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  1. Keep em coming guys Also thought of names like Turn Back Time Turning back the years
  2. Hey all. We have a litter due in a few weeks and looking for a theme and names for the pups. Sire is Prefix ***** Ulysses and dam is prefix ***** Turn The Page. Any ideas? It is a frozen semen litter so that theme is also open
  3. I can add to this litter due 11/11 via frozen confirmed. Great Dane
  4. Is this a Saint we are talking about? Some of the giant breeds can be a little slow on the learning when babies. They get board and tire easily. Consistency and patience is the key. They do end up getting it but often take more time.
  5. This 25 point rule has only come in over the last 10 years or so. Before then it was 100 points and you got your championship. No age restriction. We had bigger entries back then. Plenty of dogs get their title and are not good representatives of the breed what ever age they get it. Gaining 25 points after 12 months is not going to change a dog who may turn "heavy" by two years!!! It worked for a long time before the ANKC decided to fiddle with everything. This- a coated breed where the dog is still in puppy coat could get its title before you have a chance to see if it has correct coat. Or what about other breeds where mouths go wry at 10months? I think removing the 12mth requirement will mean an even faster turn around for some people with their dogs which means that as a breeder I don't get to see how these puppies turn out at 12mths of age. Makes selecting studs even more difficult if you can't track their progeny.
  6. Can someone give me the link to these changes please?
  7. Our girl fought for two weeks. Diagnosed with a milogram it travelled up to her brain then down her spine she was totally paralysed so we gave her her wings.
  8. I lost a 4 month old puppy to this horrid parasite in 1989 it was so very rare. got a shock to see it on the Tv last night.
  9. I vote for chamois ones too. I have these plus Cool Champions chamios a fraction of the price and works better IMO.
  10. Being a long term exhibitor I noticed the numbers drop off significantly when the tail docking ban was introduced. There are many many breeders of traditionally docked breeds that just gave up showing and breeding. Breeds like Dobes and Boxers were numerically very strong. Now you don't get a lot at shows. Cost of owning dogs, showing, people these days being time poor all play a big part in lesser entries. Maybe if the controlling bodies did more to promote our sport our profile would be raised. Joe Public really has little idea of the dog world and how to get started in it. Queensland has a strong contingency of junior handlers which is very good for the sport. We need to encourage the youngsters positively. Dog showing is a good family sport and a great day out.
  11. There are also many talented junior handlers that would jump at the chance to gain experience and help handle other breeds.
  12. whether its easier for a rare breed to gain its title over a common breed, has been discussed numerous times. Theres such a thing as a non award, and i for one, in a rare breed, hate turning up to no competition, and with a good example of the breed with little competition it will actually take longer to get his title than an equally good example in a common breed. so don't cry foul. Not necessarily Pixie. JR is in SA and shows Shetland Sheepdogs. That breed is of a very high quality. There are some outstanding youngsters who have to go up against several older dogs who are multi BIS winners. Only one dog can go through to CC of each sex and one for BOB. The standard is very high in this breed and often one dog does not dominate so it can be difficult to gain a title fast.
  13. Not forgetting she has also handled BRTs which are in very short supply .....IMO rare breeds tend to aim "higher" - they often compete against numerically smaller groups of their own (if there is even competition) but then aim to be highly competitive in the group lineup....... And some of your BRT have done very very well!!! :D
  14. Rowan is a qualified orthopedic surgeon who is very good. None of the others are qualified so I know who I would be doing to.
  15. you need to contact the CCCQ as they are the caretakers of the grounds. If it is commercial you will have to pay a fee and set up in the stall area. They gave us earlier in the year one off permission to hold a charity suit stall to raise money for a member who lost everything in the floods last summer. Just contact the office for info. They don't encourage personal stalls.
  16. My Toledo trailer we purchased in 2007 for almost 9k delivered leaked from the day we took delivery. You can customise the Davcars. We had our bays made bigger and also the doors to accommodate the Danes. Compared to the other trailers I think they are excellent value for money. http://www.davcar.com.au/dogtransport.htm
  17. Like Benshiva said they do well in QLD also!! My daughter has won several BIG with a Belgian contributing to him gaining his grand this year. She has also handled rare breeds like PWD and Puli's who also have obtained their grands!
