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    Breeding and showing dogs, 4 wheel driving
  1. AUST GR CH YYSUR BEYOND PARADISE BREED ::HAVANESE AGE ::5 yrs 8 months DATE ::21/07/12 OWNERS / HANDLERS ::Pam Sleep 1 happy breeder :)
  2. Very disappointed we had to cancel our trip down at the last minute because of the weather
  3. My Snickers AKA Yysur Angels Secret Keeper is now in Minor class at his next show
  4. Anyone know how I can put my nomination logo on my posts?
  5. OMG thank you so much. I am shocked and stoked at the same time. Cant beleive I have been nominated for something I enjoy doing. So happy
  6. I had a call from a worried breeder thinking I was stealing her breeding info, I think she could tell by my shocked reply that I wasn't scaming her ( WE WILL CATCH UP WHEN NEXT U VISIT the sunshine state) I then went on and found my details also connected to another breeder. Ask them almost politely to remove it
  7. I thought Figjam would have won for sure
  8. Basenji"s are getting way too big, how on earth would some be carried around the neck by the natives is beyond me. I have been told to get with the times but I am sorry I will not be breeding bigger just to win a ribbon. Havanese are still developing in this country but we do seem to be getting a bit more consistancy in breed type. Once again size is an issue that needs addressing. My last 3 litters have come down in size which was my intention as they are meant to be toys.
  9. Oh does Sharon have Aussies? If we are thinking about the same person then OMG Beanie is soooooooo cute! Yes we are talking about the same person. She is a sweetheart hey. I Miss little Beanie And a huge Congratulations to Trina, Sue and Sharon on their cleans sweep at the royal WOOHOO
  10. GO THE HAVANESE. 2 of our breeding are in. Good luck Trina, Sue and Sharon. Also good luck to Charly and Beanie
  11. Pics curtesy of teamsnag of our new show hopeful Yysur Angels Secret Keeper AKA Snickers
  12. 7 days and 3 weeks. Has almost completely coloured now.
  13. That little puppy looks just like heaven in your hand......I have never seen anything that is so young, so beautiful :D Thank you. He is our pick, our son wants to keep him don't know why ;) Well I will be looking for you and that little boy in a few months time when you bring him out into the show ring ;) I can't wait to give that gorgeous little puppy a big cuddle.... I am totally besotted ;) No problems we will have to head down that way so you can meet the little man. Well not so little Wombat
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