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  1. Thanks everyone for your replies and tips. I spoke to mum tonight about the barking and she said the same thing about the babies getting used to the barking. They are good dogs that are well behaved generally so that's the main thing I was really concerned about. Dame Aussie I really hope they do get used to it in utero!
  2. I am having twins in November so thought I would ask your advice on some existing bad habits and for any tips and tricks for managing dogs and babies. I don't want the babies to completely disrupt the dogs routines so if we're going to make any changes i would like to start now. Both my dogs have slept in our room for the last 8/9 years. They sleep on their own beds and get up onto ours at about 4am. That arrangement is fine but the issue is our room is at the front of the house and they bark if anyone walks past the house. Not so much at night but early in the morning. We are planning to have the babies in our room to start with and I suspect that the dogs will wake them up (which could end up making this mummy pretty grumpy!). Would you move them out? I don't particularly want to as I know it will cause significant stress to one of them who suffers separation anxiety. What process would you follow to move them? Secondly, what other hints do you have for managing dogs and babies? Are there things that you wish you had trained before the babies arrived?
  3. I used a pet loo with my two for the first 3-4 years of their life as I was in a townhouse. The Petloo was actually set up outside in the garage/courtyard with a doggy door to access it. I found it took ages to teach them to use it because of the hight of it - they were fine on turf on the floor. It just took persistence and consistently taking them to it over and over to toilet. Plus really high value treats for doing their business on the loo.
  4. I'm so sorry to hear about Ness's passing. She was such a beautiful girl. Hugs to you Sally
  5. Sorry for your loss LP. Leo was my first intro to Aussies as well and started my love of Blue Merles. He looked like such a cuddly bear.
  6. Thanks everyone for all your suggestions. I will pass them onto my friend and hopefully she will feel better about the situation.
  7. Thanks everyone for all your suggestions. I will pass them onto my friend and hopefully she will feel better about the situation.
  8. A friend of mine has a young rescue dog that is really high energy. She has a baby just a few months old and a toddler and is struggling to find the time to walk the dog enough. She has been feeling really guilty about it and was considering rehoming the dog to a home where her needs would be met. The only thing is the toddler and the dog are so incredibly bonded and it would be heartbreaking to all concerned (including mum!) to rehome this dog. So I’m looking for some suggestions of ways she can wear out the dog – apart from walking it. She is going to try her hardest to walk the dog as often as she can but it may not be every day so we need alternative ideas. So far I have: · Scent work around the house (toddler can be involved hiding toys etc or herself) · Fetch in the back yard · Obedience exercises – teaching a stay on the mat would be especially beneficial · Interactive toys – kongs, treat balls, food puzzles Does anyone else have any ideas? ** Disclaimer – this is not a thread about whether or not she should keep the dog. It is purely about ways she can mentally stimulate the dog
  9. This very thing happened to me... White dog & human poo I washed her a good 5 or 6 times until the smell went. I would just use normal dog shampoo & wash a few times until it comes out.
  10. Omg that first puppy..., I want, I want, I want.... Passes out from too much cute
  11. Omg she actually jumped on him haha! She is one gutsy little girl :)
  12. Omg she actually jumped on him haha! She is one gutsy little girl :)
  13. I just can't believe his big her tongue is :laugh: I love seeing her photos. The back/poo issue had me on the floor
  14. I would check with the vet that it is safe to use Comfortis after using the spot on and the flea shampoo?
  15. He'll suck her nipple right off if he keeps up with that. Poor little widget!
  16. I definitely wouldn't have corrected and I would have had a serious word to the instructor for correcting my dog without permission. To be honest I would be having a good think about whether that club was the right environment for my dog at all given the way the instructor reacted.
  17. I just want to kiss her wet little nose :laugh:
  18. Yeah I'm totally confused now and am going to have to refer to this thread every time I see one of these names written :laugh:
  19. We'll I couldn't do it. One look at thar sad little face and I caved and left them both home But I'm being rediculous... Next time she's coming!
  20. It's nice to hear that other people walk their dogs seperately. But I still feel bad They will still get walked together in the morning but one of them will get another walk in the afternoons some times. The one left behind won't like it but he copes with it MUCH better than the one I'm taking if she were to be left home (oh the woe is me performance !!). I might try it tonight.... if I can get over the guilts
  21. I walk both dogs for 45 minutes every morning before work and then after work would either go to the gym or run for about an hour without them. Unfortunately I have a bad back and the physio has recommended I give up the running for now But I'm allowed to walk. So probably twice a week I go for an hours power walk in the afternoon. I haven't been taking the dogs as one of them won't be able to keep up the pace AND wants to stop and sniff every 5 seconds which defeats the purpose of 'my' walk. The other would keep up easily. But I would really love to be walking with a dog. It just feels nicer some how. Would you walk with your the dog who can keep up and leave the slow one behind? She would end up getting about 2 more hours of excercise and me time per week. I feel bad about it though.
  22. Congratulations on your new baked family member :) Can you explain what you did to prepare your dogs for the babies arrival. This is something I'm interested in for if we have a baby in the coming years.
  23. Oh btw her wonky ears + her dirty snout = dies of cuteness overload
  24. Ohhhh that face!! I would have had to of found her a new one
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