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Doggy Friends


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That first pics is gorgeous! What a cheeky grin.

Generally these 2 dont keep still enough for me to get a pics so this is the only one I have.

This is my Stafford Charche and his best mate Henry the BC. Being both boys we have told them its ok to 'come out' as they are so in love with each other and are always smooching :laugh:


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great idea for a thread, Here is my big boy with his buddy Boof, who he doesnt get to see enough of!!

Boof belongs to DOLer Riley James.


This shot is just a funny muck about shot all my lot me and two other DOLers with thier dogs Sniffle and Miggy.


My guys palying with Pickles, Pickles is a SEDA puppy


At obedience with Bruno (DOLer Tim & Tanyas boy) & Mal Tikkany,


Here with Bruno and Jane


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Tully with Pandiis Sebbi


My lot with the Viszla girls and Bruno


Bronson and Seb


My lot with thier good buddies Ella and scruff


My lot with Mawson


With Miggy


I better stop I could post pics of my lot with thier friends all day, makes me realize what a wonderful life my doggies have. :laugh:

Look forward to seeing more pics of everyones dogs with their doggy friends!!

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Loving pics of Doggys and thier friends.

Here is some more of Mawson and my lot,



In this one Maws leaned over to give Tully a kiss and she wasnt having it, so he whispered in Bronsons ear instead!! :laugh:


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