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  1. Dog Clippers

    I second the Heiniger cordless as well, just love them, I have corded clippers but never use them anymore. Plus the battery seems to last for ever
  2. Where Do You Buy Your Collars?

    Just ordered on Facebook from Custom pet collars, their name and my phone number are embroidered in the collar itself. No more worrying about name tags falling off. Very happy with the quality and they are comfortable for the dogs
  3. Sturdy Dog Id Tags?

    Cant help you with your request, but I just brought new collars for my dogs that have my phone number and their name embroidered into the collar. That way if the tags fall off which they have done before, the details are still on the collar.
  4. Big And Little Dog

    I had two standard poodles a toy poodle and a Jack russell when I brought a Newfoundland into the house. The other four dogs were all over seven years old and Grizzly 14 weeks old when they meet. The 10 kilo Jack and my now 71kilo Newf were the best of buddies until my Jack Russell passed away last November. My 4 kilo toy poodles has him bluffed, she will bare her teeth and he runs, so funny to watch.
  5. Multiple Dog Permits

    I am on the Gold Coast, Qld and have a four dog permit an only had to pay a one off fee. I now just pay the yearly registration fees on each dog.
  6. Above An Beyond Customer Service

    I didn't think they would either, I did try to sell them first then contacted the manufacturer. They sent me back to the supplier who just blew me away with their customer service. :D
  7. I would like to give a huge plug to Petcircle, for absolutely awesome customer service. I purchased four large bags of dry food in October 2014, from Pet circle on line. After struggling to get my dogs to eat it I had only used one bag by April 2015. I contacted Pet circle at the complete off chance they may be able to help. The bags had a 2016 use by date so they were happy to have them returned at a small charge to me of $20.00. They arranged the pick up, all we had to do was box up the bags and the courier collected them. A full refund minus the $20 was returned to my account, I am blown away by their customer service and told them I would let others know how I felt. :thumbsup: https://www.petcircle.com.au
  8. New Zealand

    Absolutely stunning photos, I could only dream to take photos this good. My Husband is from Christchurch, unfortunately each time we go most of the time is spent catching up with family. So not much site seeing.
  9. House Sit For 1 Large Dog In Hervey Bay

    I have a friend in Harvey Bay on a huge fenced block of land and has one small dog. I will message her with this add no promises but doesn't hurt to ask.
  10. If you could travel to the Gold Coast this one is up there with the best, but you pay for what you get. http://www.petstylistacademy.com
  11. Chocky Pudding!

    So cute
  12. Show Shoes

    Ladies golf shoes are also another option
  13. Walking The Dogs :)

    Lovely photos reminds me of what we look like on a walk with five dogs
  14. Thats great news I hope it all works out. Dogmad it takes special people to do what you do, and I want to send you a hug for taking the time to give dogs like this one a second chance. As for the vet nurse and the vet surgery she works for I can't print here what I think of them. :mad