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  1. One by one I will convert you all!! hehehe ...........maybe........lol Every kelpie/ BC person needs an ACD or Aussie to have fun unleashing all that power on ignorant cattle :-)
  2. I love Plush Puppy Pixie Dust :-) on my Aust Ch ACD with his HSAc performance title. I like Kaviks post, as long as breeders are honest with themselves and puppy buyers. I greatly admire Rozate Aussie Sheps, breeding dogs which can still place at a Specialty yet work stock like an Aussie should, and have the on/ off switch and biddability to make good performance dogs. Importing and infusing working lines into correct Aussie types :-)
  3. We planned to stay and watch the B course but when the suggestion was made that we could get our quallie cards early and start the trip back to Sydney... well we packed like speed demons lol Just kept reminding myself not to forget the puppy The standard of work at Nyora is so nice. I wish we could have watched the test runs too. It was the first duck trial I have watched, just wanted to scoop them up and cuddle them :) We will be back for the next lot of trials, this time with my girl to try for her started cattle title. If the boy can, she certainly can!
  4. Superminty is my ear warming hero OMG I couldnt have survived without those ear warmers Awesome weekend away with Kate, Karen & Hannah at Nyora. Couldn't have asked for better results. We went home with one HSAs titled GSD and one HSAc titled ACD. oh, and one extremely well socialised little puppy! :laugh: Cutest pic from the weekend
  5. Here is our little rising star - Willowpark Denim & Lace. She is 10 months old. She started out like this at her first show - This is her getting her first 15 pt BOB from Minor puppy - Her first Sydney Royal where she went Puppy of Breed and got a 25 pt Bitch Challenge - Can't wait to continue showing her in the future. Best of all she just loves the show ring and is such a little pro.
  6. Look up Fun with Pup and Jane on YouTube. These guys do lots of cool things
  7. A cattle dog bred for a sound temperament would suit you fine, if that is your first preference. Super smart, a great visual deterrent, want to be with you, very loyal and if taught manners from day one, great with kids. Ask Cosmolo how much she loves hers!
  8. Lots of assumptions that the ACD is causing the fights. On breed type its probably a greater chance, but the OP states that the BC will still growl from behind a glass door when it has the option to walk away, doesnt sound like a submissive dog anyway.
  9. There are a number of miscolours in ACD's, including liver. http://www.adcb.au.com/acdcoat3.htm Oops, already posted :-)
  10. Reviving this old thread. One of our dogs is suspected of having this. She is currently in a critical condition suffering from the neurological symptoms. Has there been any further research that anyone has heard of, or any other info. Several dogs have died in the area in recent weeks with the exact same symptoms as our young bitch.
  11. My goal is to stop titling everyone else's dogs and start training/ trialling mine again! Biggest goal is to get their Herding Started A Course on cattle.
  12. Maybe its not really for work. Maybe he has met someone... who lives in the CBD... who doesnt like dogs.
  13. Rogue Royalty in Campbelltown sell fresh green tripe already chopped up, as well as dried green tripe treats.
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