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  1. The fish and potato doesn't have an appropriate calcium:phosphorus ratio for a giant puppy. I do have a Malinois, not a dane, but I am using Diamond Naturals Large Puppy, and I'm incredibly happy with it. I was using Meals for Mutts Large Puppy before, and was disappointed my dogs did so poorly on it as my GSD had done well on other formulas. I have the Wellness Healthy Balance and Complete Health formulas as a back up if my DN order is delayed/I forgot to actually order it. All 3 seem to be within the guides posted earlier. My guys also get a duck necks, bone broth, sa
  2. I can ask those who are involved in these sorts of things over the weekend if you'd like.
  3. I love Ivan Balabanov’s Possession Games. My dog has very little drive, and while it’s still a struggle with him, there is a noticeable difference. He also has Chase and Catch, which I utilise more. He was here in Perth at the end of last year, and it was brilliant. https://www.trainingwithoutconflict.com/training-videos/ I hope he comes back next year when I have my Malinois :D
  4. Did you condition it ? Put it on nose, reward. Put it on nose, reward. Put it on nose, reward etc. Then slip it over head, reward. Slip it over head, reward etc. Few steps, reward. Few steps, reward etc. Each step taking a few days. When I conditioned my ecollar, he wore it for a week without it being on, then a week of stim and reward, with either food or ball, then a week of using it on known commands, before using it for anything new. I'll be ordering a pinch soon, and will have a similar process.
  5. ‘Awful, terrible, shocking': McGowan government to outlaw puppy farming By Lauren Pilat February 9, 2020 — 2.28pm Normal text sizeLarger text sizeVery large text size West Australians will no longer be able to buy puppies and dogs from pet shop windows if the McGowan government’s legislative reform against puppy farming and animal cruelty gets the green light. Premier Mark McGowan on Sunday said the Dog Amendment (Stop Puppy Farming) Bill 2019 will be introduced in Parliament to end the breeding of dogs in p
  6. The Prime rolls are way better quality than the supermarket ones. What about something like stuffed trachea ? I’ve bought salmon stuffed beef trachea from a raw supplier for when we had a week of 40 odd degrees, and Atlas had them frozen. I’ve also stuffed the rabbit patties in a venison trachea I had from a beast I got part of.
  7. We got Atlas at Christmas time, and he really struggled with the heat. We did frozen water bottles in his crate at night when we turned the aircon off, and it wasn’t unusual to find him draped across one, or curled around it.
  8. If you can get her to tug, let her win when she's trying her hardest. Look away and give the tug (not necessarily let go, but take the pressure off) and be a bit 'Argh ! You got it !' They will try even harder, and become more engaged. Michael Ellis, Leerburg, Larry Krohn etc have some good youtube videos about playing tug.
  9. I recently did an Embark test, you make an account when you activate your kit and so far the only people who have seen the results are the people I've shared the link with, as far as I know. Edit: you can make the results not public
  10. There's already a lot of good comments telling them how idiotic they are. I mean, I used mine on my back/shoulders the other day because my sister has my TENS unit. According to this one, with a study they can't produce evidence of, I should have brain damage.
  11. I just stick it down their throat, close their mouth and blow in their nose if needed. I started with Atlas when he was able to start on Milbemax and have little resistance. I recently got Sentinel and of course he won't have anything to do with the giant chews, so they have to get shoved down too. He loved his Meloxicam though.
  12. My GSDx is on a bout 1.25kg of raw with a higher fat content and I'm always having to adjust as he's up and down. Currently sitting at 32kg, was 30 a few weeks ago. My mum's Koolie x gets like 300g or something and is starting to get a little pudgy, and that sucker never stops moving. Mine's also still intact, the other was neutered at 5 months.
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