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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your husband and Ollie being unwell. Thinking of you both.
  2. A quiet greyhound, a beautiful staffy and a chihuahua x that thinks its a rotti
  3. Just googled and TAFE in VIC runs the course. external link
  4. Yes i do all the greyhounds that come to me for fostering ( and a few other foster carers). I am a vet nurse and Cert 4 in Vet nursing, which i did a few years ago, had this as an elective subject. However the course is run through Tafe for anyone to complete. And i know in Sydney AWL(i think) did run some as well. When i completed the course you needed to microchip 5 dogs and 5 cats to complete it and someone already qualified had to sign these off. I am sorry i am not a great help. I did it a few years ago now.
  5. Try Here. http://www.ozmicrochips.com.au I buy microchips from them and they have been really good.
  6. Hi Woodbyne. I am a foster carer for friends of the hound and we rescue greyhounds from pounds, vet hospitals and from trainers. All our dogs are fostered in homes with young children, small dogs and if fostered with myself cats. I would be more than happy to help your family to adopt a greyhound. If you would like my phone number please let me know or PM yours and i would be happy to give you a call to talk about any suitable greyhounds currently in foster care. They have all there vet work completed, come with a trial period and of course full support. This is Shelley how was rescued from Hawkesbury Pound and Tilly who is also available for adoption
  7. I would love a pink one and do they come with buy 1 get 1 free??
  8. I have fostered lots of greyhounds and they have ALL been cat safe, some even cat terrified. And yes most of them raced or trialed. You just need to get one from a rescue group and let them know you have cats. Our greyhound even lives with free range chickens.
  9. Melbourne rangers fear dog owners are dumping their dangerous breeds to avoid the crackdown on vicious animals. At least four pitbulls and pitbull crosses have been seen in the streets of north Melbourne and local rangers suspect owners could be trying to avoid being caught breeding or importing the animals, the Herald Sun reports. As part of a government campaign announced last week, dangerous dog owners have until September 29 to register their pets as a restricted breed. Any unregistered dogs will be put down. Hume Council confirmed it had killed the four pitbull types found wandering the streets as well as seizing a further three dogs yesterday. Another 15 unregistered pitbull crosses have been found in homes or exposed by neighbours using the state government's Dob in a Dangerous Dog hotline. Over the last two weeks, Geelong Animal Aid manager Robyn Stewart has put down pit bulls and believes the number will increase post-September 30. The crackdown was prompted by the death of Melbourne four-year-old Ayen Chol, who was mauled by a neighbour's pitbull on August 18. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/8295196/dangerous-dogs-dumped-ahead-of-crackdown
  10. So sad and so true. How devasting for the family of that dog. I agree it should be printed in ever paper.
  11. I work for a vet hospital and have had good feed back on comfortis. I also know people that have used it for cats with no problems and we suggest halving them as well. Do remember to give it with your dogs meal (its to expensive for your dog to vomit it up).
  12. There is a new drug out called cerenia available from your vet. It is a tablet and is meant to work very very well. However, it is quite expensive. Not sure about the stuff you mentioned. I would not feed the dog before traveling - less to vomit up. Maybe a crate to travel in. Short trips before you travel to get the dog used to traveling might help. I hope the trip is not to far. Poor puppy.
  13. Very cute puppy but i agree hard to tell. How big and old?? Maybe a BC x
  14. Congratulations!! They are gorgeous.
  15. Wow. I must have been lucky with our staffy. She has never chewed anything, has always been great with other dogs and kids and lives with cats and free range chickens. She did go to 5 years of obeidence classes from day 1 so factor some sort of training costs into the budget. Our 4 year old rescued greyhound is another story though!!! So much for a couch potato she would eat it not sleep on it!!!
  16. So sorry to hear of about your staffy Montage. My 11 1/2 year old staffy has a similar problem (i have a thread in this section called SBT with lung cancer) so i really feel for you during this difficult time. When i first found out about my staffy i cried every day for a week wondering how i would cope without her. Our staffy still has very good quality of life several months later with no treatment except pallative care. I cherish every day we have her with us and we even make sure she sleeps every night on our bed, i just want her to know that she is very loved even to the last day. We did not go down the chemo path either after consulting a specialist. This is the hardest part of owning a pet and no matter how long they live it is never long enough. Some things of life are just unfair. My thoughts are with you and i hope you stay strong. Edit: I am doing both modern and natural treaments for my staffy that i think has worked well (my next do neighbour is a naturapath) so this may be work looking into.
