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  1. Hi, no she was desexed as a pup so I doubt it's that? Last night was peaceful, turned off the TV / digital antenna amplifier at the point before I went to bed early days though, will see how that works for us over the next week or so. I dont have any bug zappy things, but yes she freaks at beeps .. my old mobile phone when the battery was low had this beep that went off every 10 minutes that freaked her out. But nothing like that going off that I can hear anyway. My new phone only beeps the once and she doesn't seem effected by it but its turned off at night anyway.
  2. hhmm okay I didn't think of anything medical related. So that's something to consider. The only 'new' thing that coincides is we put the TV in the bedroom and I bought a portable digital panel antenna that has a built in amplifier. I'm wondering if the signal could cause problems, I know dogs hear things we dont so maybe there is some noise. But why wouldn't she be upset all the time? Actually come to think of it some nights she normally likes to come lay on the bed with me before DH comes to bed and lately she has been avoiding it opting to stay in the lounge. I did get up last night and turn it all off at the point and there have been other nights I've done the same. I might have to keep better track of that. I'll turn it off at the point every night and see if that makes a difference. Worth a shot.
  3. Hi all, my dog sleeps inside, generally under my bed. She has free run of the house. She has always slept inside. She's about 5yrs old. The past 5-6 weeks she has started this weird behavior at 1-2am in the morning and I cant work out what's going on. She is completely restless, huffing, puffing, very stressed out (like she behaves when there is thunder or crackers). It goes on for hours. I cant hear any noises. She is constantly waking us up, as soon as we doze off she is nudging at us again and panting in our faces, also going into the kids rooms and waking them up too. I cant work out why she is doing this at the early hours of the morning. Last night I got up and put her outside, she was eager to go out and then wouldn't come in when I called her so I left her out. She didn't bark or carry on at the back door and I didn't hear anything out of her for the rest of the night. Any suggestions on what is going on and why she may suddenly be doing this?
  4. Yeah dogs have pretty good internal clocks and very good at relying on routine and he is probably getting anxious knowing the time is nearing when he gets to see you. You know how they say you should alter your routines, go for walks at different times, serve dinner diff times etc. well this is one such thing it is probably difficult to alter but the end result is he knows it's nearly time to get out of the laundry and doesn't want to wait any longer. Hey I'm no expert, just trying to think like your dog and shed some light ;-)
  5. Have you been toilet training him? It's about that time they start to get the whole toilet thing. Maybe he needs to go to the loo and he is letting you know? I have tried to have dogs sleep in the laundry before and my personal experience has been if you don't want them in the house overnight, they are happier outside than being confined in a locked room. Of all the dogs I've owned I've found this. I have trained my current dog to be happy with sleeping in or out. She is toilet trained so no issues but she sleeps in a few nights (not the laundry though, free run of house), then out a few nights, I rotate it so she is not used to or relies on being in the whole time. With Winter coming up I'm happy for her to be in more than out though.
  6. Amanda, I found with our camera if you zoom in when it's in photo mode and then switch over to video, it keeps it zoomed in whilst in video. You just can't zoom in and out, but you should be able to set it up before you start if you are working at a distance. Give it a shot anyway.
  7. We had an interesting experience with a hotspot in January that got out of hand. It can happen in the blink of an eye. It started of as just a bit of eczema and we thought it was getting better and then overnight she had been gnawing at it and :p mad rush to the Vet the next morning. In the past I had used Neocourt as someone else had mentioned and found it wonderful for things like this. As the tube I had was about 10 years out of date I didn't want to use it and figured I'd better take her to the Vet and get some cream made this century . In the past with my other dogs, that's all my old Vet did was prescribe cream and come back if it got worse type thing. Anyway we got the royal hospitalization $$$ treatment but the upshot is for next time I have the prescription cream. I read something recently about teatree oil being dangerous for these kind of thigns ???
  8. Use a Chamois before using a towel. I picked up this tip from a DIY dog wash and it is seriously the best thing to use on the dog, wring it out, keep using it and then towel dry them. Gets rid of so much moisture.
