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  1. No to naming and shaming. There is or was a FB group for that nonsense anyway. I've been through lies and attacks and threats on FB, via email, phone and internet. All because I stood up for myself and others. Long story best left behind. A gent contacted me yesterday. Really very cranky about a dog. Turns out it had nothing to do with me and he had the wrong rescue. He could easily have slammed me publicly instead of messaging. That's how easy it is to get 'named and shamed'.
  2. @Mairead Doesn't leave you with much room to share legit positive outcomes. @tdierikx Absolutely, regulating rescue is overdue. Anyone with a FB page can set themselves up now. (And microchipping can't even be enforced. This is a typical situation where those trying to do the right thing end up getting penalised). Some startups, with hard work turn out to be good though. I've watched success stories and absolute train wrecks. I'm just not a fan of sticking the boot into rescue when the people who bred the dogs in the first place have vanished and left others to deal with the consequences.
  3. What is the point of this post exactly? If it's to goad a reaction out of people, you'll get it. If it's to get answers, fair enough. Personally I find what you've written, plain uninformed and whoever wrote the ad has a flair for the dramatic.
  4. Long post sorry! And I understand that they are under vet advice but this might help raise a few options/queries. So, not breed specific but; The itchy dogs I've had have done well on a single protein diet (Prime 100 lamb) as an adjunct to any treatment. If there's 'doggy smell' there is probably fungal/bacterial activity as well because the skin is inflamed. You can opt straight to Malaseb, but I like the vet to microscope a sample and see what's growing. Antihistamines are worth a try - you can use many of the chemist ones but get the recommended brand and dose rate from the vet. Or the vet may stock Iramine. Cytopoint gets a good rap. Often, treatments are kickstarted by a short course of prednisolone to reduce the inflammation. Just be wary if the dog is prescribed course after course, it's not supposed to be used that way. Then there's Apoquel, also an oral med but is expensive ongoing so it's often left to last. If there's access to a veterinary dermatologist, that can be helpful to narrow down the exact allergen/s. It does sound like environmental. It used to just be called 'Summer Itch' as a catch-all term. Also worth noting that some dogs are allergic to contact with mould spores in garden mulch/leaf litter and can get set off every warm season.
  5. Could it be irritation from the anaesthetic gas tube they use? I don't know the technical term for it.
  6. Yes I should clarify I was talking primarily about the independent vet clinics. Although, with the absolutely dreadful mental health toll amongst all vets, it's clearly become a high pressure job. No wonder there's a shortage.
  7. Not an expert, But a light scissor trim should be ok. But a clip/shave of a spitz coat is not recommended unless fully matted like some of our rescues that come in. Beau before, with a heavy coat. Beau after a bath, blow-dry and scissor groom.
  8. Literally everything is more expensive. Do I call 9 news about my grocery bill? Or how much it costs to buy a tank of petrol? Not sure how others feel, but people grizzling about vet bills to the media is getting pretty old. Vets work hard and deserve to be paid without the extra pressure to have to justify their fees.
  9. I'd say some of it is getting digested. Plus, passing extra fibre is important to keep the anal glands moving.
  10. Just on the topic of Alprazolam (Xanax) - it's a Schedule 8 drug as you know by now. So the prescription has to be actual ink signature on paper (from memory the amount to dispense has to be in ink as well) and can't be scanned through. She's saved you the trip of picking it up which is nice. Changing specialists, I don't know. Depends on if you feel comfortable. Maybe you just haven't clicked with each other, but if she's proven and talented in her chosen field and knows the dog, I'd forgive her an error within the safe therapeutic dose rate and hang onto her.
  11. Oh my goodness. Sending hugs. What a rough journey you've been on. And yes regarding pee, much less smelly.
  12. Seizures are so traumatic to see. And some can cause more and more damage over time. But I'm also going to ask, is there any access to 1080 poison?
  13. Oh no. I'm so sorry little Archie and family.
  14. Thank you! I'm considering trying this on my boy. Very very helpful.
  15. Are you near a hydrotherapy service? Or a doggy acupuncture / physio practitioner?
  16. It is if it's caused by allergens, a collapsing trachea or long soft palate.
  17. I can't remember but I swear the goal was $15k but now it's up to 30.
  18. Apart from the gruesome content, this excerpt also stood out for me given the warnings of dog fighting rings, the way this predator 'groomed' owners into handing over their dogs with trust should also be a warning. Link for anyone with a strong stomach. Please be careful. It's not for general curiosity.
  19. Eek! Be extremely careful of his 'training advice'.
  20. Meaty bones, but definitely have her teeth seen to first. A dental cleans up the scale, and checks for fractures that would crack under the pressure of bone chewing which is very painful. Once a scale & polish is done, you can maintain healthy teeth for longer with bones. Unless she is chronically unwell, anaesthetic will be fine, you just opt for the pre-op blood panel to make sure her system is functioning properly. And post-op fluids will assist the flushing of anaesthetic if you choose to add that option. My own personal opinion is to keep the kibble as a side-dish, snack or sprinkle. Contrary to how it can be promoted sometimes, it does not clean the teeth at all.
  21. https://www.9news.com.au/videos/national/sad-reason-dog-mauled-man-and-woman-in-adelaide/clmrk37y4003o0jqwr8gdghb4
  22. Covid puppies factor also. Not just large breeds and not just aggression. So many were first time dogs, and weren't able to be properly socialised or even attend classes for the owners to learn how to manage their dogs maturing into adults.
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