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  1. Dogs And Goats Believed Slaughtered.

    On ABC's 7.30 report tonight they showed this property once again. The RSPCA has been called out on numerous times since 2004 but the RSPCA rep said that did not count and that each report had to be taken on an individual basis. Well it seems this guy is a repeat offender but that doesn't matter because "the owner complied with the RSPCA's requests??????? Go figure. Then they showed some footage from a puppy farm in Kerang ( I think the full report is on Monday) where the Gannawarra council say they are happy with how things are run there. The look in those 2 black labradors eyes will haunt me forever as one tried to scramble under the other with both trembling all over. The explanation there was "they didn't like the camera" The conditions: beyond belief. I know some people are labelled as "extremists" and of having hidden agendas but if they can help these dear souls and get them out of the hell they live in, when no one else does anything, they get my vote. Of course breeders being targeted for minor things is another thing, the point here is farming of dogs and cruelty and I think all dog lovers should be horrified and protest in the loudest possible way.
  2. Eaglehawk Kennel Club

    I hope you didn't cause much damage there Bohunt?? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Not entered on Saturdy. Does anyone know if the crickets/locusts are out again this year? BB Definately NO crickets or locusts. You are safe! It should be a good weekend and the pavillion is spacious with plenty of room for everyone. Regardless of the weather. A big bonus for the hot months.
  3. Dogs And Goats Believed Slaughtered.

    Yes, members of our community now. And they will find no shortage of different types of meat to eat in this community; meat that has been legally butchered in proper conditions and to proper standards. What happens in their country of origin STAYS in their country of origin - when it comes to eating dogs. Dogs are not an animal that are bred in this country as a source of nutrition for humans or other animals, and this needs to be clearly communicated to any newcomers. I am all for enjoying the benefits of multiculturism - but not the barbarism, thank you. Souff I TOTALLY AGREE with you. Those poor,poor animals.
  4. Central Gippsland Shows

    Well done on your girl's Neuter Challenge, and at her first ever show? What a good girl! How lovely. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH Just an opinion of mine regarding the Neuter classes, I think ALL shows should have them because it is very hard to see how popular they are if only a few on offer here or there, they should be at all shows and given at least a year to see how it's all going. Having read the entries for these shows it is terrific to see the numbers and I'm sure if other clubs followed suit, they too would be well patronised. Well done to all who entered.
  5. Lancefield Shows

    I think everyone is in the same boat, no numbers here either or my friend.
  6. Advertising Your Dogs

    You're kidding, right? This is the wording from the National Dog Annual on the front page of this very website: "MAKE NO MISTAKE this beautiful gloss publication will be sold in newsagents around Australia and a physical copy sent to All Breeds dog judges in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and selected Asian nations." Where do the bulk of judges who come to Australia come from, I wonder?? I do agree with you Faolmor. I sometimes wonder if the ad is of the person and the dog is an after thought! I like that in the state publications ( ie Vic dogs) the dog alone is in the photo, after all that is who is being judged ( well we hope so!) And if the advertising didn't work, well people wouldn't do it. And, I too am concerned about what the affect is on the breed with the judges who do take notice of who is on the other end of the lead. Sorry, but the cynic in me wonders why else would some people will advertise, if not to bring certain dogs to judges' attention? Even the magazine recognises it. Let's just see how many "not very good judges" there are, after the magazine comes out I for one will definitely care about their opinion, because I care about my breed.
  7. Lost Great Dane - Emerald Vic

    RIP Willow. I'm so very sorry for such a sad ending.
  8. Lost Great Dane - Emerald Vic

    I really hope that Willow is back home safe and sound very soon. You must be going through hell. I could think of nothing worse.
  9. Results- Vic Working Dog Club Ch Show

    I, too are waiting for some results. Any Sheltie results? Thanks in advance.
  10. Further Changes To Grand Title

    For what it is worth, I think that either a Bitch Challenge or Dog Challenge at Breed Specialty Shows should be accepted toward Grand Champion instead of the required Group wins. This is excellence in the Breed and would include each breed equally whether rare or not. This would return the focus to within the breed where it should be instead of the Group wins where many seem to be focused on because of the all important points. Of course a Group win is fantastic but it is in the breed ring first and foremost that really matters. This is of course only my opinion and I am sure there are many that would disagree with my views, but hey that's life!
  11. Ballarat (8 Oct) & Bacchus Marsh (9 Oct)

    How lovely to see that number of Veterans. I love watching these classes. I would love to see them in the lunchbreak (yes I know that is when Junior handlers are on), so more would see them. They are our history. Good luck to everyone showing, and a special GOOD LUCK for ALL the Veterans.
  12. Beet Pulp In Dry Dog Food

    My previous post mentioned it's use for horses,only fairly recently in Australia but for years in the UK( I have used it myself with horses but I did not find it of any significant benefit so stopped) . What my concern was that beet pulp MUST be soaked before feeding to horses as it expands alarmingly and yes I know their systems are totally different from dogs I wondered if that would affect dogs if fed dry. Is it necessary in dog food? I think for dogs there are other ways for them to get fibre and yes in the wild the fibre was gained from what was in the preys stomach as well as the hair that would have been consumed. I think a lot of feeding is getting way too complicated and confusing to many people who are trying to do the best for their dogs. A simple well balanced diet is the way to go, whether you choose raw or commercial.
  13. Beet Pulp In Dry Dog Food

    I don't have any experience with it with dogs as mine are fed raw but it is interesting that it is in dog's food because when fed to horses it MUST always be well soaked beforehand as it expands really dramatically. It is very high in fibre. Of course the amount would be minimal in the dog food, so I am not really sure of the benefit maybe someone else can explain.
  14. THANK YOU to everyone involved in posting results for those of us who are not able to get there. It is so good of all of you. And thank you Sway for co ordinating it all. I know that I speak for a lot of people. THANKS ONCE AGAIN
  15. New Grand Champion

    CONGRATULATIONS to you both, Well done