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  1. Glad I could help. My friend mixes hers together however I prefer not to in case the glucosamine settles at the bottom so I go 3/4 of a 30g scoop MSM & the other 1/4 Glucosamine. I'm considering giving our RR it just as a precaution & I'll give him half a teaspoon.
  2. Do you have a link for this lady? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/110755489277?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649#ht_767wt_952 Dxenion, we give the horses a 30g scoop amount & the boys we give it to are both around 600-700kgs. This would last a long time on the dogs. I know a lot of people who use this as well with great results.
  3. Try MSM & Glucosamine mix. We use it on our horses with bad joints & it works wonders. We have a horse that usually needs shots in his knee to keep him moving & this mix combined has worked so well he requires no more needles. Ebay the mix as one lady sells it on there really cheap otherwise you will pay stupid amounts.
  4. I live on the lake & my house is set a metre off the boundary so it's a beautiful view. I have a main road at the top though. Shall take a photo tomorrow.
  5. To have my Cavalier put to rest last year it cost $50 for consult $130 for Euth It actually says no consult charge for Euth but they did. We had just spent around $1,500 with them prior to this with treating & working out management plans to try & save him. We were disappointed with the $50 extra charge. I didn't receive a nice card. From the book my vet carries at the front I think they expect the thank you cards.
  6. This is 100% fantastic advice! 'Even if you can't do the whole job pitch in & do half'. The true appreciation is something men will never understand & I remember on the rare occasion my fiance did this it brought me so much relief & I was able to get my hackles down that were almost always raised. I have been blessed with the most easy going baby that only cried 3 times (literally) before 7 months, slept through from 9 weeks & still to this day is like total clock work just really vocal. But I still found it hard & taxing as my fiance drained me as much as the baby did. He wouldn't respect the rules I had put into place for the dog which is his but I did all the training & this breed is a breed that will walk all over you if they can & that's what he did. Nothing & no one can prepare you for being a Mum unless you're already one & we never get time to ourselves & never truly get to rest our minds even when bub is asleep because you either feel obligated to do something around the house even when your eyes are hanging out of your head or when you do actually sit down with a cup of tea you know your time is limited bub wakes. Life is set now but I still find I have days where I hear myself saying "ARGHH Just get out of my sight" & I'm talking to the dog & cat! They're just thinking 'Yeah right crazy lady" & I realise now that I can rationalize things again that I can get the last laugh by locking the dog outside & the cat in his room.
  7. Sunnyflower


    I'm so sorry Teebs.. RIP Atlas.
  8. I too understand your wife. My daughter is turning 1 in 3 weeks & she is my first. My Cavalier who was my 'first born' had to be put to rest 2 months prior to the birth of my daughter & we had a 5 month old dog when she was born. I was sick & my daughter had to come early & we were both in hospital for a while. I too have found that the dog has been another 'thing' and at times have found him to be beyond bare-able. For the last 2 months I have been back on my game & life is what it use to be as my little girl is a little more independent. It's extremely tiring being the person that has to make sure everything is in order from the baby, dog, dinner, washing & even to making sure there is toilet paper. Sounds so simple but sometimes it is just so damn tiring having to make sure there is always spare soap in the cupboard is tiring as it's the little things the partner never thinks of & to have to also deal with the animals usually sends most people over the edge because they get under your feet right at the worst times. It will pass if she loved them before. She's just tired & probably needs a good day out having a picnic with you, bub & the dogs showing her she is appreciated. It incorporates the dogs & a gets her out of the house with the focus on her.
  9. Took the words right out of my mouth and said it better then I ever could. I'm sure Arcane wasn't making these stories up just to entertain everyone, that is her experience, believe it or not, I don't know why people would take it personally. She could probably tell you a host of other breeds with problems but that wouldn't fit in with the current discussion. There was recently someone wanting to get a puppy here too but unsure whether to get another CKCS as the pup they previously haAd passed away far too young of a disease and they didn't want to risk getting another pup and it happen again, even though it were their dream breed. Donatella this person you speak of is myself & please ensure you finish off the entire story by stating it was decided I WILL be getting another Cavalier! Yes I had a terrible experience with SM but I was a naive puppy buyer in 2008 & Oscar was poorly bred. Due to my experience with Oscar & love of the breed I am wanting to get more involved in the breed! The chances of actually getting SM is that of being struck by lightening, apparently we were a hit but I would get Oscar all over again even knowing he had SM because he was an amazing little dog. With the help of some wonderful experienced Cavalier breeders I will get another Cav from reputable lines & run the same health gauntlet I do with my Ridgeback that comes from healthy lines! People who love Cavaliers get offended because everyone always jump on the bandwagon of attacking the Cavalier about it's apparent health problems in every pup & it's a rare one that's actually healthy! It's the same thing every few months on here, someone ill informed thinks they're an expert & starts a thread about it!
