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  1. Fungal Infection

    Hi! It sounds like Malassezia, the best thing for your OH is to go see a nutrionalist, he most likely has a weakened immune system that's why he has skin issues. You'll find that the skin issues will subside when he changes what he puts in his mouth😀
  2. Brushing A Pomeranian

    Miracle coat slicker is awesome! http://www.dogessentials.net.au/miracle-coat-slicker-brush When you have your dog lathered up in the bath brush through with this slicker, rinse and lather up again with shampoo and brush your poms coat again, rinse again and lather up with conditioner. When the conditioners on brush with slicker until no coat comes out then brush through with a long toothed comb like a greyhound comb. Then rinse until all conditioners out, you'll know when there's no conditioner left because when you run the hair through your fingers it squeaks, make sure it squeaks all over the body. If your Pom only has a bit of undercoat you could wash twice in shampoo then only brush when the conditioners on. If the undercoat is really stubborn get a Mars undercoat rake, look on their website and they tell you which number rake you'll need for a Pom. Just be careful with a rake because you can slice the skin open🐶
  3. Raised Feeding Station

    I choose not to raise their food as a vet who i used to know said not to. He used to do talks/lectures on bloat, he said they take in more air while they are eating from raised food. He also said don't soak dry food with water, mix dry food with some wet food for a lubricant, don't feed them 1hr before or 2hrs after exercise, don't let them guzzle water and give multiple small meals rather than 1 big meal a day. However he said you could do all this and the dog can still bloat, genetics and breed play a big role too. But there are so many theories..
  4. It sounds a bit like Canine Seborrhea http://m.petmd.com/dog/conditions/skin/c_dg_canine_seborrhea I would wash him in a clarifying shampoo to get rid of the oil then something medicated like Malaseb. 🐶
  5. It sounds like a Staph infection, I would let the mobiler know because it's something that they might be doing. It could be the shampoo they're using, it could have harsh soaps in the ingredients which strips the natural oils from her coat and the normal Staph bacteria flourishes. She might not be rinsing the shampoo out. It could be that she's not using the right Disinfectant in her hydro bath, so there's a large amount of normal dog Staph bacterial in her bath from all the dogs she's bathed, so when she washes a dog it puts a lot of bacteria on the dog, more than the coat can handle and hot spots appear. Dogs that are left half wet also get hot spots, especially double coated breeds as bacteria loves moisture. It could be an allergen around your house setting your dog off. Staphylococcus is a normal bacteria on the dog, it generally needs a weaken immune system or an allergy to flourish. Try an organic apple cider vinegar rinse or tea tree shampoo. What did your vet say? I hope I made sense I quickly typed this out at work!
  6. O M G! Calendula Tea Rinse

    I might try it on some of my customers that have allergies (I'm a groomer) :)
  7. O M G! Calendula Tea Rinse

    Do you rinse it out or do you leave it in to dry? :)
  8. Boarding Kennel Software

    Ive used Atlantis and that was good:)
  9. I had worked in kennels for 11 years, i would ony recommend All Breeds in Lyndhurst as Judy Buchanan who is also on this forum works there. If she works there nothing dodgy is going on behind the scenes that clients can't see.
  10. I just saw this article about dog trainers, the link was on the APDT facebook site. http://www.dogstardaily.com/blogs/another-potentially-dangerous-dog-trainer
  11. Pet Paintings

    I can't recommend Carrie enough from ruff renditions, she has just finished a graphite drawing of a friends German Shepherd and it's AMAZING, it's so life like and she captioned all of his characteristics. http://www.ruffrenditions.com.au/
  12. 6wk Siberian Husky. Is His Weight Normal?

    It's fine to have a six week old puppy BUT you must know what your doing. You need to read up on critical periods for dogs so that you understand how important this stage of the pups life is. Some dog trainers I knew would take on pups at 6 weeks so they knew the puppy would have successful critical period, but these were professionals.
  13. Show Cut

    Try This salon, she might be able to help you, she is in QLD and she's a master groomer. http://mastergroomers.com.au/about.html
  14. What's Wrong With Horse?

    When I exercise my Heeler A LOT I have to try and maintain her weight by giving her two meals a day and the best product I came across to keep her weight on was Eagle pack- working dog (I think in the orange bag). As this is a high end food it doesn't have fillers so she doesn't poo that much considering how much I feed her. When she's not doing as much I feed her once per day and I have her on Eagle Pack- adult so she doesn't stack on the weight.
  15. you might have to hire someone who is less experienced and train them up or call dog grooming schools to see if they have any students that have just finished