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  1. Hi. Can anyone please do a house check before Sunday for a greyhound at Taree. I know it is short notice but can anyone please do one. PM me for details. FOTH
  2. Hi, Just wondering if anyone can do a house check for a greyhound in the next week in Toongabbie. :) Please PM me for details. Thanks FOTH
  3. We rehomed the dog and took her back. Sorry about the confusion.
  4. If you are a rescue group in Newcastle or the Central Coast: We took in a VERY VERY neglected dog today that was a previous rescue dog in the Newcastle area. We are worried they will attempt to try and get another dog from someone else. They are going to be reported but we also would like to give details to local groups so they can never get a rescue dog again. Please PM me and i will forward on details. FOTH.
  5. It looks to me as though "someone or group" are either putting their name on them all, then trying to find takers, or Hawkesbury are not being forthcoming with correct information. Either way it truly sucks as it is the dogs that are going to suffer. Powerlegs - it is not your fault. The grey was so desperate a greyhound trainer in Bathurst was going to take her and hold her until a rescue group could take her, then FOTH took her. And she is a beautiful cat friendly greyhound who is safely in care with me. Its such a shame that this has happened to the Hawkesbury thread and that many dogs and cats maybe lost. kelcats has done a wonderful job cat testing greyhounds for me in the past but i did used to rely alot on the thread on DOL to know when a grey was in need. Its all such a mess.
  6. This is so disturbing. Humans are horrible sometimes!! http://www.northernstar.com.au/story/2012/02/08/firecracker-used-to-blow-up-kitten-alvin-rspca/ A KITTEN is recovering from horrific injuries it suffered after a "cruel and heartless" person shoved a firecracker inside its anus and set it alight. Rachelle Beardsworth from Racecourse Road Veterinary Hospital in Ballina said they had been caring for Alvin for three weeks. "When he came in he was emaciated," she said. "The wounds looked about two weeks old - it probably happened around New Year's Eve. "Alvin had burns right down his legs, his fur was burnt and his whiskers had been burnt off. "He had severe damage around his anus and severe burning inside. "When we were cleaning him up we actually found the burnt wick from the firecracker. "I have never seen anything this nasty. "Alvin is so trusting. He would have trusted the person that did this to him, that's what makes my blood boil." Robyn Mostyn from Northern Rivers Animal Services said Alvin was found in the residential area behind Ballina Fair in a very poor condition. "This was all caused by some heartless, sick person placed a firecracker in Alvin's bottom and lit it," she said. "He's now getting the best of care and so far all of his needs have been covered by Racecourse Road Veterinary Hospital. "Northern Rivers Animal Ser-vices is now asking for donations to Alvin's Fund to help get this little boy better. "We can't give up on him now, not after he has fought through the worst of it." Ms Beardsworth agreed, saying that the 14-week-old kitten had remained "stoic", despite being in serious pain. "We have all fallen in love with him," she said. "He was even purring when he was brought into the clinic." At first it was not known whether Alvin would survive his ordeal. Yesterday he was taken to a specialist at the Gold Coast, who said the kitten was a candidate for a particular treatment but it will need repeating every fortnight. "Things are looking really positive," Ms Beardsworth said. "But because there is the potential for a lot of complications in the future, he won't be able to be adopted out. "So we'll keep him as our clinic cat. He fits in really well. "Within the first few days he was cuddling up with Charlotte, a 14-year-old dog who had also been brought in." The incident has been reported to the police and the RSPCA. Anyone with information can contact Ballina Police on 6681 8699. To help with Alvin's Fund, phone Racecourse Road Vet on 6686 9333 or NRAS on 6681 1860.
  7. I know that Deb from Just Like home Pet Resort on the Central Coast did a few pug rescues last year. She maybe able to point you in the right direction. She is a DOL member but i cant remember her user name. Sorry.
  8. Hi House check needed at Bathurst for a greyhound. Please contact Donna at Greyhound Rescue on 0405 049 016 for the details. Thanks
  9. our 2 smaler dogs sleep on our bed and our greyhound sleeps on our lounge but if its cold she will sneak in too. We actually upgraded our bed to a king so that we all had enough room!
  10. Thanks Scotty and Wendy for the xmas treats for our kids!! They will all love them on xmas day and so will the foster greyhounds. Thankyou!! Look they were so great DOL did a double post!!
  11. Thanks Scotty and Wendy for the xmas treats for our kids!! They will all love them on xmas day and so will the foster greyhounds. Thankyou!!
  12. Thanks for your supporting words. All went well today and i am really suprised that she is not limping (well no worse than she normally is). Looking forward to the next few weeks and hopefully some positive results.
  13. My staffy is having her treatment tomorrow in both elbows for arthritis. Feeling a little worried about my girl about it but really hopefully it helps.
  14. Went with Stansmum for xmas photos with our greyhound Skye.
  15. We took our foster dog to a dog friendly cafe at a busy beach cafe. He then decided to cock his leg on the person next to us handbag. It was very very embarrassing and she was not very happy.
  16. This is Emma and our foster dog Lizzy. The other is Skye our beautiful greyhound and Lizzy.
  17. Ive been a vet nurse for 12 years and im afraid to say that the pay is that really that bad. Even when fully qualified through Tafe you can expect to only get about $22 an hour. I was able to get a loan from the bank (on my single income)to buy a home and if you have a proven saving record it should not be a problem. Some people love the job despite the pay and others hate it. I always say get used to cleaning as its really a glorified cleaning job. I would really suggest to offer to do some work exprience at a vet hopstial to see if you like it first (you may need workers comp insurance??). If you end up loving the job I'm sure you will make it work financially. Personally, after over 10 years of being an underpaid vet nurse, i cut my hours down to part time and am currently studying at uni. Edit for spelling
  18. All female in our house including the cat and chooks. 1 x desexed female greyhound (5years) 1 x desexed female staffy (11 years) 1 x desexed female chihuahua x (6years) Everyone gets on really well and have not ever had issues not even over food or bones. Our greyhound actually growls at any male foster dogs we have.
  19. We have a foster failure our greyhound named Skye. And yes you guessed it she is blue.
  20. I had Petplan insurance on our pet greyhound last year. We made 2 claims - 1 for surgery on a skin tear and another for a UTI. The cost of insurance this year has gone up 20% because we claimed. Also with Petplan after paying the $100 you need to way up whether its worth claiming the remaining money. ie if its $150 and you get $50 back only after excess your premuims may go up that much next year.
  21. Its so sad to read about your loss of Ollie. He was so lucky to have such a wonderful life you you. He will be deeply missed.
  22. The NSW Greyhound racing board has now released details via a website about green collar assessments for greyhounds in NSW. The new website is here with the standards that a dog must pass external link What do people think?? Fees have yet to be set and it reads as though your dog needs to go into kennels to be assessed(can anyone clarify this)??
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