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  1. Taking hold of the puppy's collar, disengaging it and saying no is not traumatic, and the action of holding the collar should be something that is conditioned from day one. If you don't do that for fear of upsetting the dog, you are doing your dog a disservice, as well as anyone that may have to catch or hold the dog in the future and is redirected on. If poodles were so sensitive to not be able to handle that, they wouldn't be in the Fab Four for service dogs, especially psych work.
  2. I have a Malinois, I still get bit on the regular, though as a young puppy she used to flat out attack me. When it was time to show her that that isn't appropriate, I just grabbed her collar, lift up a bit, and said no. Don't make it a big moment, but show that it isn't appropriate and it won't get them anywhere. Once calm, start a game, but only when they're not trying to bite you, otherwise you'll just reinforce the biting. Re grooming, look into the Premack Principle ie bad thing first, then good thing. Common example – eat your veggies, then you can have dessert/tv/game etc. If
  3. I would do premade, especially for a puppy. I used to do full DIY and whole prey, it's a pain, and there is no way I'd shortcut it with supplements. My preferred would be Proudi, then Big Dog. If I could avoid an astronomical feed bill, I'd love to do premade, but I have two large sport dogs who already eat a ridiculous amount of food.
  4. Lure coursing, Noseworks, Tracking and Track and Search. Maybe an ET. She has extreme prey and hunt drives, and I'm competitive and want titles
  5. The only thing that doesn't apply to her, is if she is registered with in overseas registry, she doesn't have any import papers as she was born here. All the other registries are for either pedigreed purebreds, or working sheep dogs/BCs/Kelpies/Koolies. I've looked at all the forms and regulations inside and out, but I can't 100% make it out. When I emailed asking for clarification, I was told to send paperwork supporting her working and government agency lines – paperwork that doesn't exist. Her dam and sire's sire have Bloedlijnen Registration Numbers, but it's not that hard to g
  6. Maybe someone here is able to clarify for me, because I'm not getting anywhere with my state body. I have a KNPV Malinois. She has no formal pedigree, her sire is now with a government agency, her dam is from lines utilised by those who produce dogs for the same work. The bitch has a Bloedlijnen Registration Number, which is an informal Dutch system, the dog does not. I know both dogs, I know the parents of these dogs, the breeder knows the lines well etc. My bitch does IGP, and I would like to do some ANKC sports, but as there is a possibility she could be used as a br
  7. My bitch has an overbite, it didn't develop until after 8 weeks old. The vet that does my routine stuff freaked out and wanted to remove, was talking about braces etc for a dog that does bite work Took her to my other vet, who is familiar with this issue, and he just cut the lower canines with nail clippers to stop them damaging her gums – the deciduous teeth act as a guide for the adult teeth when they come in, and removing them can make it far worse. I know of two dogs from the same litter that had the same overbite - 1 had the canines clipped, went on to a government agency. The other had t
  8. Me ! I don't know much about Eagle Heights, it's worth trying them. I would personally stay away from Melbourne due to some involved, may be the same person you were referred to. It may be worth reaching out to SA directly, or even WMA or WGSDCA. Being that there are restrictions and issues with training protection in Victoria, it's not going to be easy. ANKC obedience and tracking are completely different, IGP is very precise, and the tracking style is very different.
  9. The fish and potato doesn't have an appropriate calcium:phosphorus ratio for a giant puppy. I do have a Malinois, not a dane, but I am using Diamond Naturals Large Puppy, and I'm incredibly happy with it. I was using Meals for Mutts Large Puppy before, and was disappointed my dogs did so poorly on it as my GSD had done well on other formulas. I have the Wellness Healthy Balance and Complete Health formulas as a back up if my DN order is delayed/I forgot to actually order it. All 3 seem to be within the guides posted earlier. My guys also get a duck necks, bone broth, sa
  10. I can ask those who are involved in these sorts of things over the weekend if you'd like.
  11. I love Ivan Balabanov’s Possession Games. My dog has very little drive, and while it’s still a struggle with him, there is a noticeable difference. He also has Chase and Catch, which I utilise more. He was here in Perth at the end of last year, and it was brilliant. https://www.trainingwithoutconflict.com/training-videos/ I hope he comes back next year when I have my Malinois :D
  12. Did you condition it ? Put it on nose, reward. Put it on nose, reward. Put it on nose, reward etc. Then slip it over head, reward. Slip it over head, reward etc. Few steps, reward. Few steps, reward etc. Each step taking a few days. When I conditioned my ecollar, he wore it for a week without it being on, then a week of stim and reward, with either food or ball, then a week of using it on known commands, before using it for anything new. I'll be ordering a pinch soon, and will have a similar process.
  13. ‘Awful, terrible, shocking': McGowan government to outlaw puppy farming By Lauren Pilat February 9, 2020 — 2.28pm Normal text sizeLarger text sizeVery large text size West Australians will no longer be able to buy puppies and dogs from pet shop windows if the McGowan government’s legislative reform against puppy farming and animal cruelty gets the green light. Premier Mark McGowan on Sunday said the Dog Amendment (Stop Puppy Farming) Bill 2019 will be introduced in Parliament to end the breeding of dogs in p
  14. The Prime rolls are way better quality than the supermarket ones. What about something like stuffed trachea ? I’ve bought salmon stuffed beef trachea from a raw supplier for when we had a week of 40 odd degrees, and Atlas had them frozen. I’ve also stuffed the rabbit patties in a venison trachea I had from a beast I got part of.
  15. We got Atlas at Christmas time, and he really struggled with the heat. We did frozen water bottles in his crate at night when we turned the aircon off, and it wasn’t unusual to find him draped across one, or curled around it.
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