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  1. The Cost of Puppies

    I think in SA it’s 2 per detached dwelling , only 1 in attached dwelling!
  2. New Puppy - Transport - Fly or Drive?

    I would definitely fly if possible.
  3. Absolutely! the concept of standards as we know them present an insurmountable problem in this respect
  4. They might be off putting, but they are important. As @moosmum states, it’s not easy to shift perceptions, be that from inside or outside, of the mind or the space.
  5. And as for “how long will people support that” ...... it seems people crave it! Some of the most “expensive to buy, expensive to run, nothing but heartache & expense, very short lived” breeds are booming in popularity at this moment in time. It’s fashion baby
  6. OMG I’m so sorry to read It seems we have come to think that ‘alive’ equates healthy. I groom dogs everyday that have multiple chronic issues who would be described by their owners as healthy. We’ve got to pull our heads out of our arses.
  7. Is a breeder responsible or irresponsible when they remove genetic material that throws non standard, but non health threatening traits such as off standard colour markings, low ears or high tails?? or when they remove genetic material that has tested positive to health issues?? I know ANKC breeders who operate on one side of this fence, both sides of this fence, or either side depending on the objective at hand. Breeding to standard can only go one way. I despair at the genetic material that’s been lost in dogdom, in the name of purity & standards. It can only ever end badly. I think there really is no way to breed for purity, to standards, responsibly. Think about that. I admire a beautiful pure breed dog, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve come to see the sadness & terrible loss in it too. The purebred fraternity has shot itself in the foot. It’s a slow bleed but the wound is terminal. But I see thing are changing. Dogs are clawing their way back. The strange ways of the universe are seeing a contemporary dog emerging. And it’s generally not a dog steeped in purity or standards. I am quietly confident in the future of domestic pet dogs. But It doesn’t look like it does now. It can’t.
  8. Rescue dogs in SA

    I sent you a message
  9. Thank for posting @moosmum. I reckon a lot of people get a bit lost reading your posts, but I like them and hope people give them real consideration. Hopefully after taking off the rose coloured glasses, should they be wearing them.....
  10. Lowchen! They are fabulous sturdy small dogs. And I think there are a couple of breeders in SA.
  11. Welsh Corgi

    Yes definitely approach breeders now and discuss things. also another breed I thought of maybe to look at is the Schipperke.
  12. Fish diet for dogs

    I’d go with the one kibble meal and one fish meal, or a mix of both at each meal. I had a dog who loved salmon heads and had them every day or so. I’d rather feed them exclusively than have a yeasty itchy dog! Also if you can source rabbit that might be worth investigating.
  13. Separation anxiety

    Sorry I’m just popping in here based on the last few posts and have not read Kane’s back story.......but was wondering if Kane could/would wear a well fitted basket muzzle for a while so he could be safely outdoors with Scout? You’d probably need to do some conditioning regarding accepting the muzzle. And obviously not a solution for times when you are not home. Just thought of it as an option for him to be able to hang outside with his buddy.
  14. The Cost of Puppies

    Yep it’s true. Whenever I hear ANKC breeder whining about puppy farms, I remind them to go home and breed some dogs then! “oh, I only breed when I want something for myself” seems to have become the catch cry of the ‘show’ breeder. There it is all in one little statement. I don’t have a problem with that if it’s what suits them, but don’t bloody complain when someone, anyone, steps in to fill the market!
  15. 3 year vaccination

    Adding, after re reading you OP, if the last vaccine you had was an ‘annual’, and only signed of as such, although that same vaccine, if labelled triennial, could be signed off for 3 years, if it was only labelled and signed for annual, the kennel will not accept it if it’s ‘overdue’ whether you know it’s the same vaccine or not is not relevant in the liability sense, for the vet signing it off or the service accepting your pet into care, such as boarding and daycare etc it makes me really angry that vets are still not explaining the vaccines adequately. It makes me angry that any vet is still even offering an annual core vaccine regime for the vast majority of normally healthy pets. Even angrier that vets are still vaccinating, often annually, extremely senior pets
  16. 3 year vaccination

