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  1. Yup! proud owner of 2 jrts, one of which has been training me for years, with a highly motivated and persistant dog it's surprising how easily this can happen.
  2. Petrescue

    Hi Jill Are you using this link to get in? http://www.petrescue.com.au/groups/10379
  3. Animal Lovers That Dislike Children

    There's nothing wrong with children (of course) They can pose a problem to dog owners if not properly educated. I've had children run up and slap my dog for no good reason, luckily he was not reactive to this kind of approach. For me the bottom line is, if your dog is not proven to be "child-proof", don't expose them to this kind of interaction. Many dogs can be child proof, some are sensitive, so need some help/training if that is not possible then keep your dogs away from any situation where they may not cope.
  4. Please visit Jo's page on Facebook and "Like" to show your appreciation. Jo Lyons
  5. Idiots - Opinions On Comments?

    Sorry if I've paged ahead of all comments, just want to add that as I understand it a "good K9 citizen" that is tethered in a public place should allow a Ranger to approach and check the tag etc. etc. Not a good idea to leave a dog in that situation if it is likely to bite, or fear aggressive etc., that is putting the dog in jeopardy and ignorant people who approach it. However if an owner is at hand, and the dog is on a leash, they should be asked whether the dog is approachable. If the dog is not approachable the owner should turn quickly and walk away. The dog however should be under control if in public, even in that situation. It is ignorance to allow a child to rush over, or extend a hand to a dog without asking first, small children are especially unco-ordinated and can frighten dogs. Both my dogs were raised with children and luckily they are very good with them, even so I usually crouch down to the dog and child's level, holding the dog firmly near the collar so that it can't jump up, then supervise any contact carefully if the parent has asked if the child can pat the dog. I believe it is a community issue and children and parents should be educated.
  6. Chance

    Glad he has found a good home. My mind boggled at just what a Lab x Pei would look like, and amazingly, he looks both unmistakably Lab and Pei!!
  7. Good luck with it all, it may be out of date, but I heard the AWL up that way were always short on smaller breeds to adopt out?
  8. 10 Pups (all Rescued!)

    How amazing, they look so uniform in appearance. Good luck with them.
  9. Add to that, "the Easter break is coming up", gosh what a coincidence. (the powerboat, caravan and all parked out front and ready to go).
  10. Abbey

    Oh no, please keep us updated, hoping for good news.
  11. Adorable Or Ridiculous? *new Pic - Post #39

    If there is good reason for it and the dog is comfortable, it's not about what people think, because I am sure a dog doesn't primp in front of a mirror. I've seen very ordinary "knife and fork" haircuts on dogs, done to make them more comfortable, wouldn't do that myself, would get proper trimmers, however, the dog with the bad haircut was better off than without it.
  12. Walking Dogs In The Heat

    That sounds dreadful, and it makes me wonder that other than hot pavements, sometimes it seems a bit hot for dogs to be out. I always wait for the cool as much as for my own sake as the dogs, if it is not comfortable for me, it probably won't be optimum for them to enjoy a good exercise.
  13. I agree you may be on quite a learning curve, and while keeping 2 male JrTs together is not impossible, it is generally not recommended. Great advice given here and certainly Jill from jrtrescue might have some advice too. In the meantime you might consider keeping them separate when you are not around. Also do not allow either of them into the kitchen or food preparation area - while dogs are settling in to new homes they can display "resource guarding" due to the insecurity of being rehomed. This "resource guarding" can also apply to the humans in the household, bones or toys lying around, a favourite chair or couch and so on. Jack Russells love a game though, so regular play times with balls, tugs or toys is a great way to help them bond with you and settle down. When the games are over, put all toys and balls away for next time (this shows them that you are in control) During the playtime you can extend their training as well by training them to drop the ball and sit before the ball is thrown, etc. etc.