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  1. Our goals for 2013, though again, I'm not sure how much time I'll have to get to trials! We didn't even get to any agility trials this year! Jedi - RA Title (needs 2 passes) - ?CDX pass - JDX pass - SD pass - GD pass - ?HT pass Ahsoka - CCD title (needs 1 pass) - RA title (needs 2 passes) - ?JD pass - ?HT pass Revan - CD title (needs 2 passes) - RA title (needs 2 passes) - PT title - FD title - FDX title - FDCh title
  2. No ETs for me this year... I've run out of dogs!
  3. Hmm, as suspected this list I didn't really put much of a dent in it! But it made trialling more special when we actually got to go!! Jedi * CDX Title - I think I only entered him in Open once this year. Oops. * RN Title - Check! * RA Title - One pass towards RA. * AD Title - No agility this year. * JDX Title - No agility this year. * GD Title - No agility this year. * SD Title - No agility this year. * HT pass - No herding for Jedi this year. Ahsoka * CCD Title - Still sitting on 2 passes. But only entered her once but didn't end up trialling. * CD Title - Ha! * JD Title - No agility this year. * AD Title - No agility this year. * GD Title - No agility this year. * RN Title - Check! * RA Title - One pass towards. * HT pass - No herding for Ahsoka this year. * Neutered Champion Title - Check! Revan * CCD Title - Decided to skip CCD. He has had one Novice trial and qualified! * RN Title - Check! * RA Title - One pass towards. * HIC - Check! * HT Title - Check! * PT Title - Ran out of herding season! * FD Title - 1 point towards! * FDX Title * FDCh Title * ET Title - Check! So maybe it was the year of the Revan... He has started to catch up to the other two. But hopefully next year we'll have a little more time.
  4. I really disliked Urine Free. It left a really horrible residue and didn't seem to work as well.
  5. Hi, I believe that Sydney ET is in early August. Contact DogsNSW for exact details. Dogs must be a minimum of 2 years old to compete. M 12 August :)
  6. Awesome Rally results guys!! Well done! Congrats TSD!
  7. Thanks everyone! It only sunk in tonight! I can't believe it - I've only had Rev for 10 months and haven't been able to dedicate much training time between study and work. I never would have imagined him being where he is now when I first got him! He really is a special little dude! I think 2012 will be Rev's year!
  8. You can swap handlers at the rest breaks but the handler that does the willingness test at the beginning has to be the same at the end I think.
  9. Yay Kavik!!! Ahsoka, Revan and Jedi all got their Rally Novice titles yesterday!! It's Rev's first title in anything!!!!! So proud of the gang!
  10. +1! Unfortunately I can't make it... Have to work! But looking forward to getting out there in the future!
  11. It depends on the dog and what we're doing. For OB/Rally, Jedi and Revan get fed before trials, usually half a meal. Ahsoka is fasted. For other dog sports - they all get fed.
  12. How's everyone's training going? It's starting to get close to ET season! I tested Revan with the bike last week and he did fabulously. He's quite happy running beside the bike and is very fit, so he'll need very little additional preparation for his ET. Currently deciding between Grafton and Sydney. I really enjoyed the Grafton ET last year!
  13. For Lapphund - "A Finnish version of the Border Collie, but they herd reindeer instead of sheep". For Keeshond - "A watchdog for the river boats in Holland". That's it. I keep it simple. I find people who want to know more will ask - the majority don't care for the finer details! :)
  14. What a beautiful run, Jess!!! Yay for Kenzie :)
  15. OK thanks - hopefully their plans will be announced on DOL closer to it happening :) - do you think it will be in the next 12 months? I believe that's the plan!
  16. Wow!!! I LOVE looking at your underwater photos! I'm doing a dive course in a couple of weeks and ohhh man... I should NOT have looked at how much underwater housing costs. Ouuuuuuch!
  17. Hi everyone!! It's been a while! The pups and I moved house and are finally getting back into the swing of things!! Nothing really to update except Rev is just about ready for his first OB trial (except that I forgot about stays!! ) And Jedi is entered in Open in a couple of weeks so that'll be intereting! Hoping to just make it to stays. It's been sooooo long since we've been in the OB ring!
  18. I've spoken to the guys who are planning to start this up in Sydney. So it's happening... Not sure of the exact timing though.
  19. Yeah it was great to be back in the big smoke! Twice in 3 days for me! Our next trial isn't until the end of March or something! Aaaaaaaaages away. I have my overtime roster so I can at least plan ahead now - I don't have to work many weekends at all at the moment so I'll be cramming as much in as I can! :)
  20. Another trifecta at rally! Jedi was the star with 98/100 and 3rd. Ahsoka provided plenty of entertainment and the judge commented she deserved extra points for artistic flare! And Rev was such a good boy! Only one more pass each to go!
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