    Labelling for liability. As far as I’m aware the core vaccine is the same but labelling allows triennial to be legally signed off for the 3 years.
  17. MVD aside.... I’ve actually told several people that the first thing I’d do if I came into enough money is set up some sort of fund to ensure that every single (registered) breeding CKCS is MRI tested for SM!! in my 33 yrs of handling dogs, ive come to understand that SM is a condition of degrees. A dog doesn’t have to be displaying overt distressing symptoms to be suffering the condition. I would estimate that at least 8 out of 10 of the CKCS I’ve known have SM. Very strange and vague symptoms to incessant scratching, screaming, even hallucinations. I don’t have vested interest in the breed but I’d love to have the money to help prove that this delightful breed is riddled with SM, and work on breeding away from it. Ive even had breeders and owners tell me straight to my face that their dogs are not affected......despite the fact that none of these dogs have had MRI. The absence of symptoms does not mean the dog does not have the condition. And
  18. Perses' Pups

    Welllllll, I may finally have found a companion today anyway!
  19. Perses' Pups

    @persephone you don’t happen to have a spare puppy do you? Seriously!
  20. Opinions on breed

    A few breeds that people often overlook in a search for,the type of dog you’re looking for. Lowchen. They’re on the larger side of small and really sturdy and have fabulous temperament. Bedlington Terrier Dont let the breed profile trim put you off, they can look completely adorable in an all over teddy style clip or just clipped off short without any floof. (Same for Lowchen above, most pet owners just keep them in a short all over clip, not the ‘lion’ style) also a fairly mild terrier temperament. oh and the Bichon Frise. One of the most delightful and affable temperaments out there.
  21. Dog Burn

    Yes! I bet if it was them or one of their kids they’d be off to the doctor or at least the chemist, for some pain relief and treatment in a flash. but the pets just gotta suck it up for some reason.
  22. German Shepard

    It would be infinitely ‘more expensive’ to deal with a dog that has escalated to an actual bite..... but, at least perhaps seek the assistance of your dogs breeder. Also see if there is a German Shepherd Dog club in your state where you may find some valuable advice. Also, as I mentioned previously, look into doing herding with your dog. You will find info about herding training on your states ANKC affiliated website, such as Dog Vic, Dogs SA etc. It may sound counterproductive to train behaviours that don’t seem desirable, but in doing so, yourself and your dog become more in control of those behaviours, as well as it being excellent mental and physical stimulation and exercise for the dog. A lot of German Shepherds compete in herding, because they’re naturals at it! At the very least, see if there is a basic dog obedience club in your area and call them. Training may not be on right now because of Covid19, but phone or email contact may prompt some help and suggestions.
  23. German Shepard

    It might be ‘leash aggression’ to some degree, but a large factor is probably also her breed. German ShepHERD. They are a herding breed. They have strong instincts & natural drives to move, push, steer and round up usually livestock, but in the absence of livestock, many will find other things to push, steer, round up etc. And as with many dogs used for herding (such as Border Collies & Kelpies) , movement is a big trigger for their instincts. It’s definitely time to seek professional help, because although your dog hasn’t bitten anyone just yet, the more they practice the behaviour, the better and bolder they get at it, and it may only be a matter of time, and maturity, before you have a dog that has bitten someone. Have your dog assessed by a professional (I’m sure you’ll get some great recommendations here). Also, it may be worth looking at do herding with your dog. What I mean by herding, is the organised sport of herding, where experienced people can guide you and your dog through learning to use, and moreover, control, your dogs natural drives.
  24. Transport help

    Also if info is correct, there is one flight out of Adelaide to Melbourne on sat afternoon. Might be worth a call to the airline & or a pet carrier service to see if there any chance. ok Jetstar and virgin are flying Adelaide to Melbourne but only virgin carry pets I think. They have flights looks like Wednesday Friday Monday but not on the weekend. it would be worth finding out what the status of pet freight is atm.
  25. Transport help

    There’s a puppy available in Adelaide?!! lol joking. I’ve been trying to find a suitable pup or dog for months and months and this virus thing has all but cut off interstate options. Dog movers runs a road transport out of Adelaide to Melbourne on Sundays I think? I don’t know how their operations are impacted by the virus but might be worth call or a look around their website