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  1. Rest In Peace My Little Miss Muppet

    So incredibly sorry for your loss Anne - I know how much she meant to you. What a special rescue girl she was, she certainly landed on those little Pug paws when she found you. RIP Olivia :heart:
  2. French Bulldog Causing Carnage

    We rescued a bitch with pretty much the same issues - except that she also had Pica and used to chew and eat whatever was in sight - I seriously considered putting her to sleep her anxiety and Pica was so extreme. It was only a matter of time before she killed herself, after numerous dashes to Emergency to make her vomit ...... Every day when I came home from work I didn't know what to expect. I used the Great Dane Rescue training program, walked her with lots of obedience thrown in every morning, and taught her to be away down the hall from me as "basket - stay". My vets recommended Clomicalm which we used over about a four month period during "reprogramming" her, and then weaned her off. She also had two other stable dogs for company as well. I closed off as many doors as I could during the day so she only had the back of the house and yard. It was a long haul, but the lovely calm dog I have now was well worth it.
  3. Spinning Mini Schnauzer

    But how long ago were her glands done? The owners could clip/scissor around her vulva area and I am sure the vet (hopefully) has checked to see if there is hair in her vulva? Could be lots of reasons for the behaviour (if OCD) - is the dog walked enough and is it mentally stimulated? Schnauzers are easily bored:)
  4. Spinning Mini Schnauzer

    I would suggest anal gland issue, possible hair growing into the vulva area. Also if she is being clipped, are the groomer's cutting too short or with hot blades and burning her? My bitch has suffered from anal gland issues since rescued and I take her to vet to have them done about every 6 weeks. Another vet opinion needed.
  5. Channel 7 News Tonight

    How a "professional" can place a small Cavalier into a big pack of large and giant dogs is totally beyond my comprehension. The naive and ignorant comments on the FB page are just astounding. Any comment defending Wags or asking questions regarding negligence are deleted and blocked. They were totally negligent in their duty of care. Poor Wags and his owners
  6. Miss Mini

    Sheridan I am so very sorry for your loss of beautiful Miss Mini. Forever in your heart XXX
  7. A Farewell To My Boy, Boof

    Anne A beautiful tribute to a such a dearly loved boy. May he be forever in your heart RIP beautiful Boof xxxx
  8. Black Russian Terrier.

    Someone needs to go in and adopt him and return him to the breeder - if the breeder will take him back? What a stupid pound - breed rescue works well if they would only co-operate.....
  9. Vale Kajtek - My Heart Boy

    So very sorry for your loss. What a beautiful boy he was, and so blessed to have you as his guardian. RIP beautiful Katjek xxxx
  10. Boofy's Ongoing Cancer Battle.

    I am so very sorry Anne - poor little Boof. He has had a very blessed life and I hope you have more time together. You are both in my thoughts and prayers xxxx
  11. Separation Anxiety

    I used Great Dane Rescue's separation anxiety program (on their website) thanks to SAS :) Can you leave a dog door open for them when you go out? I find that solves a lot of barking issues with my breed.
  12. Goodbye Indiana

    A beautiful tribute to a very loved, special boy. What a magnificent dog he was. I am so very sorry for your loss. RIP Indy
  13. Rescue Girl And Separation Anxiety

    Thunder shirts work well too - issue is that I would never leave a coat on a dog when I wasn't there and they are a very thick fabric, so too hot for summer.
  14. Rescue Girl And Separation Anxiety

    Many dogs we get surrendered are the same. I have used the Great Dane Rescue program with great success with my own rescue girl - she had Pica/shocking anxiety - she ate fabric/cushions/toys etc. I used the program plus did obedience training in conjunction with Clomicalm on the advice of my vets - her Pica was so bad that we thought she would end up killing herself from an obstruction. We weaned her off the Clomicalm after about 3 months. My dog does have two other minis and I would not rely on this to resolve your dogs issue. It seems you are doing all the right things - access to the house, radio etc. I would incorporate training into your walks - a thinking dog is a more mentally tired dog. I presume you are using puzzle toys/food kong as well? You can also use the DAP diffuser in the house when you are out. A crate may make her feel more secure. I would not isolate her when you are there - this could cause her more stress. I would teach her to go to a "safe place" like a basket/crate with a command. Then teach her to stay there and reward her - I would have the basket/crate somewhere where she can see you/the family but not feel isolated. My dog is now so much calmer, she hasn't eaten any fabric in over 12 months and I can leave the house and she won't even get off the couch. It is hard work, but the reward is immense once you get there. Feel free to pm me if you need help.
  15. Scottie & Anxiety

    My 7 year old rescue had extreme anxiety (similar to your dog) and pica - which became life threatening when she ended up in ICU after eating some fabric. I used a combination of Clomicalm, even more exercise and the Great Dane Rescue site's guide for Separation Anxiety (thank you SAS). After about two months we weaned her off the clomicalm. This combination worked very well for my bitch - maybe you could try it for Scottie? She is now calm and much more relaxed. I could not leave a thundershirt on her as it was too hot.