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  1. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Pay up, move on and don’t make the same mistake again. simples
  2. Have always fed chicken necks to dogs and cats from early in their lives. Freezing them slows many piggies down and hitting them with the meat mallet changes their shape so they’re less likely to be a choking risk.
  3. It would be Greyshaft all over again!!
  4. Personally I am of the opinion that type IS type. It’s what makes the breed standard. Variations of “type” are “styles”. I will use vehicles as an easy analogy…….a car is built a specific way that makes it easily identifiable as a car and not a truck. That’s the “breed standard” or the blueprint/plan of the vehicle. Within that “standard” are variations of “style”….ie a Hyundai i30 is as correct as a Kia Cerato…..both unmistakably cars, just different styles……
  5. Absolutely the first thing that the person who told me and I said. The owner’s experience with this breed and other large breeds is well-known and previously positively demonstrated. I put my hand on my heart and say that I would be very very surprised if any human action or interaction had been the cause of this tragedy!
  6. I’ve been waiting for this information to be made public since the day after it happened. I was given the information and promised to keep it to myself. I have had to sit on my hands and bite my tongue. Some of the comments and speculation in various places has been nothing short of disgusting. What has happened is tragic and pouring criticism and venomous comments inferring that the dog was mistreated or “misunderstood” is absolutely ridiculous and completely and utterly untrue! The victims were well known and very popular members of the Australian dog scene. Many people will be greatly impacted by this incident and I wish Maree the very, very best for her recovery.
  7. I’m probably in the minority but my first question is “have this dog and this child had negative interactions previously?”
  8. Hiya! A few of us oldies have started popping back in from time to time
  9. Have you changed your laundry powder recently or had your carpets steam cleaned?
  10. Many also don’t use photos because of the way other people “steal” them for other uses, the majority being nefarious.
  11. Short answer is NO. Registration papers belong to the controlling body and are required to go with the dog. If the papers aren’t handed to the new owner, they should contact the controlling body in writing with the facts so that the situation can be followed up on. Most states have a 7-14 day limit for the papers to be handed over and the breeder can be brought in front of the judiciary for not doing so.
  12. Definitely let the breeder know. If it were me, I would request at least a second opinion before proceeding. From there things may get difficult and options will need to be discussed. One thing that I would like to put out there, and which may not be popular, but is actually standard under the law is that if your expectation is a full refund, then it is within the rights of the breeder to expect to have the puppy returned to them.
  13. If you want to see more US dog shows, check out AKC.tv There are also breed profiles and a heap more content as well
  14. You need to go back to basics. Firstly, have the carpets cleaned so that no deep odours remain. Dogs tend to be creatures of habit and if they can smell where toileting has occurred before, they’ll head to that area to empty. Then it’s back to basics of toilet training and it’s an endeavour that will require you to put in a bit of effort if you’re going to succeed. Keep the dog within eye sight at all times. Crate or pen it when you’re not able to do that. After sleep, play or car rides, physically TAKE the dog to the designated outdoor toilet area and stay with it until it has accomplished the objective. Keep it on lead so that it cannot wander off or get distracted. Consider using a phrase such as “wees and poos” or “go potty” or whatever so that it becomes a trigger command. After the deed has been accomplished…get excited. Make a big happy production to show how pleased you are. Take note of the body language of the dog before it toilets. This can be useful inside to help you perfect the timing of your dashes outdoors. If there are accidents indoors, don’t chastise the dog after the event. It simply won’t understand and you run the risk of creating a sneaky toileter. Clean the area properly, give yourself an uppercut for botching the timing or body language and go back to basics.
  15. Personally I would be running a mile. Ideally a puppy should come from appropriately health tested parents. The GSP as a breed is prone to a few health issues such as gastric torsion, hypothyroidism, hip dysplasia, Osteochondrosis Dissecans, von Willebrand’s Disease, entropion, pannus and lymphoedema. Most of these disorders can be ruled out by DNA testing and those which cannot can be identified physically. As far as cost goes, that’s between the person who bred the puppies and the prospective purchasers. Nobody has the right as a third party to dictate a price. For a carefully bred, health tested puppy from a registered breeder, the range would be from around the 2k mark up to potentially 5k. Realistically a backyard bred puppy would cost considerably less but at the end of the day, any person can put any price tag on something and it’s nobody else’s business. Any goods (and sadly, dogs are considered to be goods in the eyes of the law) are only worth as much as somebody is willing to pay.
