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  1. I know of Zoology degrees that deal with animal behaviour and some Psychology degrees do too It really is about what you are looking at getting out of it Having said that I myself am looking at doing a Psychology and zoology degree when I finish with my animal tech degree Good luck with it --Lhok
  2. My local council has Cat curfew laws cats must be inside from 5pm to 9am and never pose a menace to the public or their property. Council are pretty strict with it too after a local matter was dealt with due to a dog attack on a man's cat. (I live in NSW) the local court ruled in the dog's favor saying that cat's must be taught not to trespass. So I would still check with the council even though the matter is settled for now. --Lhok
  3. Thanks for your replies I'll try to convince my friend to keep going with it however the next nearest club is a bit of a trip so we will have to look into it and unfortunately we are not in Vic as that tracking group sounds awesome. --Lhok
  4. This probably should be in the Training Forum but I would like any opinions on this I was at Tracking training last night and my friend who owns an Akita came with me to give it a go and was told by our instructor that Akita's don't make very good tracking dogs and that it was a pointless task to try and train it to do so. I thought Akitas were orginally bred for hunting bears but I could be wrong Just wondering if anyone else has had and instructor do that and what can I do to help my friend?
  5. Seeing that video makes me a bit considering when I was younger one of the reasons I became more interested in dogs was because of her and Toby. Now all I see is the money and marketing behind it all
  6. I'll try and find the only photo I have of him sleeping in a rubbish bin with the hugest smile on his face after eating all the kitchen scraps.
  7. What I have now: Rescued Lab kelpie cross What I have had: Throughbred x Clydestale was a great at Cross country and show jumping but now is the most handsome lawnmower I have. An adopted fox (I didn't have the heart to kill it and it counts as a pet as it slept on my bedroom floor) 3 guinea pigs from the same breeder who I got pedigrees for 1 budgie which also came with a registration ring and paper pedigree
  8. Could set up People for the Ethical Treatment of Plants Then follow them round and say Tofu is murder. >.>
  9. It's so sad that no matter which way I look at it, the situation is a catch 22 I mean I know education plays a huge part in how the public sees the situation but from what I have seen volunteering at both shelters and Vet clinics it seems so one sided in the favor of unscrupulous people. I have only really just gotten into the whole purebred dog thing (and would love to show and maybe breed dogs one day) and I appreciate the feedback on what I had proposed and looking back over it the points you brought up are all valid one way or another. I used to try and talk to people at the shelter I used to volunteer at and tell them about the pro's and con's of rescuing older dogs, however mostly people went to the shelter if the local pet shops had no available puppies or kittens and they were only interested if there where puppies and kittens available. I was also horrified to find out one of the local shelter people were saying come back in September we will have lots of kittens and puppies then. At the Vet clinic it is no different, the Vet clinic I used to Volunteer at told most people looking for a puppy that cross bred dogs were the best and that pure bred dogs were like mutants so when some one in that position says something like that what do you do? I am all for education but where do you start when most of the people around you don't want to know or at least to me don't seem to care (hmm Igot off topic methinks)
  10. Newbie question here Are you allowed to have multiple handler for a show dog... Was just thinking if I handled a dog in the ring and for whatever reason he had to come back to the ring but I couldn't take him would someone else be able to? --Lhok
  11. It is in Europe which is known for flashy cars and very expensive car parts to go on those very expensive flashy cars. So in truth the bill does actually add up to me after looking at some of the warranty papers I have helped my father do for the car dealership he works at which sells some of the same flashy European cars that the German police might use
  12. This has always intrigued me What happens to the animals when they are all released and we have enjoyment from a distance until we need the land for all the crops we will need to plant in order to feed us and clothe us is this just something no one thinks about till it hits us and we all go "ohhh yeah.... we never thought about that"
  13. I don't usually post on here and I know that my local members of parliament don't like to give me appointments anymore because I am constantly battering them for animal welfare improvements. In regards to the posts and the OP I for one do not like the power the RSPCA have, I have volunteered for them and have seen many good dogs go to the Emerald dream and other dogs (due to them being the "right" breeds) go to homes only to be returned for behaviour problems. One case which was terribly traumatic was the death of a beautiful kelpie x pup for jumping a puppy fence during a temperment test and a serial biter being rehomed only to be returned to the RSPCA within 3 days after it had bitten the lady who had bought it. If they can botch something like that which is important I would hate to see them wield this amount of power. I don't believe it would be the end of dog breeding in general but it will make it very hard to breed dogs in a way that is important for the dog to become a respectable canine citizen. Another thing I don't like these type of blanket proposals and laws is that no matter how you word it, the legitslation is left up to the people inforcing it, in this case it is the RSPCA which has a strong work force of well meaning but mostly ignorant volunteers. ( I for one was one once and still might be completely clueless in some regards). When you have Volunteers working in a organisation it is hard to make sure the information is accurate. I again had the displeasure of having one of the local RSPCA volunteers tell me that a stray dog was a Tosa X when I was working there to me the dog looked like a bloodhound X but then again I could have been wrong it's all a matter of perspective. As to what I will write about in my submission to my local members and to the RSPCA it will read something like: 1. I would like to see testing done on the for sale puppies for any genetic disease and genetic problems, (most responisble breeders do it before the mating I know) This would let the pet shop and customer know what the actual health of the puppy is and gives them an informed choice about selection. Also price could be based on the actual quality of the pup in the store ( just thought of that bit then so haven't really thought it through) 2. Pet shops would have to refund some of the desexing costs that the puppy buyers pay for so it makes the desexing more of an option. 3. A limit on how many puppies the pet shop could legally hold at any one time. 4. a 7 day cooling off period before the pup actually goes home to make sure the owner is not completely impulse buying. Goes for shelter animals too These are just some suggestions I have rallied at my local members Because I believe if you make it hurt the hip pocket of the pet shops it will filter on through to the puppy farmers or at least some of them as the demand for them at pet shops will have decrease. Any way let me know what you think of my suggestions. --Lhok
  14. I want to know where I can become a Dog Expert so then I can make comments regarding BSL /sigh it's aways the same after a dog attack.
  15. My father eventually built a large dog run with a even larger lounge room for my dog (lab x kelpie) who clears our 8 foot fence with no issues. We tried everything from chain link to alsonite sheeting on the fence. At one stage my dad got so fed up he borrow some Ticker wire to put across the top of the fence to act as a deterent. It worked for a week till Mischef (aptly named might I add) noticed there was a gap. I think the best possible solution is maybe get a large dog Mansion/run or design one yourself since you know your dogs the best . I am confident you will resolve the problem Kind regards -Lhok
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