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  1. Catch up time! I'm still two weeks behind, but will try and get up to date as quickly as I can. Been a wee bit busy! :D 14/52 Tummy Time by LittleGreyBirdy, on Flickr 15/52 A string of lights by LittleGreyBirdy, on Flickr 16/52 Relaaaaxxx by LittleGreyBirdy, on Flickr 17/52 Jasmin Flowers by LittleGreyBirdy, on Flickr Some amazing photos in this thread. It's interesting to see all the different styles, places, and goings on in everyone's lives. Just so much fun! Edit: Geeze... miss a few weeks and Flickr has a radical overhaul. Stupid thing!
  2. I agree with Grace. Get the D5100, it's a better camera and I think you'll soon outgrow the D3100. I had the D5100 as my first DSLR and it served me very well. It's a great camera and you won't be disappointed.
  3. Beautiful photos eveyone! Gapvic, another stunning shot. I can't wait to see how you progress with the D800. I'm still snapping away, just have to find time to edit!
  4. I had the d5100, before I upgraded recently to the d7100. The d5100 was a great camera, I just wanted to upgrade to the next step. The d5200 is the revamped version of the d5100, and I think you'll really enjoy it. I will say that the kit lenses are ok, but you may want to upgrade them in future. This is really easy to do and doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. However, if you're going to go Nikon... Investigate getting the 50mm f1.8 lens. It's a relatively cheap lens, and is excellent value for money. Mine rarely leaves my camera!
  5. Hello Rio! Ain't you just a wee bit cute :)
  6. Ooooooh.... So lovely! Enjoy the new toy :)
  7. Wow... Gapvic. Amazing. Wk 14 is awesome. Looks like it should be in Rolling Stone or something. Wow. Eta. I've taken photos but am too exhausted to edit. I'll catch up soon :)
  8. 13/52 Sweet Sleep Lots of beautiful photos in this thread. Well done everyone for making it to week 13!
  9. 12/52 I made this 12/52 I made this by LittleGreyBirdy, on Flickr had a busy week... Emelia Teresa entered the world on Monday 17 March, 2014 at 1pm. We are totally besotted. <3
  10. 11/52 I haz an owie took a tumble at Coles on Wednesday, such a fun thing at 38 weeks pregnant. Who needs to be mobile anyways?! :) Luckily just a sprain and not a break, but still its a real challenge hobbling around on crutches! I haz an owie by LittleGreyBirdy, on Flickr Good thing I had a pedicure ;)
  11. 10/52 Mike the Monkey Mike the Monkey by LittleGreyBirdy, on Flickr Meet Mike the Monkey. Mike's hobbies include hanging around in pear trees while trying to avoid being Kuma's next kill. Mike is on his way to a new home soon, with a little boy who should be making his appearance in the next few weeks.
  12. Week 9, Twiggy the Kelpie being fostered by the wonderful Koalathebear. 09/52 Twiggy by LittleGreyBirdy, on Flickr
  13. Bit naughty... I didn't take a photo last week. I've been given orders to rest by my obstetrician, so I'm not allowed out and about too much. I don't think photos of my swollen ankles make for good viewing :p I took Kuma out for a short walk this morning (don't tell my OB!) and snapped this with my iPhone. 08/52 Sunrise by LittleGreyBirdy, on Flickr
  14. Oh my. Beautiful photos Gapvic! Just stunning.
  15. 07/52 Kangaroo Paws 07/52 Kangaroo Paw by LittleGreyBirdy, on Flickr
  16. Ooooh, good to see they're keeping it grassed rather than putting down bark chip. Hope they find a way to keep it green!
  17. 06/52: Breakfast 06/52: Breakfast by LittleGreyBirdy, on Flickr Home made buns, free range eggs, tasty bacon from a local smokehouse, and a dribble of HP sauce. Breakfast of Champions! It's a pretty hasty shot, but it was getting cold and I was starrrrrving!
  18. Sounds wonderful, gapvic! Hope it's a raving success.
  19. Is it Echinacea (sp?) without all it's petals? I bought mum some and they look like this once all the petals fall off. I you're right, dotdashdot. Mr KA paid attention to the sign at the market and originally thought they were echinda flowers, but re-read the sign and it was Echinacea. :D Loving all the photos in this thread, such diversty!
  20. 05/52 - Prickly Flower I'm not sure what these flowers are called, but they are lovely. I bought them at the market yesterday... they're a bit thistley, with the odd purple petal here and there. 05-52 Prickly Flower by LittleGreyBirdy, on Flickr
  21. Awesome! I love my D7100, Santa delivered it to me for Christmas :D Still getting my head around all the different settings, it's a biiiiig step up from my D5100. Pushing me to take better photos. I it! Hope you enjoy it!
  22. Hee hee, thanks! That's two loads and my line is full, still have another load to go! Might need to upsize my line :laugh:
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