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  1. Any X breed is a genetic lottery, no guarantee of Non shedding, low allergy. Get a pure breed Poodle and clip with a hairy face if you don't like the shaved face look.
  2. http://www.petstages.com/product-details/stuffing-free-gator These toys are sold at Coles supermarkets, on sale this week. $12 for large and $8 for small. They are great with our Standard poodles who love destroying things to find the squeaky noise.
  3. We kept male and female littermates 10 yrs ago, totally different temperaments. They have both lived in the same house with us (and their mother) all of that time. The dog is so outgoing, works with me in the Responsible Pet Education program visiting schools and is a certified Pets as Therapy dog. The bitch likes our family and some friends, but she is very unhappy with strangers, to the point of urinating and cringing. How do you explain this, nature or nurture? Both were shown in the conformation ring and titled easily, neither have been bred from. Both parents have exceptionally good temperaments. (posted by Marlene)
  4. http://www.dogzonline.com.au/images/profiles/07/08/6688_1842_sm.jpg Riley is a great example of a Standard Poodle and love the video, but don't know about top glamour dog. In one of the first scenes he is looking at a magazine cover with Megan Gale. My Fabio has modelled with Megan. (posted by Marlene)
  5. The show is usually outside. Are you coming to watch or are you showing again? Hope the rain waits until the afternoon, hate showing indoors. (posted by Marlene)
  6. http://www.laineeltd.com/cgi-bin/laineeltd/scan/st=db/fi=products/co=1/sf=category/se=pin/sf=prod_group/se=Brushes.html?pg_image=Brushes&cat_image=pin Madan make really good pin brushes, we use them on our Standard Poodles.
  7. All depends on circumstances of the individual incident. A few years ago, we had a dog in our street that was always running out on the road, chasing people, owner had no control of the dog (only a small x-breed). It chased me once when I was riding my bicycle, I had words with the owner and was assured it would be kept under control. A few weeks later the dog chased and bit me on the leg. I ended up with having weeks of work due to the injury. This dog lived around the corner from a busy school, it could have attacked a child. I wish that I had reported the first incident. (posted by Marlene)
  8. Am show: BIS Schip... RuBIS Kee
  9. Have you thought about setting up a facebook page for the shows? Great for publicity.
  10. We had a great weekend at these shows. 3 BOB, 1 BIG and 2 RUBIG did help to make an enjoyable time showing. I hear that the committee are planning for 4 shows 2014. The weather was fine too, look forward to next year.
  11. Numbers arrived yesterday, No breed breakdown, we only got Group numbers for Friday and Sunday.
  12. We had a Standard Poodle have a bad local reaction, looked like the skin had been burnt. Never had any problems with frontline.
  13. I received Saturday entries back from Australia Post today, they had been sent to New Zealand! How they managed to get there is a mystery. Posted on July 7th. with correct postcode. Have now used Ozentries.
  14. Cross posted from the JKC's FB page... "The Committee of JKC as you would expect are thrilled with our entry but we do ask that ABSOLUTELY NO exhibitors set up or put down mats on Friday and that exhibitors are considerate of others and only take up the amount of space they need."
  15. Have you contacted the Dogs Victoria Pets as Therapy co-ordinator? the contact is on the website. I have 2 Dogs Victoria certified dogs and visit a local Nursing Home, the residents love having poodle visits. Berwick is a bit far for me to travel.
  16. Ne BIS results yet? Group 7? Heard std poodle Big.
  17. Group 6 has been well supported in the past with Dobes, Rotties and Bernese Mountain dogs.
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