  9. Sas, I got picked up for bending down recently when we did an intro trial. She said I bent down and stayed down too long and I should just give the sharp hand signal and be done with it. So when I tried that I was horrified the dog didn't drop !!! such a basic thing but because I was in this terrible routine of bending down and dragging it out until she got there by just telling her drop and giving a quick sharp signal she looked at me like I was stupid. So we have been working on that the past few weeks and she is getting much better. I think it's okay to bend your knees, but like not right to the ground, just enough to give the signal in front of their face.>>? But I'm no expert, the others who are more into trialing will pop along with the correct answers.
  10. Where's my rock, thanks, have pm'ed you about the crate.
  11. OH Amanda, if you have one and dont mind bringing it that would be wonderful to put it in action and give it a try out. I keep keeping an eye at Dimmeys but never seem to see them. The other ones are pretty pricey.
  12. Used to wash my dogs at the dog wash which was a self serve attached to the car wash. They always used chamios and recommended you did them over prior to using the dryer. It worked a treat, got rid of so much excess.
  13. Prices can really vary. not just between suburbs but between type of businesses. EG the groomer which is set up inside the boutique type pet store charges double what the lady who works from home charges. I had quotes "starting at $50". I recently had my Aussie Shep done which included hydrobath, dry, brush, nails, clipping/tidy up around feet coz they get gangly, ear/eye check and a general once over. I paid $35. The mobile dog wash used to come to me for $35 for my heeler but I didn't think they'd do a longish haired dog for that kinda price plus they are in and out in no time whereas the groomer there seems to be a bit more attention to detail so while I'm getting such a great job happy to pay the $35.
  14. As an attendee at training school I was amazed in the first month of beginners class that I was the ONLY one in the class to attend every week for the month. Actually of the other people in my class, I didn't see any of them more than twice I dont think. People get busy I know but when I signed up, I signed up to a commitment to train my dog and I wanted fast results which is probably what everyone wants but when I say FAST I am realistic about what that means and how long 'fast' is really going to take. I knew the only way this was going to happen was consistency going each week, (making other plans around my training times!) and to practice practice practice. It's a commitment and hard work. I dont understand why people come a few times and then never again or come on the odd occasion.
  15. I normally use Avocate. It covers everything including adult fleas but as I now have an Aussie Shepherd they are sensitive to IVERMECTIN so I can no longer use that brand and need to opt for Sentinal Spectrum but it doesn't cover adult fleas :rolleyes: I have been using Avocate for years on my dogs and never seen a flea yet, if I didn't have a dog from the collie family I would definately be using Avocate.
  16. Frontline, buy it cheapest from www.pricelesspets.com.au
  17. $65 first year, no other fees. At first I thought this sounded expensive but when I worked out how much it cost each week it sounded a bargain Subsequent years I believe is only $25 but not sure.
  18. no, it's not clear as mud lol, sorry. If the dog isn't diving for the food and is waiting for my command why does she need a tie. To me it just makes the reward delayed and further away from the yes I'm so happy you are a good girl response while I tend to releasing. I'm no expert, heck I have no idea lol, just thinking out loud. Interested to see what K9 has to say. I hope I'm not rehashing I am not up to speed on all the responses.
  19. I just want to say I have introduced the TOT and it's great. In under TWO WEEKS my dog who is very food driven and would dive right in there, now sits and does not even BOTHER to look at the food anymore, her eyes are on my eyes the ENTIRE TIME waiting for my yes. She sits immediately when I go out. I normally make her wait reasonably short lengths of time (30sec) so now I'm going to increase the price of poker. I have never had to tie back the dog either, I dont know if this is an essential part of the program, I interpreted it to be more to stop the dog just diving to the food but my dog has never done that due to my voice command of telling her to sit and stay prior to putting the food down. She's about 2metres from the food each time.
  20. oh I'm so sorry, reading this has sprung tears to my eyes. I'm so sorry to hear you have lost your furbaby but it sounds so peaceful the way he left. It will be difficult to adjust after 15 years of having this little boy in your lives. I had a dog a few years ago we had to make the painful decision and just before the appointment she left of her own accord too. I also lost my other 15 year old faithful friend earlier this year, it's very sad and difficult to cope with. It still sends me in tears just thinking about it now a few months down the track. May your little man be running free in the fields at rainbow bridge Big Hugs. Michelle
  21. Are you with her immediately before she does this? I had a kelpie once that paced but only after she had a seizure.
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