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  1. Budget Pet Products usually has good prices on Denamarin. It really is so much easier to administer. Best of luck with pee catching lol we usually stalk them quietly with a takeaway container.
  2. Oh I forgot! There's also neurologist blood tests for Neosporosis and (Toxoplasmosis). Both affect the brain. I don't know if a regular vet can do them but probably. Worth checking.
  3. If the MRI is out of reach, just an appointment with a doggy neurologist is a great compromise. Obviously they like to do scans, but also have amazing diagnostic skills by simply doing physical exams.
  4. Some of the comments are interesting. Also interesting that it's sponsored by a 'wealthy contributor' and they are using a protonmail. It seems a bit iffy. There's no way anyone should be sending personal information to random people who aren't happy to be named themselves.
  5. Cats are in big trouble. Some pounds have dropped their cat euth rates to zero by not taking them in anymore. Kind of messes with the stats.
  6. You've had her all 9 yrs and this is the 1st attack?
  7. I'm so sorry. This is a head vs heart decision. And I think you know the right thing to do.
  8. Ok, think on whether the pup will have changed behaviour enough for you to feel confident with him. You rehomed for a reason, and the reason was vet advice about aggression. Rightly or wrongly, you took that advice, a transaction was made and no contract was drawn up. States are still catching up on animal laws as far as I know, if there's no specific exemption in your state/region, animals are still regarded as property. Regardless of a chip. You sold the property. Court is your option and I can't see you getting the pup aka 'property' back. Honestly, you should have just gone back to the breeder. May I ask why you didn't?
  9. I don't know anything about ANKC rego though so hopefully someone can explain.
  10. This alternative registry - the website explains it well but; - send an email - get a vet reference - promise to adhere to COE - pay Then they approve you. That's it from what I can see. No judgement on anyone who has gotten a dog from one of their members. I just wouldn't do it ever.
  11. #1860 is RPBA probationary only. So a new member. It's easy to look them up on the site. I'd give it a miss anyway. Sounds like you're looking for ANKC. Or at least with testing records.
  12. Member 5506 is registered with the RPBA as a Cavoodle breeder. (Referring to 1st gumtree ad)
  13. 8 weeks old isn't like a human child, it's like a human infant. Add to that what I think was a bout of coronavirus, that puppy needs to go back to the vet.
  14. Do you mean parvovirus? Or coronavirus? Did he stay in hospital?
  15. Scientists have long been using 'anthropomorphise' IMHO to negate the fact that yes, animals do have feelings and yes, the more they live with humans the more they pick up behaviour-wise and methods of communication. Left to themselves, of course animals aren't exposed to the same input. So of course they are going to be less relatable to humans but it pisses me off no end that our experiences with any animal is belittled as just a pathological need to relate.
  16. No problem. I might have made it sound like you need to try yoghurt and yakult, that's not what I meant. Sorry. LMO is right with having RC gastro care in the cupboard. We keep RC emergency care. It's good to know you have a little stock in case she goes off her food.
  17. 3 weeks of recurrent G.I. issues for a 17yr old is a very very long time. More than enough time has passed that you should be looking at alternatives to probiotics, yakult, yoghurt etc. You'll have to ask your vet about prescription medication. With elderly dogs, you need to have a comprehensive blood panel too, have they done that? Sorry your baby isn't feeling well.
  18. Spellcheck. You're rambling. And 'bring on the abuse' ..... you're the one losing the plot, nobody else.
  19. No way! You've explained so well! Our adoption fees cover a fraction of outgoing expenses. And the litters whelped in care, may as well throw your cheque book out the window.
  20. Also, there are re-sellers of cheaper dogs/puppies. They've always been around. It's just that there's more incentive now. $$$
  21. The alternative is to have mentors and the use of proper breeder experienced veterinary services. Education. People breeding popular breeds need to stop lying and claiming fantasy theories about their provenance and health. They are not doing even the 'new' or exotic (meaning long haired frenchies etc) breeds any favours. Extinction isn't going to happen in our lifetime (despite the pressure from PETA and other nutters) but rare and endangered breeds are going to die out due to lack of popularity or even knowledge of their existence. Or maybe even the possessive nature of keeping them within an elite circle.
  22. It's weird. As if BYB care about limited register. Sell entire dogs and believe a bit of paper will keep them from being bred from. I don't know the politics of breeding though. Perhaps someone will explain the logic.
  23. Always, incl the fosters, wherever I go the boys follow me and even wait while I have a shower. So I have a couple of beds in the bathroom. Girls seem to need to know what you're doing, make sure you're ok, then go wait where they are most comfy. Same chance of discharge unless you are letting her come into season, virtually nil in a desexed pet to what I've noticed though.
  24. I know you said they approach you, but are you letting him run up to other dogs? Some dogs get very annoyed at being approached by an uninvited dog no matter how friendly.
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