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  1. Middle Class Bogans

    http://iview.abc.net.au/programs/upper-middle-bogan/CO1308V007S00#playing Such a gorgeous greyhound.
  2. Pet Friendly Accommodation

    we stayed at the Gloucester Caravan Park with our 3 dogs in a cabin and it was great. Walking distance to town and a great path along the river to walk. http://www.gloucesterholidaypark.com/
  3. Pet Friendly Accommodation

    We stayed in a cabin near Bega with our 2 dogs. They are lovely cabins and very dog friendly even with their on fenced area around the cabin. Hosts were lovely. It is VERY rural though and a 15 -20 minute drive to Bega. Worth going if you wont a quiet getaway with your dogs (or horses). http://www.gibagunyah.com.au/
  4. Pet Friendly Accommodation

    We also went to Port Macquaire and stayed in a cabin in a small caravan park. It was excellent. The dogs were allowed inside and the verandah off the cabin can be shut so that the dogs can lay out in the sun and not run off. It is directly across from the water with a private wharf to go fishing. Its close to the ferry and only a few minutes from Port Macq town and beaches. We would def go back and there is no extra charge for dogs. http://www.marinaholidaypark.com/ Not dog related but if you go to Port Macq dont forget to drop in to Ricardoes to pick some strawberries and collect your farm grown tomatos!! Free entry and its a great spot to stop in. http://www.ricardoes.com/
  5. Pet Friendly Accommodation

    We stayed here (Sany Hollow NSW) a few weeks ago while visiting relatives. We hired a cabin where the dogs are allowed inside but there are camping facilities also. Has a pool and basic play area for the kids. You can also go bushing walking up the hill(the view is amazing) on the property. They do charge an extra $10 for dogs to stay and we took 3 with no problems. It is very rural area with only a pub/ servo but is a short drive to Denman where they do have local farmers markets once a month and shops/places to eat. http://www.sandyhollow.com.au/
  6. This is so disturbing. Humans are horrible sometimes!! http://www.northernstar.com.au/story/2012/02/08/firecracker-used-to-blow-up-kitten-alvin-rspca/ A KITTEN is recovering from horrific injuries it suffered after a "cruel and heartless" person shoved a firecracker inside its anus and set it alight. Rachelle Beardsworth from Racecourse Road Veterinary Hospital in Ballina said they had been caring for Alvin for three weeks. "When he came in he was emaciated," she said. "The wounds looked about two weeks old - it probably happened around New Year's Eve. "Alvin had burns right down his legs, his fur was burnt and his whiskers had been burnt off. "He had severe damage around his anus and severe burning inside. "When we were cleaning him up we actually found the burnt wick from the firecracker. "I have never seen anything this nasty. "Alvin is so trusting. He would have trusted the person that did this to him, that's what makes my blood boil." Robyn Mostyn from Northern Rivers Animal Services said Alvin was found in the residential area behind Ballina Fair in a very poor condition. "This was all caused by some heartless, sick person placed a firecracker in Alvin's bottom and lit it," she said. "He's now getting the best of care and so far all of his needs have been covered by Racecourse Road Veterinary Hospital. "Northern Rivers Animal Ser-vices is now asking for donations to Alvin's Fund to help get this little boy better. "We can't give up on him now, not after he has fought through the worst of it." Ms Beardsworth agreed, saying that the 14-week-old kitten had remained "stoic", despite being in serious pain. "We have all fallen in love with him," she said. "He was even purring when he was brought into the clinic." At first it was not known whether Alvin would survive his ordeal. Yesterday he was taken to a specialist at the Gold Coast, who said the kitten was a candidate for a particular treatment but it will need repeating every fortnight. "Things are looking really positive," Ms Beardsworth said. "But because there is the potential for a lot of complications in the future, he won't be able to be adopted out. "So we'll keep him as our clinic cat. He fits in really well. "Within the first few days he was cuddling up with Charlotte, a 14-year-old dog who had also been brought in." The incident has been reported to the police and the RSPCA. Anyone with information can contact Ballina Police on 6681 8699. To help with Alvin's Fund, phone Racecourse Road Vet on 6686 9333 or NRAS on 6681 1860.
  7. Hollie sure was a special girl For me it was Gypsy,a beautiful blue brindle greyhound who went to live with a wonderful young couple down the South Coast who adore her.I cried a river of tears when she left...but if she did not go I would never have had the beautiful Miss Maddie come into my home and my heart. Gypsy was a gorgeous girl. Here is a photo i snapped of her while she was with me Stansmum.
  8. Im glad Im not the only one that has done this. Mine is Hollie, a beautful greyhound we fostered for nearly 3 months. She was such a grogeous girl that fitted into our home so well. I do miss her but i am sure she has settled in well with her new family.
  9. Im on the Central Coast and there isnt any here.
  10. Greyhounds

    Would it be recorded on his microchip papers with council. When Skye recieved her green collar i also recieved paperwork from council that had been update to say exempt from wearing a muzzle. Its a pain if you need to go through all of that again!!!Although Im sure he will pass with flying colours. :)
  11. After many years of rescuing beautiful greyhounds i recently rescued a chihuahua from Blacktown Pound. He was the most gorgeous boy and i loved having him around. And i would certainly rescue another one!!!!
  12. Good Luck Deanna. I am sure it will go well. :)
  13. Everybody Loves Raymond

    :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Great news Stansmum.
  14. Everybody Loves Raymond

    Good luck Ray. It sounds like a perfect home!!
  15. Greyhounds

    Congratulations Rebanne and Warrier.
  16. Everybody Loves Raymond

    Here is some more
  17. Everybody Loves Raymond

    Here are some photos of gorgeous Ray for Stansmum. He has been for a visit here and is great with kids and cats as well as dogs of all shapes, sizes and temprements.
  18. Greyhounds

    Trishm I rehomed a greyhound from the pound to a vet nurse at one of the vet spec centres in Sydney. She then adopted a 2nd greyhound directly from a vet in orange. She had a fractured leg and had to have her leg removed. She can run around with no problems and i do believe it was a front leg. Also I did know someone that had a greyhound whose back leg was removed after being fractured and he also was fine (and as far as i am aware still is). Does she use the leg?? If she doesnt use it then she would be used to being 3 legged anyway. I am not sure long term if there is any problems with the joints on the other legs, back and hips. Someone else may have had experience with that.
  19. I have a staffy, greyhound and a foxie who are all doing well since changing to a Raw diet which i make myself. Do other DOLers use offal in their raw diets? What sort and how often? Would dried liver chunky pieces be the same as feeding raw?
  20. Pet Friendly Accommodation

    Anyone know of any dog friendly places in Bega or south coast for camping? We are ok with no amenities with room to spread out. Any suggestions would be great :)
  21. Raw Diet Question

    I do work on about 10% but they love the dried liver as a treat too. Thanks for the info re tongue and heart. I didnt know that but it makes sense now i think about it.
  22. Raw Diet Question

    Thanks for the advice :D I will continue to use raw meat then. I was wondering if using the dried stuff is not as good.