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Flea Trouble


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And dont forget to wash the floor before you let your fur kids in as they absorb the chemicals on the floors through their paws.

I take everything outside that I can as well and wash their bedding in the hotest water I can while the bombs do their work.

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Once when discussing doggie flea troubles with a vet...he said to also take into consideration the cats in the family...as a source for the fleas getting to the dogs.

His opinion was that fleas are harder to control on cats. Don't know what his reasons were.

But I know that a number of the doggie flea products state NOT to use them on cats....& that it's positively dangerous to do so.

So, for those of us who own both dogs & cats....managing the flea problem seems to also involve finding the best way to control fleas on cats. Still looking!

LATER: Robsy...I just found your earlier post about how the fleas from cats get to the dogs. Thanks for the info :love:

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Well, All-Out-War-On-Fleas Day went well for us.

I gave Jack a bath in Fido's Fre-Itch Shampoo two days prior, and lots of the critters floated to a watery grave. I couldn't believe how many there were hidden under all that fur!

Then on the Saturday I vacuumed the whole house (crevice tool and all, as per instructions!) and released flea bombs in every room while Jack and I went down to the Murrumbidgee for several hours. Then I opened up the house over 2 hours later and left Jack outside with a juicy bone while I did some gardening.

After 45 minutes or so, I went back inside and vacuumed everything AGAIN, and washed the floors. All pet bedding, pet towels etc went through the washing machine with some tea-tree oil for good measure and hung out in the sun all day.

Oh, and I chatted to my neighbour who said he has trouble with fleas every year. He happily accepted a vial of Frontline for his dogs and promised to flea-bomb his house. He also wrote down the Fido's details and said he would wash his dogs. :love:

Since it had been two days since Jack's bath, I applied Frontline in three spots down his spine and he's hardly scratched since. He's nice and soft, too!

Now that we have the lawnmower working, we've attacked the growing tufts of grass. That was probably also part of the problem. Next up: Malawash in the yard ...

Hope everyone else is winning the war on fleas :D

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Forgot about the lime. We use it down the stables as well. Great stuff.

There is another product called permoxin. Similar to Fidos, but a fraction stronger. Pyretherian based.

Love Maldacin. However you have to suit up to use it or use it in a well ventillated place. Keep away from eyes and throat, nose as it burns when you breath in. (done it hey Mel - drank a whole litre of milk afterwards and my throat still burnt. - tried it in the hydrobath using warm water and breathed in the fumes) DOnt use warm water now in the hydrobath.

Thing with fleas, and the hardest to control is the environment. If you neighbour has fleas so will you, no matter how hard you try.

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