  10. What about that one dog that comes through that costs $300 - 500 for general vet work but then needs knee or eye surgery at a cost of $3000? Not to mention food & general flea & worming pending how long the dog is in your care? They stay in your home for as long as it takes to find their RIGHT home. DAMW rescues don't get a lot of 'donations' it's very naive of one to firmly believe that they do! Lets not forget to mention that most if not all rescuers pay for all the fuel costs associated with transporting these animals across the country side & should they find the perfect home on the other side of the Country most of the time all rescuers rally together to put their hands in their pockets again to get a plane ticket to send the animal there. Also, I've seen & read on DOL on many occasions where that perfect home has turned up & they can't afford the whole adoption fee so they allowing them to take the dog for free, at a discounted price or let them pay it off. It's easy for those who aren't aware to jump to conclusions!
  11. I too thought it was illegal to rehome prior to 8 weeks & I didn't think a vet would vac kittens that are 4-5 weeks old? There is no governing body for rescue is there? If there's not then there really needs to be one!
  12. HM I find this fair to advertise once they come into care & even potentially 'adopting' out but not releasing the kitten or puppy until the appropriate age! No, you're not out of line Sunnyflower. Sadly there are a few cowboy wanna-be rescuers out there. Rescue should be about rehabilitation too, but for some, it's in one door, out the other. They barely have time to get to know the animal letalone rehabilitate it. K9Angel, I didn't feel I was out of line & I fostered & helped in rescue for 4 years but apparently I was the 'bad guy' by piping up & saying it was wrong! I would have thought at 4-5 weeks old a Kitten or Puppy would potentially still need milk replacement and I wonder if maybe Mum died from something that could possibly be passed on to the kittens! I just find it so irresponsible and as you say it does sound to be a Cowboy Rescue Group. Is it something that should be taken up with the rescue or better left alone? The young foster lady said the reasoning behind rehoming so soon was so it could settle in to it's new home sooner!
  13. I'm curious as to what the minimum age rescue with rehome a puppy or a kitten? I saw an ad yesterday for a 5 week old kitten available for adoption, it is from a rescue group and available undesexed. After questioning the ad apparently the adoption fee does include desexing. This kittens litter mate was rehomed earlier in the week just shy of being 5 weeks old. The kitten in the ad was rehomed last night & she stated that the new owner was 'planning' on desexing. It sounds like they were given the option! This concerns me & I offended a few people because I asked questions & said my piece on the lack of ethics. Kittens have been ripped off Mum, dumped in pound, collected & rehomed all in the space of a week. Isn't rescue about rehabilitation? At 5 weeks a kitten isn't normally even weaned off Mum, shouldn't a rescue be holding the kitten to minimum 10 weeks & only rehome once desexed to try & prevent the cycle of breeding & dumping? Maybe I am out of line but I personally don't feel I am! Does rescue have a code of ethics they must abide by like the registered breeders?
  14. I'd be interested in hearing a little more about pugs! First you need to decide on colour I have a black one. He's mad as a cut snake and as frustrating as anything but also an awesome little dog. Keeps up with my Stafford, keeps the Maremmas in the line and is absolutely reliable with my daughter. He is a really tough little guy but also at the end of the day (when he's exhausted) so snuggly and sweet. I won't lie, we had a year of HELL but I feel we are coming out the other end in one piece. I love that he is happy to occupy himself outside and is not whiney or needy. They do also need to be loved a lot and spend time with their people. Food is Alvin's life! House training was reaaaally hard but eventually he got the hang of it - he's only slipped up twice with wees since easter. He's a touchy feely dog and has to be on my lap at night or lying on top of Esme the SBT. Thick skinned and quite able to keep up with the rough and tumble of a child playing with him. Probably a wise choice Seriously though, keep a Pug in mind for future, they really are just so great with kids. I feel a sense of a Mwahaha with the 'wise choice'! If I ever get a pug it will definitely be a black one! Your little guy looks gorgeous.. BUT to be completely honest Duke our Ridgie drives me up the wall most days because of the constant testing despite know EXACTLY what he's being asked to do. Were other days he's a little gem. I need a sweetheart type of dog that can offset Duke because if I have two cheeky monkey's & a cat that is usually the cause of making the dog play up because he always wants to wrestle I'll end up putting myself up for adoption . Duke's really my fiances dog, we got him for him despite me training him & I pick up his poop and personally I'd prefer to be a one dog home but I really don't get what I need or want out of a dog in terms of companionship with him & I know that probably sounds terrible but he's just not my cup of tea, whereas my Fiance absolutely adores him & to be frank Duke chose him & his eyes light up anytime he enters the room. Oh sorry, I was mixing this up with another breed selection thread :laugh: Glad you've decided to go with your heart :) That's ok! Admittedly floor sweeping hasn't had to be everyday since Osc went to the bridge & our Ridgie is inside majority of the time, so smooth coats are so much better in the sense!
  15. Aussie3 - I am not actually after a smooth coat, I would prefer fluff! I want something to snuggle into Thank you for all your help guys. With the help & kind words from Jed & CW EW I think I will go with another Cavalier. I have always wanted a Pug so I'll have a chat with my fiance but I think I need to follow my heart otherwise I will forever be wanting another Cav and three dogs is not happening with a cat, baby & horses to work. Thank you again. :)
  16. An Aussie Bulldog was stolen from Maitland area a couple of weeks ago. The adds doing the rounds on Facebook with a $5000 reward!
