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  1. They are just called crimps. You can also get them from anywhere that deals in leather such as saddle places, but Spotlight is probably the easiest. Biggest thing to remember, don't forget the seal the ends of your paracord after you cut it, I have made a few and forgot to seal them and the ends have all freyed. If you are just making them for yourself a little nail polish or even just burn/melt the fibres will do the trick then tidy up with a crimp. EDIT - Ahh sorry didn't see the time stamp.
  2. I have a Chinese Crested so naturally EVERYONE wants to touch. He adores people, but he hates the cold so I have to say no to pats before he goes in the ring just because cold hands on his little body starts him shivering. Our Royal is in October, still pretty cold in Tassie. My usual response is something like "Sorry, we're going in the ring soon but you're welcome to watch and come back for a cuddle after we have been in". It's not really hard to give a polite no rather than bite someones head off, the general public are just there for a good day out and don't understand that touching is a no-no. Education is fine, education is encouraged, but there is a right and wrong way to go about it.
  3. Ahh okay, didn't know it allowed different varieties of coat, I wonder if they would be exhibited together in the same breed or are they aiming for multiple coat types to be recognised as different breeds (ie: long and short coat chihuahua's)
  4. I don't think they should be recognised by anyone until they actually have some consistency within the new "breed". The local puppy farm here which states they breed to the "Labradoodle Standard" still advertise a variety of coat types. Claims of non shedding and allergy friendly are misleading and borderlining fraud. It's not about people getting upset about the MDBA getting "involved sooner than the ANKC", it's a matter of these dogs being accepted as a new breed when they clearly have a LONG way to go before they can claim that title. Putting them on a registry now when they are (to many people) still mutts, along with purebred dogs is what many people find offensive. I know my opinion means squat here, but I would not join a registry that allows new "breeds" like this that have not been fully developed.
  5. Toy - Chinese Crested (got 1) Small - Miniature Poodle (got 2 lol) Medium - Aussie Shepherd Large - Akita Giant - Great Dane
  6. I don't see how having a dog inside a lot of the time is a bad thing? My backdoor is always open yet my show dog prefers to spend most of the day inside. Yet in those 2 hours he actually spends awake during the day he does constant zoomies around the yard. His breeds original job was as a ratter and he sure could do that... In full flight I reckon he could rival a greyhound! He's FAST! Having a coat doesn't equate to having no life. And having a coat doesn't mean the dog is not structurally sound or being judged on glamour alone.
  7. I found my boys in about 3 seconds... But my dog is hairless :laugh: It's right at the base of his neck, hasn't moved a bit. I can't find the 2 poodles chips but the hair doesn't help.
  8. Incredible. If I had fallen five metres I'm sure I would have broken bones. When I was younger I fell off a 4 FOOT high drop onto concrete and broke my arm in 2 places!!!
  9. What were the repercussions for these people caught out, has it been acted upon? No repurcussions in terms of fines or anything so far but we have had many ads removed from sites for breaching the rules. I figure, if you make it hard for them to advertise without a proper number they will be more inclined to do the right thing. Same as sites like GT requiring proof of being a registered breeder to advertise over $500. Ads are reported and removed and quite often we see them pop back up under the $500 limit. It may only seem trivial but it really does work.
  10. The problem with opening packets or letting your child eat something before you pay for it is the supermarket staff don't know you were going to pay for it, they just see a child (or adult) munching away on unpaid for food. There are a lot of people who go to supermarkets, open a packet, eat half the contents then leave the opened packet on the shelf. It's not up to the staff to decide if you are being truthful or not, they just ask that you pay for it first. Not that hard really, if you want to take your child shopping and they simply cannot go half an hour without eating then pack some home-made snacks that don't look like supermarket food. It just makes it so much easier on the staff. Having worked in supermarkets I know how frustrating and often embarrasing it is to have to ask customers not to eat the food before paying and I have been verbally abused several times when I have asked customers about it (probably from the poster above by the sounds of it!).
  11. We have caught out quite a few people using false microchip numbers on GT, it's a silly system, so easy to cut and paste and they don't get caught unless someone physically checks.
  12. I was actually one of the 4 people who voted 'No'. Just spend a few minutes browsing Gumtree and you will see dozens of puppy mill dogs. There is no way to weed out the ANKC dogs vs the puppy mill ones. People are already giving fake microchip numbers now that the rule has come in so what's to stop them giving fake ANKC membership numbers as well? Local newspapers or more legitimate places like DOL or personal websites are fine but I don't think those online classified sites should even be allowed to advertise animals at all.