  17. Afghan Hound: Sir Walter, Airedale Terrier: Abbey Akita: Kyojin, Kuma American Staffordshire Terrier: Tua, Max, Juno Australian Cattle Dog: Elvis, Matilda, Katie Australian Cattle Dog X : Frosty Australian Shepherd: Banjo, Archie, Lottie Australian terrier: Bailey, Brandy, Jasper Australian Kelpie: Revan, Abby, Bluey, Cahill, Franky, Izzy, Safire, Milky, Kinta, Banjo, Rosie, Skye, Emerald, Gem Australian Kelpie X:Toby, Cooper Basset Hound : Gemma Bearded Collie: Charlie, Bonnie, Bailie Belgian Shepherd (Groenendael): Fleming, Ivy Bichon Frise: Jag Bichon Frise X: Harper Bloodhound: Earl Border Collie: Roy, Molly, Kirra, Rory, Rumor, Diesel, Kobie, Emma, Kenzie, Maggie, Ella, Shelby, Jayde, Ashli, Mia, 'Bubba' Border Collie x: Anna Border collie x kelpie: Jasmine Borzoi: Oberon, Boris, Sonya, Kurgan, Ursula, Apollo, Atlas, Adonis, Argus, Alektos, Arinyes, Athena, Aphrodite, Aidos, Andromeda, Ares, Alexander Boxer: Bruno, Nelsson Brittany: Zora Bull Terrier: Bonnerville, Atlas Bull Terrier (Miniature) Lainie Cane Corso: Ali Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Bree, Ingrid, Jersey, Lacey, Fern, Floyd, Indy, Arnie, Joey, Renae, Bailey, Murphy, Maggie Chihuahua: Chelsea and Pansy, Heidi, Bertie, Moose, Archi,Pepe, Squirt, Limpet, Jasper, Bella, Dobby Chinese Crested: Louis, Daisy Cocker Spaniel : Maggie,Jesie, Bonnie, Chelsea Dalmatian: Appollo, Cleo Dogue De Bordeaux: Moose, Chevy, Bella, Molly, Digby English Cocker Spaniels: Jesie,Bonnie, Chelsea English Setter: Spartan, James English Springer Spaniel: Buddy Finnish Lapphund:Halo, Vienna, Jaana,Magnus,Aurora-Rose,Niina,Paddington,Maximus, Ahsoka, Fable, Demi,Varda, Asha, Boots, Echo, Alera, Annika Flatcoat Retriever: Moraig French Bulldog: Lola, FeeBee, Alexis, Claire, Lilly German Coolie: FlashBazil, Latte German Shepherd: Java, Odin, Tlaloc, Rebus, Indi, UnoBuffy, Bronx, Sabre, Kynan German Shorthaired Pointer: Pip, Coco, Polo German Spitz (Mittel)- Amber Golden Retriever: Onslow, Matilda-Rose, Chester, Genie, Ella, Rosie, Bruce, Chloe, Chaos, Ruby, Sasha Great Dane: Sparkles, Whitney Greyhound: Harry, Kiff, Sally, Clyde, Ryan, Amethyst, Stan, Maddie, Skye Griffon Bruxellois: Mocha Hungarian Vizsla: Flynn, Rogan Irish Terrier: Kate, Duke Italian Greyhound: Bella, Tari, Blaze Jack Russell Terrier: Ringo, Nandi, Chief, Louis, Matilda Japanese Spitz: Emmy, Angelo Keeshond: Jedi Labrador Retriever: Lestat, Bailey, Tia, Mieka, James, Harry, Lily Rose, Leonberger: Singe Miniature Fox Terrier: Cleopatra Miniature Long Haired Dachshund: Mini, Rover Miniature Pinscher: Mischa, Cleo Newfoundland dogs: Annabelle, Katy, Lukey Norwegian Elkhound: Odin Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriver: Nova, Darcy, Jovi Papillon: Blaze, Minka, Portia, Tyson, Coco, Tonka Pointer : Kite Audrey Poppin konrad, Badger Poodle (Toy): Chilli Poodle (Minature): Caroline Poodle (Standard) Merry & Pippin, Poppy & babies. Pug: LotusFlynn, Elyse, Ted, Misty, Elly, Poppy, Sally landers,Archie, Beau, Haidee, Millies, Ivee, Jack Pyrenean Mountain Dog: Sasquatch Rhodesian Ridgeback: Meisha, Bakari, Boss Rottweiler: Roxy, Feonix, Radar, Neo, Abby, Dyzney, Fame, Jag, Nellie Rose, Baylee, Dee, Zephyr, Mini, Diesel, Fire, Flint Saluki: Bella Samoyed: Mistral, Alchemy, Yngvie, Dante, Bundy, Kamikaze, Fergus, Kato Schnauzer (Miniature): Maximus, Coconut,Betty,Jigga, Riva, Amy, Indy, Amber, Grace, Guy, Blue, Connie Schnauzer (Giant): Tara, Darcy Shar Pei: Askari, Acheron, Asante sana, Sirius, Chippy, Christina, Diezel, Shih Tzu : Gizmo Siberian Husky: Akira, Tikaani,Romeo,Baby.Riddick,Indie, Esky, Blacky, Zuess Siberian Husky x: Luki Staffordshire Bull