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  1. I have had a bee sting on my dog before and first thing was to call the vet. Vet advised to give my dog antihistamine, gave me a correct dosage for her body weight and sure enough it seemed to work fine. If symptoms progressed after the tablet we were to take her straight in, but her face went back to normal shortly after the tablet I couldnt help with cats though sorry.
  2. Perhaps go to a few shows, try your hand at foster care for a while, I dont know if those specific breeds have their own rescue groups, worth a try though.
  3. I am also confused as to the use of the word 'aloof' as warley said it is in many breed standards not on the 'bsl' radar
  4. They may genuinly be unaware their dogs are causing others bother. Perhaps just a note in the letter box politely asking if they could please try contain the dogs barking a little
  5. Yup same in our back yard pick up the scoop and off they go
  6. I would say your post is common practice in most vets ignorance can be very very hard to educate
  7. Dominance, dogs are very intuitive
  8. the dynamics are so interesting between dogs, and how they change. Best of Luck with your new baby Any pics?
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