  13. :laugh: I just came in here to see how many people would say RAW RAW RAW when the question was about dry food. About what I expected.
  14. Amanda at Love on a Lead makes nice ones too Love on a Lead
  15. I'm not a fan of children and I call my dogs furkids... Guess I'm public enemy number one. I like kids when they are old enough to have a proper conversation with you, but I have trouble with accents, so for me trying to understand baby talk is a nightmare and a lot of parents give you the death stare if you don't talk to their kids when they garble in your ear. My brother turned 8 last year, I like him, so I guess around 7-8 is my liking point for kids :laugh:
  16. I have forgot to put the class a couple of times and been put into Open automatically... No biggie. I didn't even know you could print your own entry forms out??? I just buy the entry books from the pet store in town and fill them out. I haven't done it yet but I know my mum has got the envelopes mixed up a few times and ended up putting the show envelope on the inside and her self addressed one on the outside, then wondered why her entry cam back to her the next day
  17. I think we have one show with neuter class here a year... Not worth keeping my desexed poodle in full coat for one show a year.
  18. So by your standards Romana I should not be allowed to show a dog because I don't breed? Not everyone wants to breed, I just enjoy showing and need an entire dog to do so. I could have made a fortune off one of my main registered poodles... However I didn't, I had him desexed at 12 months when I found out I had another entire male arriving. I told the breeder I wouldn't breed him and I didn't. I know the designer dog trend is at a peak right now but is there really a need for breeders to be so distrustful of potential buyers... It's no wonder many zip down to the local pet store to buy one instead. Out of a friends last litter all pups bar one were limit registered and sold with no desexing contract, just a verbal agreement not to breed. All of those pups ended up being desexed at the owners discretion. If you don't trust the buyer not to breed what are you doing selling a pup to them anyway?
  19. My 3 were already named when I got them but I do know the stories behind them... Prada - After The devil wears Prada. She was born just after the movie came out. Brody - They had a dog named Cody living with them for a while and when Cody left and the new pup came they kept accidentally calling the new pup Cody... Thus Brody was named as it sounded similar. Cyrus - was already named. His sisters name was Miley, you do the math :laugh: My next pup will either be Arwen from Lord of the Rings, Forte from an anime I like or knowing my luck I'll get another older dog that is already named again :laugh:
  20. Free run of the house. I don't trust people not to do something to them leaving them in the yard when I'm not there. There are some creeps about.
  21. I switch around shampoos and conditioners quite a bit. In between shows I use dog shampoo on the dogs, but before I show I use a human conditioner as it makes his hair much silkier than any dog conditioner I have used. For myself, I admit to using the dogs medicated ones on myself before... I figure it couldn't hurt, I mean I get it on my hands when I am washing them in it so why not try it on my scalp... helped my itching :D
  22. Just above or below knee for skirts... However I usually wear pants. And I NEVER wear a skirt without stockings.
  23. My 5kg crestie gets 1/3 tablet during thunderstorms... Puts him right to sleep. For itching though it's better to avoid drugs where possible and find the cause rather than just treating the symptoms.
  24. Don't own a Chinese Crested if... You want a lap dog - They are pretty independant little guys, they love your company and will show afection but would rather be in front of the heater or snuggled in their own bed than on you. You want an outside dog - They are a toy breed and they are bald, 'nuff said. They like sunning themselves outside but shouldn't be outside dogs. You have no money - Not because they are expansive to care for, rather because you will find yourself spoiling them rotten Own a Chinese Crested if... You wanted a cat but are allergic - Seriously, these guys tick all the cat criteria rather than the dog ones :laugh:
  25. One of my dogs has a problem with small children, for some reasons he will go ga-ga for adults but shys away from kids. Well last weekend at a show there was a little girl who raced up and started getting in my dogs face. Naturally he backed away but the little girl kept pushing. I don't normally like picking him up but I had no choice (no parents to be seen anywhere either). Now he has never bitten in his life, but in those circumstances I couldn't really blame him if he did (obviously I would never want him to, but you get my point). The girl WAS old enough to have been taught how to behave around dogs. There is another little girl who goes to shows who even if she patted your dog half an hour ago still asks to pat them again, every single time. And when she is told no you don't need to explain why, she has been taught that already and she was younger than the kid in the first example.
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