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  1. She is just gorgeous
  2. Border Collie Pics

    Hi Everyone. Has been a while since i posted here. Just thought i would post a updated photo of Willow who is almost 1 now. Dodo took this picture today while on a playdate with her foster dog Buck. She had an awesome time running around with another dog her size.
  3. Puppy Farms Exposed

    Signed and put on facebook profile.
  4. Doggy Playdate Albury/ Wodonga Area

  5. Hi Everyone. Just wanting to see if anyone is interested in a doggy playdate. I live in the Albury/Wodonga area and would like to socialize my border collie more. With hubby being in the Defence Force we move around so this makes it hard to make friends and so far all the ones i have made here don't have dogs ;) Willow is almost 12 months old and is quite submissive, but can also be a little in your face and very excited. Dogs would need to be of medium size as she can be a bit full on for the littles. We have a maltese also but she needs someone her own size to have a play with. Let me know if your interested
  6. Tilly The Dalmatian

    She is very pretty ;)
  7. Hey smisch, Have sent you 2 pm's. Haven't got mine yet. Have you sent them? Cheers
  8. Staffy Cross Missing After Airport Stuff Up

    Omg, that's so sad. So close to being in her new loving home. RIP Goldie
  9. This Girl Can Dance!

  10. RIP to these brave soldiers & Herbie the detection dog
  11. Awesome, can't wait to get mine.
  12. Charlie And Emmy

    Just gorgeous :D
  13. Charlie's Best Medicine Is....

    Awesome news
  14. Urgent Call For Help

    If we could get there sizes that would be great and i can ask some friends too. Already have a box with clothes, toys, books, pencils, paper ect ready to go.
  15. My Livestock Guardian Dog

    Someone was having a good time :D