  18. You know we had bigger entries at shows BEFORE the Grand CH title was introduced! There are many other factors that have caused the decline of dog shows. I doubt the Grand title has anythinhg to do with it.
  19. Sorry - but I don't agree with your assumption that people with views that the Gr CH should be tougher are people with Gr CH - I don't own a GR CH or even an Ch yet (soon I hope) but believe that the current rules are better than the old ones. A Gr CH needs to have shown that it has beaten something. The requirement of four 25 point challenges makes sure that this has happened. Also - a Belgian Shepherd was BIS at an all breeds show here in SA last year - so it does happen. This breed regularly wins at Group level because it is a fantastic example of the breed. It will get its grand easily (it might have it already actually - I am unsure - it has enough group wins to qualify though). Good examples of rare breeds do win at group level here in SA on a regular basis. In terms of keeping people at shows - Dogzonline point score is doing that nicely . One Belgian Shepherd in one State. Name me the last Leonberger or Pharoah Hound. The Dogzonline point score is keeping the Grand Champions showing. Look at who leads each State and breed. Point score won't keep me showing but a change back in the GC conditions probably will. A Pharoah hound recently won BIS in QLD So has a Tib Mastiff and many other rare breeds!! There have been a few Pharaoh hounds in the past to win BIS in QLD. Many rare breeds win BIS up here. It ain't easy getting a grand on a popular breed either!! Often you have several BIS winning dogs you have to beat for the CC before you can even think about getting BOB and then on to BIG!!! It can be cut throat just getting your class at some shows. If the dog is good enough in any breed it can go through and get its grand.!
  20. This is our new Davcar love it although I had to send it back and have the door locks changed. It has only had one outing so far.
  21. Make sure you get an engineer to check you can carry the extra weight on the front of the trailer as the drawbars can snap off.
  22. The benefits of beet pulp One of the biggest advantages of by-product feed sources is that they are usually readily available and affordable. In addition, beet pulp has several additional advantages over many other common fiber sources such as peanut, rice, or soy hulls. Beet pulp is an insoluble fiber source that is moderately fermentable. This means the fiber from beet pulp has the benefits of adding bulk and moisture to animal stools while providing an energy source that can improve the health of the colon. Slow to moderately fermentable fiber sources, like beet pulp, are often recommended as one of the best sources of fiber for dogs and cats. Beet pulp has been most commonly used in horse feeds. Horses are true herbivores and up to 40% of their calories come from digestion of food in the colon. There, fermentable fibers are broken down into volatile fatty acids by bacteria. These volatile fatty acids are then utilized by the beneficial bacteria and the horse as an energy source. Little digestion occurs in the colon or large intestine in dogs and cats, however, so they would receive few calories from the beet pulp. Nevertheless, beet pulp would improve colon health by providing the beneficial bacteria with a small amount of volatile fatty acids. The disadvantages of beet pulp There have been several reported problems concerning the use of beet pulp in animal foods, including potential swelling in the stomach, palatability, and plugging of the intestinal villus. Few of these have been substantiated and most refer to the feeding of beet pulp to horses. Some studies conducted in horses actually used a quantity of beet pulp that provided up to 50% of their daily calories, therefore, any negative (or positive) effects of beet pulp were related to the large quantities that were fed. Keep in mind that the amount of beet pulp that is normally fed to horses is a much larger quantity and greater percentage of daily intake than would ever be fed to a dog or cat. Summary In summary, beet pulp is considered to be an excellent fiber source in most commercial pet foods. The addition of beet pulp to commercial dog and cat food is widespread, but the actual amount eaten per day is quite small. Beet pulp is rarely the only available fiber source; as a rule, a variety of fiber sources that cross all ranges of fermentability and solubility are recommended. In addition to being a good fiber source, beet pulp may have a slight advantage over some other fiber sources because of its benefit to the intestinal bacteria that help maintain colon health. Beet pulp is often found in many quality foods, and when fed correctly, is an ingredient that can be beneficial to almost all pets. References and Further Reading Hand; Thatcher; Remillard; Roudebush. Small Animal Clinical Nutrition 4th Edition. Walsworth Publishing Company. Marceline, MO; 2000
  23. I have several of her pieces purchased in the USA. I think she does the nicest work.
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