  17. I'd be interested in hearing a little more about pugs!
  18. Wow, lots of suggestions! Thank you guys My DH would never let me get a Crestie. Whilst I am sure they are lovely dogs that likely fit the bill they are a very different looking little dog. I understanding completely what you're saying. But, I think once you get that pup in your hands, those fears will slowly fade away. I will be very careful on choosing another CKCS and research the crap out of the pedigree. Do you know the cartoon 'Pinky and the Brain'? That's Charlie and Emmy. They are absolutely opposite like day and night. But, they gell. Emmy needs Charlie's calm and confident to not freak out, whereas I think Emmy was put on earth for Charlie. Emmy gets his moving by annoying him and always getting him to play. I love The Sibs together. They are made for each other. Thank you CW EW! Both you & Jed agree getting another Cavalier is the best choice for me and I do 100% agree. I just thought I would ask the question to see if there was anything on par to these little guys but I'm not sure there is! That's wonderful the Charlie & Emmy are little kindred spirits! That's all any owner could ever want for their pets is for them to find their match.
  19. Thank you ASA! I grew up with a little Aussie called Holly & I must admit she was a little bit of a rough nut. My Nan had one also and it lasted for nearly 20 years. Probably looking for a little bit more of a soft natured dog. However my memory is from a long time ago so some researching and meeting may be in order. HW my friend has an Affen and she's appropriately named Monkey! I found her to be really sweet but a little aloof. I doubt this is normal. Pugs however were interest when deciding on my puppy when I got Osc. I haven't actually met a lot of them though. Jed, Thank you for your advice & guidance! It is something I know will likely never happen again but I finally got my dream dog & I lost him. I still get upset about it as I miss him dearly & we should be a couple of weeks away from his 4th Birthday! I do know of a Breeder in Sydney who is a member of the NSW Cavalier Club & she tests, she only ever had one pup suffer from it in her 40 years of breeding. Jed, Can you recommend any good breeders or are you breeding in the near future?
  20. These little guys sound ideal! I shall get researchinh. I understand each breed has it's issue's but my first Cavalier and it get dealt the big one! Another vote for the Lowchen! Don't need to be high maintenance, very healthy and a lot of fun! These are the things I like to hear about a breed. :)
  21. CW EW It really is what my heart says but I'm worried the fear will taint the bond I build! How do you find the personality differences in Charlie & Emmie? CD I will look into these little guys! Something with personality is definitely desired.
  22. A whippet would likely suit but I want more lap dog! I guess I need to change the original post to small under 10kgs. Most Sheltie's need a lot of stimulation don't though? Probably need a little more stimulation than I can offer. I have always wanted a Cocker though. Maybe some Cocker owners could correct me on belief?
  23. Hey Guys, It's been 12 months now since we had give my beautiful little Oscar his wings & I'm ready to get myself another little mate We got Duke our RR 12 months ago (A week after Oscar being put to rest) and he is 15 months and not too much of a goof ball. He is needing a companion which is also another reason we are wanting to get another dog. We've got our Devon Rex cat & also our daughter is 10 months old & she LOVES animals. My heart says I want another Cavalier but I am worried SM will strike again, whilst I know the chances are small I'd be crushed if I lost another one so young because of it. I want something small - UNDER 10kgs, low maintenance, primarily an inside dog but happy to be outside, happy to groom. I am not a big fan of Maltese or Shih Tzu. I grew up with them but they were my Mum's love. Thanks in advance guys. :)
  24. The dog is and inside dog only and if they are out 9 times out of 10 the dogs are with them otherwise she is locked inside anyways! The property won't be left unattended until the horses are removed from the property and that won't be happening until all monies owing for them are paid in full.
  25. Judge Judy is hilarious but works completely of logic and unbiased view! Pending on how tonight goes, I might go and get her a stat dec and have it all sorted. Australia Post works are actually JP's so I will get her to get the witnessing done and have them sign off on it. I was going to bring Meso home with me this afternoon but she had a fit today for the first time in about 2 months so I told them it's best to keep her with them to save her stress! They will lock her in the house and I told them if she enters into her home without consent to call the police for trespassing! The girl whom dumped the dog agists her 3 horses at my friends place and she gets charged bugger, she never comes out to see her horses or mucks out the stable or feeds them when the agistment deal is, you look after your horses yourself & when she does actually come she whinges and demands that everyone else does it and has the hide to have a good at her and her daughters as to why a horse hasn't got it's rugs on or why they have been put into a different stable! She's been asked to have her horses removed from the property but now this evil person is refusing to pay her outstanding agistment, stable bedding and water costs. My blood is boiling about this person and I did up two separate invoices, one for the dog and one for the horses! I've told my friend to put a padlock on the horses gate and to tell her it won't be removed until she pays up to the day the horses are removed. I don't understand how people can lack appreciation! Thank you for all the help guys, I really appreciate it and so does she!!
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