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  1. I just filled up a stick vac with my shelter dog's shedding... in ten minutes and I sweep every couple of days with a static mop...
  2. Not with an e collar but giving them something better to do. Steve White (police dog trainer in the USA) has a whole system that involves first bite sleeve man being boring and the dog being re-directed to a different bite sleeve man over there. And gradually learning to respond to the cue and recall because he learns - he gets what he really wants when he does. “I can’t believe it! I’ve never seen him stop like that, even when we nuked him with an electronic collar.” (e-collars don't work for call offs or outs).
  3. and yet a man in SA who shot a cat with four arrows and left it still alive - got suspended sentence. Argh.
  4. I know some of you love these things. Having been zapped by an electric blanket and my brother had his home burnt down by one he didn't even know was there... they terrify me. I do have an electric blanket on my bed in the super cold hovel - but I unplug it when i get in bed. And I only have it on when I'm home.
  5. You won't get a docked tail from an Australian breeder - but some bulldogs might have naturally short tails. You won't get cropped ears either (can't tell what is going on with the ears in that photo) They look similar to Staffordshire Bull Terriers to me. A well bred one of these is an awesome dog. Like this one from Anvilheart
  6. You could phone them up and ask how to find out. The club hosting the shows probably doesn't know until a couple of days before the show - ie people enter about a week or two (for agility) before the event, and then the hosts put together a catalog listing all the entries so for conformation (show dogs) that would probably include breed. Dogs SA could probably advise what shows are most likely to have the breeds you want to see but won't be sure if any are actually entered. phone 8:30am to 4:30am 8260 2412 Royal show is a great idea but only some breeds are on each day ie you need to find out what day and roughly what time the breed you want will be on. Also at Wayville from time to time are "pet expos" or "animal expos" run by kjex. Costs a few bucks to get in but last time I was there - they did have a "lagotto" stand. And border terriers and dances with dogs... and a few others but it might have been about 6 different dog breeds - not many compared to the royal show or the average SACA show. Be patient and persistent contacting breeders - some of them don't check their email all that often, some are so bombarded by tyre kickers and scammers they give up responding to all enquiries. This post is about buying a puppy from the breeder's POV - not a lagotto breeder and not australian but gives some clues about how best to approach a breeder of what you want and why.
  7. neither long leash or dog tracker. if your dog won't stay with you hiking - it's not going to live very long in Australia (snakes, roos, baits, paralysis ticks, other dogs, farmers - if it strays on to their land). And in most states - the law is the dog has to be under effective control and most of them define that as - you can see your dog and it will respond to commands (ie not start a fight with the snake).
  8. I think given they're new that they would not yet be listed. Steve would have to share their details and she might also be having trouble contacting them. Have you tried any of the contact methods on this page? be patient - but persistent.
  9. @Steve Maybe you could message Mike the breeder contact details since they have not shown up here? With their permission or @MIKE 300 you could message Steve (click on their user name then click on message, type what you want, send) or click on Steve's sig which takes you to the MDBA website and use the contact details on that. Why do you want one of those? Do you know someone who has one? Have you asked them where they got it? Would a similar but easier to get dog suit you just as well?
  10. I think the problem breed re ethics was the "Aussie Bulldog" - I've seen epic threads where people are promised papers or puppies and do not get what they paid for. I would not try to get one of these if I cared about getting a pure bred with the papers to show the ancestry. And if I just wanted a bully type mutt - I'd go to rescue - plenty there.
  11. there will be a lot of farm herding type dogs at the agility but there are also schnauzers and some little dogs and medium dogs, poodles, doberman, dalmatians, boxers (sometimes), tollers, couple of whippet like dogs (italian greyhound, whippet and a grey hound usually)... lots of shelties (they're so cute)... and lots of bitsas - that you won't see at the all breeds shows. Ie dogs from rescue.
  12. There's a list of Dogs SA events here This weekend (8th and 9th July) is the state agility titles at Munno Para dog training club on Vincent road Davoran Park or Smithfield plains (if you're using google maps). There will be heaps of different breeds of dogs and dog obsessed people there you could talk to. Also this weekend at SACA / David Roche Park on Cromwell Road Kilburn park - there is the "junior Kennel club show" both Saturday and Sunday. It will be all breeds - ie all breeds of dogs that have junior handlers ready to compete... and there will be puppies.. and breeders etc. Always ask when it's convenient to chat about the dogs - ideally you chat to the breeder after they've been in the ring not just before they're going in. And always get permission before trying to touch any dog.
  13. I would not rely on this hope. Some behaviours are "self rewarding" ie if you're just hoping and not providing some sort of training or response cost, the behaviour will get worse if you do nothing (as far as the dog can tell). Barking, biting, digging are all self rewarding behaviours - they just feel good... My dog uses her mouth a bit like I use my hand - she does sometimes put her mouth on me to get my attention but she does not clamp down (unless she's mistaken me for the toy or treat (never play tug in the dark). There is some good info on "bite inhibition" here and how to train it. You need to be as consistent as possible, don't let things slide on the bad days - and try to pay attention to what triggers them (eg did you skip a walk - maybe a frozen stuffed kong will make up for it?)
  14. Personally - I'm happy to go with what Bob Bailey says - the only time he will use aversives (eg an ecollar) is when safety is involved either for the critter or the handler. But he'd much rather set up the environment for success and use rewards because in his experience, it's faster, and more reliable. He wouldn't even recommend it for training a dog to stay away from snakes. And if you're crap with mechanics and using rewards - it's more forgiving that getting your timing wrong with aversives. I have seen professional trainers achieve good success with "escape training" using e-collars or prong collars but I don't think I could do what they do with such great timing. I'm much more a fan of Leslie Nelson's "Really reliable recall" ie pavlov (aka classical) conditioning.
  15. You may find this website interesting - good to see you are doing some research before you choose a puppy. I'd also recommend going to some all breed dog shows and meeting lots of dogs and talking to the breeders about what would meet your needs. my brother had a staffordshire bull terrier when his kids were born... so the kids grew up with the staffy. He spent a lot of time teaching it what to do (ie leave) if the kids got too much and it was amazingly tolerant of all sorts of inappropriate behaviour from my brother, his kids and the kitten they got. I have a friend with a lagotto that is great with her kids but not so bright with other dogs. I've found they vary in personality a great deal so you'd have to meet them and choose one from a breeder whose lines you like. Some are much more tolerant and playful than others. This can apply to a lot of breeds. The ultimate family couch potato dog - is a greyhound... There is list at the end of this page of non-shedding dogs.