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  1. I’m in Armadale, just did a search within 50km — mostly super overpriced doodles, aussie x bc, GSDs, mastiff mixes that people haven’t bothered to sterilise and now they’ve had puppies. I know 1 person that hunts pigs, and he certainly isn’t looking on gumtree for dogs. He recently got a new puppy, bred by other hunters from their hunting dogs, word of mouth. It’s not the big issue OP is trying to make it out to be. I haven’t even seen a Bull Arab in about 5 years.
  2. I don’t know what else you think they should do with the bodies. The waste disposal team are the most appropriate to deal with it, you may not like that it is considered waste, but it is, even in clinic. I recently had to look this up as part of a course I was doing — I found a lot of councils on the east coast were more likely to have information on their website regarding the disposal of animal bodies in landfill, and days and times it could be done. You can’t just stick your dog in the bin and have it go out with your usual waste, but it can be taken to the facility. This is from Moreton Bay Council in Qld.
  3. Are you looking for a fence, a bark collar, or an ecollar ? They’re all different, and none do all at the same time. I use an ecollar, I have a GSD and a Malinois that do IGP. I primarily use it as a negative reinforcer, it creates fast and strong behaviours needed for the sport. Your dog needs to have an understanding of the commands you want to reinforce, an ecollar cannot be used to teach.
  4. I know someone who frequents Noah’s Crossing Vet. She has a littermate of my Malinois, who has been going there since she brought her home. Worth contacting them at least, the pool looks really nice.
  5. There is a similar sport called GRC – Gameness, Relationship, Control. It includes treadmill, weight pull, spring pole and wall climb. It’s something we are looking at getting into, most of us have working bred Malinois that love to run and bite, it’s just another outlet without the seriousness of bite sports like IGP. Some of us have dogs that excel and thrive on these sorts of activities, and we get enjoyment from our dogs being genetically fulfilled
  6. Some chemists will also compound medications for pets – one of my rats had to be on antibiotics a few weeks ago, and it was something I looked into as the liquid was a bit gross.
  7. Unless you want to show, and since you say you’re not interested in breeding, then you have no use for mains registered dogs and most breeders will not hand that over willingly.
  8. My two don’t have coats on to empty at home because it’s a quick dash and back in and they have some tree cover, but they do at training etc because we have to walk around to empty. If I take them to the field to stretch and sniff they wear one, but if I were to play fetch or something they don’t as they’ll get hot. My GSD has a long coat and wears one so I don’t have to deal with trying to dry him, my Malinois has a smooth coat and very little fat and thinks nice days that are mid-20s with a breeze are cold, so she wears one because she takes too long to warm back up. Labs are built to go into icy waters, but a walk around the block in the rain isn’t producing the same heat as swimming, so if you think he’s still chilled after a good towelling, it may be an option.
  9. It’s nothing special, brands like Meals for Mutts are similar at a better price – $200 for a 20kg bag is ridiculous. The only ‘ground breaking’ addition is hemp, which you can add yourself and is probably better to do, so you can control dosage. It’s not uncommon to have bits of other kibble through the bags, mostly bits that are dyed red and green, as well as bone shapes, that don’t look too dissimilar to Lucky Dog or Whiskas kibble. They also remove reviews that have any negativity, as well as questions, and they won’t clarify who actually makes the food.
  10. I’ve seen BCxAusShep going for $4k, BichonxMoodle for $8k, chi crosses for $3.5k+ and the same woman has another litter of ‘teacup’ chi’s for over $4k. It’s insane, and a lot are duping people by stating they’re registered, but it’s through RPBA and similar.
  11. Wellness Core now has a grain inclusive line – it is my backup if my Diamond Naturals order doesn’t arrive on time. I’m not a fan of grain free, I fed the Meals for Mutts single protein range when I first moved away from raw as it doesn’t have legumes, but when I fed formulas that did my dogs stank. While there is correlation, though no proof of causation, between legumes and DCM, I’m opting to steer clear.
  12. Petstock are currently cleaning out their K9 Natural stock, I’ve seen some people get bags that are usually $180 for less than $50. Might be worth having a look at stores closest to you. Pet Circle is usually not too bad on price as well, and My Pet Warehouse often has specials.
  13. I use black kongs for mine to download into, and I have goat horns in the outside pen. Be careful with bitter sprays – we used to use them for rug chewers when I worked with horses, and no matter how careful I was it always got up my nose and in my eyes and it burns.
  14. Taking hold of the puppy's collar, disengaging it and saying no is not traumatic, and the action of holding the collar should be something that is conditioned from day one. If you don't do that for fear of upsetting the dog, you are doing your dog a disservice, as well as anyone that may have to catch or hold the dog in the future and is redirected on. If poodles were so sensitive to not be able to handle that, they wouldn't be in the Fab Four for service dogs, especially psych work.
  15. I have a Malinois, I still get bit on the regular, though as a young puppy she used to flat out attack me. When it was time to show her that that isn't appropriate, I just grabbed her collar, lift up a bit, and said no. Don't make it a big moment, but show that it isn't appropriate and it won't get them anywhere. Once calm, start a game, but only when they're not trying to bite you, otherwise you'll just reinforce the biting. Re grooming, look into the Premack Principle ie bad thing first, then good thing. Common example – eat your veggies, then you can have dessert/tv/game etc. If he tolerates grooming, he is rewarded with something he likes. I have been using it for nail grinding – sit still for a nail, get food/toy.
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