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  1. Here's a really interesting study about dogs and personality types for anyone trying to decide on what dog to get. Obviously every dog is different but this article definitely helped guide me to the dog I have now. https://www.petdoors.com/blog/dog-breed-mbti-personality/ Good luck finding your perfect match!
  2. Behavior like this from pet owners disgusts me. I cannot believe some people have such little care for life...
  3. One technique I have seen some people do to train their puppies about what to bite is to get the toy and put it and your hand by the puppy. Let him bite the toy, and encourage it, then "force" him to bite your hand by putting it in front of his face . When he does bite your hand, act like he is hurting you. This is done to teach him his bite strength as well as differentiating between toys and people. Puppies get the most confused when told yes or no at different times so presenting both stimuli to him at once can make it easier for them to distinguish good dog from bad dog.
  4. Wow, this disgusts me. I can't believe anyone would stoop to this level. I hope for the best for the puppy and his owner. Please update the forum if there is any new information on the whereabouts of the pug.
  5. I have encountered this once before with my cousins dog. They rescued a dog that they later named Lefty because his left ear was bent. It hasn't been a problem for them at all and the dog is living a happy and healthy life. As for how it happened, no one is really sure but it has not changed or harmed the dog in anyways. Unfortunately this is all the information I have about the situation but I would love to hear what the cause is if you ever figure out the source.
  6. I have a biting problem with my GSD, Titan. He doesn't seem to understand the difference between biting when we play and biting afterwards. I have tried to teach him the difference between biting his toys and biting people but it hasn't seemed to click yet. I have heard that you have to train them to bite softer when you play with them? If there is any solutions anyone has been successful with please let me know.
  7. I'm really enjoying reading all of the articles posted in this thread. Its fascinating to see how studies tell you to work with your pet. Since every dog is a little different not all tricks have been successful but they definitely start you on the right tracks and develop good habits as an owner.
  8. Wow. This is a very well written calendar. There were a lot of great tips for each phase of a puppy's development and reading it made me even more excited to get my next pup!
  9. Thank you for all your responses about what to look for in a breeder! This is going to be very helpful when I get my new puppy in a few months. Does anyone know any first time owner information specific to ridgebacks? Tendencies the puppies may have that others wouldn't? Thanks again for all the help!
  10. This is an amazing list you've compiled! As a new dog owner I was wondering if anyone knew of a few good activities to do with your dogs when travelling. Thanks for the help!
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