Terrier: Kiara, Zola, Diesel, Kaos, Brutus, Monty, Chaos, Bean SWF: Zoe Rescue Bitsa: Keely, Fred & Ginger, Ozzie, Tess, Maverick, Bosco, Kyah, Charlie, Astrid, Mala, Bella, Tiny Tim, Jen Jen, Lilly, Judy, Mini, Pixie, Ozzie, Dozer, Alaska, Logan, Buddy, Leela, Rusty, Pip Welsh Corgi (Cardigan): Shandy White German Shepherd: Casper White Swiss Shepherd: Rakim, Whippet: Herbie, Buzz, Lewis, Rommi, Daphne, Elliot, Mindy, Whiz, Arizona aka Zassy , Griff , Weimaraner: Ariane, Lulu, Louie West Highland White Terrier: Penny, Mac, Daisy, Mac, Sarah, Andy
  18. I think you have also done the right thing and am glad that kitty is safe. If Mamma cat is truely a stray i think that the right thing to do would be to catch her and take her to the local shelter. Its coming into breading season for cats and she will defiantly end up pregnant again. I also agree that you cant always assume an animal is unloved. I am a vet nurse and we had a cat the was bought into our clinic very very matted as a stray. It had a chip and the cat had been missing for over 6months from a surburb in upper Sydney a 40 min freeway drive from us. They owner had even had a baby in the mean time. She drove up and picked kitty up straight away and cried when she saw him. We also had a foxie that turned up that had a chip and had been missing for over 9months. He had even been desexed. The people that found him desexed him and assumed that because he had bad skin he was neglected.She had taken him to our vet for a sore ear and happened to mention that they had found him (9 months earlier). We scanned him for a chip and his orginally owners lived 20 mins away. He had always had bad skin and had even been to see a spec in Sydney about it. His owners came to collect him and where so happy to have him back but where so angry at the people that did not have him scanned for a chip. His orginally owners had even put ads in the paper. You cant always assume that they are unloved (it does sound like yours may be though). And I would always take a stray animal to the local pound or vet to have it scanned for a chip. You can always leave your details and adopt the animal if no one claims it. And that way you leagally own it and all vet work is done at a discount too.
  19. Ahhhh Monique I know that look - I have a Sapper baby shot that makes you realise he was destined for greater distruction!I can home from work and the day after his puppy pre-school graduation he got creative. OMG. You will be finiding little white beans for the next 6 months. They get everywhere!!
  20. I love this thread. Now know i am not alone. Our rescue greyhound is terrible at chewing things. Anything from our doona to the TV remote and cabinet. Next time i will remember to take a photo!!
  21. You have the coolest cat!! I'll swap you our ginger cat that wont come out from under the lounge when we have a foster dog any day. Charlie is gorgeous too.
  22. They are gorgeous photos. What a lovely, gentle dog. Rescues like these make it so worth while.
  23. FFS do we need another update!Firstly don't throw water at the dog because it won't listen(it's obviously not the only one).Secondly why am I here?Thirdly(is that a word)MOVE OUT. Couldn't agree more stansmum. MOVE OUT or do something constructive to try and fix the problem!! There has been some good suggestions by DOLers. EDIT: throwing water on an obviously stressed dog in the freezing cold is not helping the situation!!
  24. My staffy about 5 years ago ate ratsak. I took her to the vet and she had a course of Vit K and was fine. Hope your friends dog is fine too.
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