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  1. Thanks for pointing this out, hadn't noticed Neuter class for this show. Western Suburbs at Bulla on June 3rd also has Neuter, hopefully they have a good entry.
  2. Stil no numbers here, but cheque is cashed. Can someone please post Group 5 numbers to give us an idea of how many before Group 7 starts?
  3. The Responsible Pet Ownership program run by the DPI and funded by a levy on dog/cat registration is very active in Victoria. It has started in NSW and last year South Australia. www.pets.dpi.vic.gov.au This program is available free to all schools and pre-schools for children aged 4yrs+. I am an Educator with the program and visit schools with my Standard Poodles. (posted by Marlene)
  4. Has anyone received numbers?
  5. I have two Dogs Victoria certified Pets as Therapy dogs (Standard Poodles). http://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/profile.asp?dog=6688 Fabio visits a local Nursing Home once a month, the residents love him. At 9yrs of age, he is still in full show coat, creates a lot of conversation. It is so rewarding to bring a bit of pleasure to their day. My old girl Freya is 12 1/2 yrs and only visits occasionally. They are both visiting this week for Mothers day, Fabio is taking his mother with him. (posted by Marlene)
  6. I have had one of my Standard Poodles bitten by a dog sticking its head through a gap in the fence, no warning just a sudden lunge, did not even see the dog in the yard. We do not walk any where close to that fence now. The council will fine you for having your dog rush at someone walking past the front fence, but refused to do anything when the dog bit another dog. It could easily have been a child injured.
  7. Saturday Group 7 Results BIG: std poodle "Lex" RuBIG: NZ Dane Baby: ? Minor: ? Puppy: Mini poodle Junior: ? Inter: RuBIG Aust: Dane (Kathy Smiths) Open: BIG I know a dali won a class but not sure.
  8. Sunday arrived today... Saturday still missing.
  9. Bis... dachie Ru... border collie Baby... toy poodle Junior... shelti inter... bis Aust... Kerry Open... rubig Neuter... std poodle "Vegas" :-)
  10. Sunday bis line up Pug Kerry American (Ru Irish) Dachie lh std (Ru smooth dachie) Border collie (Ru border collie) Mal Schip
  11. Nonsporting Sunday Big: schip "jack" Rubig: toy poo "tommy" Baby... toy poodle Junior... rubig Inter... big aust... dali open... std poodle "Vallimont" Neuter... std poodle "Vegas"
  12. Wow space is tight. can't believe so many people were set up tonight. I can see several improvements from last year. big rings, sectioned off parts along the road side for gazebos and tents.
  13. Breed break downs ovens valley Gr 1 -4.pdf ovens valley Gr 5-7.pdf
  14. Thefull break down is available on Tom Couchmans fb page...“ Australian dog show breed entry numbers“
  15. Hope everyone has a great time at these shows, we went last year and really enjoyed our stay in Mt.Gambier. The Irish Brace class was fun. Not going this year as the Poodle National is on in Sydney, so Sydney Royal on Thursday and National Sat/Sun.
  16. I agree with the negative beaten before you walk in the ring attitude. Recently I had a smack to my confidence with a new dog out. 1st 2shows out my dog and myself looked like crap because in my mind i.d already lost. 3rd show i wasn't going to do... what was the point. then a friend came over and threatened to kick my butt if i ever walked in the ring with that attitude... 3rd show i was relaxed, presented my dog and the dog showed beautifully and we walked away with a 10pt bob over the new dog. Biggest thing i.ve learnt is to have faith in your own dog. know their faults but embrace their positives. it doesn't matter what other people think... as long as you believe in your dog.
  17. Group 7 results? Big to leannes kee
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