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  1. Rescue

    Pure bred greyhounds whether from show or racing lines all need to be muzzled unless they undergo an assessment by GAP. Greyhound crosses are not covered by this law so don't need to be muzzled or assessed. It is true that some people use this loophole with unbranded pure bred greyhounds by claiming they are crosses. I'm not saying I support it but I am aware of it happening. Luckily unbranded greyhounds from racing lines are very rare & we only take on pure greyhounds.
  2. Just joined this thread. Thank you for saving Benny any more time in Renbury. I just love the oldies especially old greyhounds. You can never have too many IMO. :laugh:
  3. We also desex & do dentals at the same time with no problems. The girls can be a bit miserable for a couple of days but generally recover well. The worst part is giving medication if they have had lots of teeth out.
  4. We often get dogs with unknown histories. NSW dogs often don't have ear tattoo's as proof of desexing. One of our girls (greyhound) was desxed during an emerency ceasar (but we didn't know that) so when she came to us she was operated on to be desexed but of course already done. But that wasn't the end of the story. We had her in foster care for 6 months when the foster carer rang up to say she was in season. Impossible we said then she took sick. Turns out that during the emerengcy ceasar they missed removing an ovary which floated around in her abdo (& was missed during second surgery because it wasn't in the right place) & had lodged next to one of her vital organs causing severe pain & sickness when it started to swell due to her coming into season. So another operation to remove the offending ovary. I like to say she is the only dog I know that has been desexed 3 times. She made a complete recovery & found a wonderful home. I've discussed with our vets if there is any way to determine if a bitch has been desexed & been told no. Blood tests tell you nothing unless she is in season. Ovaries & uterus are too small too detect via ultrasound (unless in season)so the only way is to open up & look. Usually successful unless things aren't were they should be, lol.
  5. We currently have some small greyhounds. Brant is on 26.5kgs which is tiny for a male.
  6. Would they be interested in a greyhound? We currently have Jasmin available who fits that decription but we also have lots of other greyhounds that would be suitable.
  7. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. How absolutely heartbreaking. RIP Maddie & KC.
  8. I agree, if he can care for a dog, then a lovely calm older greyhound would be perfect. So many of them are waiting for homes.
  9. We currently have a 9 year old greyhound who is on the small side in foster care with a whippet. She is a lovely quiet older girl in good health looking for a home were she'll be inside a lot though still enjoys her walks & a play outside with the whippet sometimes. Not a bearded collie I know but a lovely dog & an excellent companion. Slightly bigger than 20 kgs (about 25kgs).
  10. We are in that area & would love some help with photos. We can be contacted on 0431 747 130. Thanks heaps.
  11. Tigerboy Stitch 01.10.2002 - 26.07.2013

    Oh, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. It is such a shock for you. Hugs to you. RIP at the bridge with Karma, Stitch.
  12. Getting Involved In Rescue

    Please feel free to contact us for a chat when you are ready. We are the Greyhound Safety Net.
  13. Getting Involved In Rescue

    We have a foster carer is Sth Moe so distance is not a problem for us but we only have greyhounds to foster. Quarantine is also not a problem as all our dogs only go to foster carers after that & recovering from desexing, etc.