  16. Dog parks in general are ok, but if they’re off leash free-for-all scenarios as most seem to be, you might want to think again. Whilst it is very important for all puppies to have early socialisation, Stafford puppies can on occasion be quite problematic. They’re not always a breed that plays nicely with other dogs despite early socialisation and quite often, they’ll play nicely with others until the day that they don’t. And you probably won’t get a lot of warning that the mind set is changing. Staffords adore people and will walk through fire for children, but they don’t always extend the paw of friendship to other canines. They are supposed to be “a gentleman unless set upon” and to a large extent, this is accurate. The problem is that often it doesn’t take much more than a side eye or a muffled growl to start a rumble. And while they may not be the instigators, most Staffords would do anything to ensure that they’re still standing at the end. On leash is much safer and a properly controlled situation is the best one to be in
  17. 15 minutes is way too long! It’s like asking a 2 year old human to run a mini marathon! Your child is old enough to learn some basic but important dog ownership rules…. 1) Never disturb a dog while it is eating except for an emergency 2) Be polite and never try to take a toy or bone from a dog unless you’re physically training it to release. Google resource guarding…..you don’t want this to start 3) Let sleeping dogs lie. Puppies need sleep to grow and develop. They may be cute while sleeping but like all of us, can be grumpy if woken suddenly. As mentioned, a safe space such as a pen, a crate or even a mat which can be declared “dogs only” is safest.
  18. The breed standard was written prior to the knowledge of genetics. And you need to remember that the original breeders were mostly very much working class and without much education. A dark slate nose can sometimes appear “almost” black in dogs with good pigmentation. It’s like the fact that genetically, there is no pure black in Staffords. Even the darkest looking dog will have stripes somewhere.
  19. If you didn’t agree to the terms of the agreement prior to purchase, then the breeder legally cannot enforce it. A puppy sale is like any other sale. Offer, acceptance and consideration. A contract cannot be introduced or implied after the event. I have been through a situation like this personally and the breeder, despite all of their efforts, bullying and getting friends in high places to do somewhat illegal things, didn’t win.
  20. Also remember the letter limit for registered names. Mine, Ellz, is a bastardisation of the word Elle (in French means she or her). When I registered my prefix I was registering a new prefix having relinquished a joint prefix with my ex-husband. “L” is also my first initial so “Ellz (“L’s or her”) dogs” was my thought process. And the bonus…..a total of four letters gives plenty of scope for names!
  21. A fair price is whatever someone is willing to pay. It isn’t like a production line in a factory where every component has an item price so an exact cost to manufacture plus markup percentage can be calculated. We’re talking about a living thing. There are so many factors involved; timing, location, breed, pedigree, expenses etc. If an individual doesn’t think the price being asked is “fair” then they are welcome to walk away and keep looking. There will always be another individual who is happy with what is being offered for the price!
  22. A final observation..... Whilst I do agree with bites in some breeds being a minor issue and other faults being far more serious (particularly those which relate to health and longevity), in general, Staffords are very popular in the show ring and when you've got a lineup of otherwise good dogs with many virtues and no great outstanding faults, it would be very hard to compete with a dog with an obviously incorrect bite. Many get away with a misaligned tooth, TOO many get away with inverted canines, but the majority would have, at first glance or quick glance, a bite which isn't far off scissor. I've got many tales of winning in the show ring with dogs that had faults in various breeds as well, but because Staffords are very much a WYSIWYG breed, bite is important. Definitely get involved in breed clubs and do some networking and look into performance sports which are great fun for man and dog alike.
  23. Sorry but at that age, my personal experience with the breed and looking at that photo says that it's not going to change enough into a bite that wouldn't be penalised in the show ring.
  24. Staffords are a tough breed, very competitive. Personally, if the bite is as bad as it sounds, I wouldn't be bothering even attempting to show her. You're not doing her or yourself any favours. It can be difficult enough to win with a good dog, let alone one with a major fault such as a really bad bite. You're just setting yourself and your daughter up for disappointment. If you really want to do something with your Stafford, other than allowing her to be a pet, maybe consider obedience. Bite problems aren't an issue there and it can be a lot of fun as well. For myself, I'd also be wary of a breeder who is happy to allow someone to show a dog carrying their prefix if it has a major fault. I wouldn't dream of showing a Stafford with a bad mouth myself and I'd be horrified if any of my puppy people were to do so.
  25. My DNA profiled, champion Stafford came back as a Labrador x Rhodesian Ridgeback. Disclaimer....I won the DNA test and thought I'd have a laff.....I laffed......
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