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  1. I met someone at the dog park during the weekend who loved his pet loo. Got me interested as I'm in an apartment but I was worried about the smell... now that some of you are saying that it does stink up the place, I'm very reluctant to blow hundreds of dollars for it and decided to stick with the training pads (they don't stink one bit!!!).
  2. Try boiling the chicken breast with carrots, pumpkin, abit of chicken stock + sea salt - my girl loves this! :D
  3. I always boil chicken breast with carrots, pumpkin and abit of cabbage... feed that mixed with rice and it never fails to do the trick!
  4. I gave a teaspoonful to mine, stuffed in a puppy kong. She was only interested in it for 5 minutes! I tried giving it to her a week later and she was not amused one teeny bit
  5. Yep That's what dogs are meant to do- consume bone/meat/skin/tendons etc from their 'prey' Phew!!!! Now Mika can get her bones more regularly now without me praying that I won't murder my girl each time.
  6. Thanks for the replies so far Mika is my first pup... I almost got a fright when I gave her a raw wing tip to chew on and after chewing on it for almost 10 mins, I turned around and it was gone! I wasn't too sure whether it was okay for them to eventually consume the bones... She had no problems then (this was 2 months ago when she was 3 months old). Last night, I gave her another chicken bone to chew on and after a few minutes, it was gone again (this being a bigger bone)! I would like to let her chew on bones quite regularly but wasn't sure that when people say they feed their dogs raw meat on bone, do they mean that they also consume the bones eventually...
  7. yeah I was sent a sample pack of Artemis and I was SO happy that my girl liked it at the start but after the third/fourth/fifth/sixth time of giving it to her, she refused to eat it. arghhh
  8. Hello everyone... would like to get a general feel of how many owners here are comfortable with their little ones swallowing raw (chicken) bones?
  9. Mika has been out and about since we got her at 8 weeks of age. For the first few weeks, just on concrete areas outside. We also attended puppy pre school at the start but stopped going as we don't think it was enough socialisation for her (only 5 mins of play each time!) and we got bored of the classes. When she had her 2nd vac, we started walking her around the block on pavements... staying away from grassy areas. Then we went all out with her when she had her 3rd Mika is now growing up to be a very confident pup and she doesn't seem to be too scared of bigger dogs (she's a small breed) - definitely attributed to us socialising her everyday... whether it be taking her to the market (we carry her before she was fully vaccinated), going for short car rides, we bring her out in her crate and just let her listen to the sounds, slowly introducing people to her etc I also received really good advice from the people here in terms of socialising my girl. As they pointed out, it's too important during her age to keep her "quarantined" at home (our vet was also against Mika going out until she's fully vaccinated).
  10. my pup goes CRAZY over boiled chicken with a lil bit of stock. ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!! She also loves yoghurt drops n carrots!
  11. I thought it was complete rubbish when I saw the ad! The dogs and cats looked so.... "hynotised"... esp the cat! I bought the PedEgg and am so annoyed that I wasted money on that. I trim my pup's nails when she's asleep
  12. I give my girl raw bite size carrots and Yip Yaps - http://www.ozpetshop.com.au/product_info.p...roducts_id/1025
  13. Hi everyone! I just want to give you a positive update on lil Mika But firstly, thank you to all of you who gave us advice... it was very well received and we appreciated all the comments. Mika is growing up as well as can be expected. She is still on the breeder's kibble of choice - Hill's Science (we bought a 3kg bag). At the start, she would only eat once it's been soaked. I mixed it occasionally with beef mince, green beans and carrots. Now, she loves her kibble dry (so much easier!!). She's just over 9 weeks now and steadily putting on weight, as a growing pup would. As training treats, she gets carrots (in bite size), yoghurt drops and now Artemis kibble which she loves (I'm using the sample pack)! We gave her Schmacko's but she wasn't too fond of them but I supposed that's a good thing! She's also not a fan of the Pedigree Puppy Biscuits We're also pleased to let you guys know that she has now trained to "Sit" and lie "Down"!!! After a few mistakes, she now knows where to do her business At night, she doesn't wake us up to go "Toilet" - she sleeps in her pen and goes to her training pad by herself. Needless to say, we're extremely proud of her and fingers crossed, she'll only get better!
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