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  1. Iam very interested in this as well. When I first got my dog it was once a month to have them squeezed and now its once a fortnight and it looks like it could be done weekly. At first the vet was against them having them removed now he is talking about them. It is only one that is mainly blocked and I was wondering if I could have only one done. Mind you it would be micro surgery she only weight a teeny bit of 2 kgs. Any more people had this done? To their dogs I mean.
  2. Do a search here a while ago someone made their own natural flea treatment with neem oil, lavender etc and it seemed to work very well.
  3. I have been using this information since I saw it on DOL in 2004. I printed out the information and showed it to my vets so now I only take them in for a yearly checkup and if a senior dog a 6 monthly checkup. I had no problems with my vets when I did this. I do know though it I am planning to take them to a kennel they will have to be done. An interesting bit of information. Godzilla has the most horrid skin condition and hot spots the size of 20cent pieces and allergies to just about everything. it started at about 3 months Three years down the road since his last shot not one hot spot still has grass allergies though very mild, he is such a different dog.
  4. I have had the human and the canine missing link side by side and read the ingredients the only difference is that the canine one had apple pulp in it. Besides that identical so I have always used the human one. Why did it go off the market? Does any one know?
  5. The radio talk back with peoples voices is a very good idea. also for my pup I got an old fashioned clock put the beat on very slow and wrapped it in a blanket. The beat sounds like the mothers heartbeat and yours so feel like they are being cuddled. WARNING Make sure the alarm button is on OFF.
  6. Thank you Miranda I will mention that as well all suggestions gladly accepted. Wouldn't this give him a bad breath. Oh also his glands on the left side are slightly swollen that could fit in with tonsillitis. I didn't realise that dogs had tonsils as well.
  7. I am really getting worried now. It got better then it came back again but not badly. He would sneeze till a spaghetti like white string would come out of his left nostril, then last week it came back with a vengance I though it was still ok as only white mucus was coming out of his left notril and I made an appointment for last Saturday and then it stopped completely so I cancelled. Last Tuesday it started with a vengenace again so back to the vet , it turns out white mucus is pus . This morning his nasal cavaties were flushed out and the bad news is that nothing was found. So it could be a fungal infection, a seed that is inbedded in the nasal cavity or a growth. It was only till I got back here that I realised it started 3 months ago not I feel like a lousy owner. After the antibiotics are finished and if it returns xrays and scans will be done. I also made them remove a broken tooth also on the same side (the left) as I wondered if this could have something to do with it as well. When I had an abcess eating my jaw believe me everything was happening. Has anyone had something similar? At present in the office microwave I am cooking him a nice boned chicken his favourite. Bugger his diet I will let him enjoy himself. ML where are you and you fonts of wisdom?
  8. Chemists and even produce stores are not allowed to sell them now I believe as this can be used in making homemade bombs. When my produce store told me this I bought there last two packets. I believe that the produce stores that supply horses may still have it available.
  9. the one with the experience. I rang a Franchise who said she was trained. silly me she was trained for 6 weeks by the previous owner. She could never do the paws. There is a person who has 12 years experience who now works from home. Even my vet asked you had done him last time he saw him. It was the best job I had ever seen. At present she does pick up and delivery for a little extra. If she did not I am more than willing to take a cab to her place she did such a great job. First she trims, then washes and blow dries then uses scissors to get the line straight all for a DD. Even when it grows it grows well. Any franchise I have been too I was not happy. when I am walking we with SWF are always talking about groomers so she is getting a few word of mouths.
  10. Physicullum Husks do the trick and very gently as it turns to a jelly and coats everything. I have to give it to one of my you has a ruptered anal pincher gland and this helps her and stops the poor thing from having her anal glands squeezed every forthinght. Do not buy it from the chemist go to woolworths and get it for much less. Plain yoghurt is also a good idea I also use Jalna is it is biodynamic but any good plain yoghurt will do.
  11. I believe that would work as well why not put a tiny bit of organic apple cider vinegar in it as well as some natural vanilla essence and use it as an air freshner as well. Pathetic my poor dog is locked in the house 24/7 because of the grass being as high as a Rottie's eye and he starts sneezing as soon as the door is opened. The poor thing loves walks so he is always staring out of the window.
  12. HA! That is just NOT funny :p - I hate house cleaning and Kirra is allergic to dust mites! Waahahahahahaha!!!! :D Jen If that is the case Jenny. Why not get a spray bottle, then mix tea tree oil with eucupatalus ( ) oil in a water base and as you vacuum spray under the bed the carpet, everywhere. Also put it in the water that you wash the floors in mites hate that mix.
