 1 pass) - RA title (needs 2 passes) - ?JD pass - ?HT pass Revan - CD title (needs 2 passes) - RA title (needs 2 passes) - PT title - FD title - FDX title - FDCh title
  2. Endurance Test 2013

    No ETs for me this year... I've run out of dogs!
  3. 2012 Training Goals

    Hmm, as suspected this list I didn't really put much of a dent in it! But it made trialling more special when we actually got to go!! Jedi * CDX Title - I think I only entered him in Open once this year. Oops. * RN Title - Check! * RA Title - One pass towards RA. * AD Title - No agility this year. * JDX Title - No agility this year. * GD Title - No agility this year. * SD Title - No agility this year. * HT pass - No herding for Jedi this year. Ahsoka * CCD Title - Still sitting on 2 passes. But only entered her once but didn't end up trialling. * CD Title - Ha! * JD Title - No agility this year. * AD Title - No agility this year. * GD Title - No agility this year. * RN Title - Check! * RA Title - One pass towards. * HT pass - No herding for Ahsoka this year. * Neutered Champion Title - Check! Revan * CCD Title - Decided to skip CCD. He has had one Novice trial and qualified! * RN Title - Check! * RA Title - One pass towards. * HIC - Check! * HT Title - Check! * PT Title - Ran out of herding season! * FD Title - 1 point towards! * FDX Title * FDCh Title * ET Title - Check! So maybe it was the year of the Revan... He has started to catch up to the other two. But hopefully next year we'll have a little more time.
  4. Urine Free Vs Urine Off

    I really disliked Urine Free. It left a really horrible residue and didn't seem to work as well.
  5. Spitz Breeds

    Wow, Onyx has grown up all of a sudden!!!
  6. Endurance Test 2012

    Congrats all!!
  7. Spitz Breeds

    Wow, it feels like I've missed so much! I've been flat out working 60-80 hours per week and have very little time for anything except sleep! Feeling out of the loop! So congrats to anyone who had brags, litters or new puppies! I finally have a weekend off work and spent the day at a herding trial! Revvy gained his HIC and two HT passes to get his HT title! But the highlight of my day was watching a certain two Lappies gain their HIC's!!!
  8. Spitz Breeds

    Blue is a coat colour (as opposed to brown, cream, black, etc). Domino is a pattern (as opposed to sable, tanpoint, wolf sable, etc)
  9. Endurance Test 2012

    Hi, I believe that Sydney ET is in early August. Contact DogsNSW for exact details. Dogs must be a minimum of 2 years old to compete. M 12 August :)
  10. Spitz Breeds

    Lovely prefix!!
  11. Spitz Breeds

    Congrats Mirawee!!
  12. Spitz Breeds

    She was still referring to fronts. Skip sit = dog in front position. You shuffle a small step away from the dog (think 10cm or so) and the dog 'skips' forward back into position. Holding a piece of food on the front your legs with both hands at the level of the dog's nose will help them to come forward into position. You don't want any gap between you and the dog. The dog should also come to you, not the other way around. Edited to fix stupid iPhone auto correct
  13. Spitz Breeds

    It's just a certificate to say that your dog is eligible to start competing in herding trials.
  14. 2012 Brags Thread

    Awesome Rally results guys!! Well done! Congrats TSD!