  13. May I suggest you buy a cheap food dryer as a lot of the jerky type of products are coverd with a smoke coloured dye. The just buy the meat he can eat (such as camel) and dry it yourself. you can if you wish make this strips like large potato chips and dry them down to little chew bars. Be prepared to be how small they become when the water is removed. You can make your own liver treats, a friend of mine buys the ckicken livers also and does this as well as little nuggets. The allergen tests were not positive so I put him on the Fish and Potatoe dried dog food and gave him ONE different food at a time. Gave him chicken one day and his ear flaps and the skin around his nose was bright red that gave me a big hint. Took some paspalum (sp?) grass seed and placed on his stomach started scratching. ETA I also do this will mullet fillets when it is cheap and in season this I give him in place of pigs ears. Good luck and he indeed is very cute. Thank god he is not allergic to house dust or I would have to do house keeping.
  14. My Godzilla has all the wonderful hybrid vigor of the maltase, shit zu and Westie He is allergic to all pollens and grass seeds at present he is locked in the house with recycled air from the conditioner. If I want to get him really bad just have to feed, chicken, beef or anything with colouring or preservatives. YOu now can get Pyohex leave on (thank you Dru ) that is wonderful. As I am following the American protocol on vaccinations I have noticed the longer time after his last vaccination the more improved is his allergy reaction. He also went on a 6th month elimination diet. I now feed him goat, rabbit, duck and any fish that is going cheap, plus turkey with sardines, flaxseed oils. Cannot wait to move to Tasmania.
  15. Had to take him again. They are talking about x-rays to see if there is anything lodged, or even a fungal infection it is very invasive and it is was a last option. Saturday night I had a thought and put lots of eye drops in his eyes took him out and you should have seen him sneeze, the poor bugger. And the stuff that came out of his left nostril However he seems to be much better and did not wake up snorting last night trying to breath. So fingers crossed.
  16. Same as Godzilla sometimes no walk for 2 days and when he poops we have to have 2 - 3 poop stops and the amount He saves it so I can understand.
  17. We tried all the above. What worked boots for early morning and evening walks, his feet did not get damp with the wet grass. It has made such a difference, I also add apple cider vinegar to all their drinking water they love it (so does the budgie).
  18. Oh Hobbes glad to see you are so much better. 2kgs crikey and I complain about the mouse droppings I have to pick up. Never again. Mind you Godzilla at a whole shank once enemas, drips then good old parrafin oil worked. I also had to put a string on my wallett so it would not fly away. Still it is worth it just to see them squat and dump eh Ricey. Good news that he has recovered. Next Christmas just a photo of a bone would be a good idea.
  19. Thank you. :p He is my heart dog, when I got him no one could touch him he hid under the bed for 2 months had to be muzzled when visiting the vets, was grosssly overweight and had distressing skin conditions. Its taken years but he is now the dog he is meant to be. So I worry more about him though I love them all.
  20. Thank you. :p He is my heart dog, when I got him no one could touch him he hid under the bed for 2 months had to be muzzled when visiting the vets, was grosssly overweight and had distressing skin conditions. Its taken years but he is now the dog he is meant to be. So I worry more about him though I love them all.
  21. Well BlindChi I am worried the vet said his nose was blocked but his chest was clear and gave him antibiotics. However there has been no improvement. He sneezes a lot and coughs like he has something stuck in his throat it is now a week so thank god it is not a tick which was my first fear. I will be going to the vets Saturday morning as the vet I really have faith in will be there. He seems to be worse in the morning and evenings, though I notice when I gave him 1/2 prednil for his itch he seemed better for a few hours. I am glad I am going tomorrow I am not sure my mastercard can afford a visit to the pets emergency centre. :p Mind you he is eating and drinking as normal not as frisky but is not distressed I suppose a blocked nose will not help. We will see what he says tomorrow.
  22. I just rang the Vets and his vet is not in today. The vet on call suggests it may be a good idea as it sound like URTI so he will be going this afternoon. I will still keep the Saturday appointment as Gidget was going and just in case Godzy still needs to go as well. I have group bookings all 3 usually go in at the same time.
  23. Just want you advice folks. Every now and then in the last few days Godzy would give a cough like he had something in his throat had a look could not see a thing. He was eating and drinking normally still went on walks. Yesterday when I came home he started the coughing, also sneezing and even when he is sleeping you can see his chest "spasm" two or three times. At first I thought it was Allergies, then Asthma then later a seed in his nasal passage would this cause this type of reaction. This morning when we went to walk he started coughing then a few times till we got into the walk routine then he has slight coughs. When we got home he was excited as usual to have his two pieces of kibble then curled up to go to sleep. I do have an appointment with the vet for Saturday do you think I should try to make one for today? When I left it had settled down . It looks likely it is stronger in the morning and evenings. I even vacuumed the house at midnight just in case it was the dust and shut of my mozzie sapper. Your advice would be appreciated. Thank you Val ETA he had a check up a few weeks ago and is his ideal weight now and also has a very good heart beat and lungs.
  24. Yes, and maybe even more so if he wore an eye patch! :p I was going to mention an eye patch but was not sure if you would be able to handle it. Black one, a chic velvet maroon, he could make a fashion statement. :D :D
  25. I think Nicky is going to look very rakish and rascally with a man of the world look. Very good for his age too may I add. By the sounds of it he may have been seeing out of one eye for nearly a month and has adjusted already.
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