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  1. The photo's are print worthy. I especially like this line in the article - " When he runs, it’s like a thousand adorable mops decided they would go skipping over the concrete for fun." I can just picture him running! :laugh:
  2. Oh my gosh, Ginny! *melts* That face! And the little tuft of hair on the top of her head! She does look like mischief though! :laugh:
  3. Yep we also have an apricot tree that Bomber usually helps himself to after dinner for an after dinner snack when there is fruit :laugh: We also have an apple tree that he will often pinch the fruit from.
  4. Is your baby a Boxer? They do tend to stay skinny well into their teens and beyond regardless as to how much you are feeding them. They just have a lot of crazy energy when they are young so I wouldn't worry too much about him seeming to be skinny. As others have said, only giving him his food bowl for a certain length of time (ten minutes is ideal) can encourage them to eat because as I said they do have that crazy energy and can get distracted easily! Bless them :D As you have changed him from his original food to two others since you have had him I wouldn't recommend changing his food again just yet. Persevere with what you have for a while whilst also not giving him free range and if he is still disinterested then give something else a try. On top of that, yes treats should be taken into account and included as their daily food allowance. And again as mentioned the feeding guides on the bag are just that, guides, I have found with my boxer he definitely doesn't need the full amount as stated (we tend to give him treats and add extra's to his kibble too) especially as he has gotten older and become less active and leaning a little towards the pudgy side!
  5. My guy has "escaped" once but we didn't even know about it until the next day! :laugh: And I say "escaped" because he didn't really escape it was more a crime of opportunity. :laugh: It was a New Years eve, we were at friend's and it was windy as all get out. The gate managed to get blown down (pretty solid gate too, still amazed it happened) and Bomber decided to go on a jaunt up the street where he was spotted by a police officer and promptly put back into our back yard. The police man also propped our gate up for us so that he couldn't escape again. When we came home later the dog came running to meet us and we all went to bed! The next day the police officer came past and let us know what he had done. I don't think I have ever been so grateful to someone in my life! We made sure to drop him off a bottle of wine to him later in the day.
  6. I am so sorry Ari.g. Run & romp over rainbow bridge Nelsson One of my fave DOL dogs, I will miss seeing photo's of the gorgeous older gentleman.
  7. Yes like Noishe says it depends where you are? I can highly recommend CBS which was recommended to me some years ago here on DOL. But as everyone has mentioned their term will finish soon. http://www.caninebehaviouralschool.com.au/ And as Mrs RB has mentioned Bodil is fantastic. And another (although I have had no personal experience for quite some time) is Holdfast. http://holdfastdogcentre.com.au/ Good luck. A picture of your baby wouldn't go astray either! :D And also I have to add there is no reason why you can't be teaching him the basic's at home already, that's if you aren't already in the process of doing that. :D
  8. Bomber (the boxer) get's the same thing when he has been vigorously chewing a bone. It generally goes away after a time and certainly doesn't worry him. :)
  9. You could also try Rural Pet Meats at O'Halloran Hill and I have seen them at the markets at Angelakis Brother's. Actually I am not sure it is Angelakis brothers because I am having a brain art but it is the one that sells fish on one side and poultry on the other.
  10. Thanks for the feedback, guys, and I will definitely be calling on anyone who wants to do some voiceovers! :D Can't you use the voices of the people who adopted the dogs you have in the video's? That would be cool! :D
  11. Naawwww Happy Birthday Nelsson! Loved the photo's ari.g
  12. Maybe try Harmony Paws. I know Bom, we used to volunteer together a couple of years ago and she is fantastic with dogs Link -> http://www.harmonypaws.com.au/Harmonypaws/Welcome.html Or Tracy's Pet Services Link -> http://www.tracyspetservices.com.au/index.php/our-services Good luck!
  13. What a lovely thoughtful gift. Loved the photo too. :D
  14. I can just see the pictures to follow in the years to come as they both grow up! Adorable! :D
  15. Fingers crossed that everything goes well for Bruno today!
  16. Bruno has been through a lot in his short time Trina and i think you should be commended on how you have handled everything. He has been through it but so have you and i can imagine how sick to your stomach you must be feeling about this. I hope your appointment goes well today. If i was in your situation i would definitely be taking this up with whoever is in charge or owns the Dermatologist's. It is absolutly not accpetable that no one contacted you in regards to his results even if the person who sent in the test's had left. Something is clearly wrong with their processes and they need to do something about it! Sending hugs to you & Bruno.
  17. As far as i am aware Boxer Rescue Network on Facebook is not a rescue as you or i might think of it. All it does is advertise boxers that are available to be rehomed through pounds & rescue groups. There are rescue groups in SA ofcourse but if you were looking for something Boxer specific it might be an idea to get in touch with Vic or NSW Boxer associations maybe?
  18. That is so cool Perse! It looks like a painting! =D
  19. I have nothing constructive to add but just wanted to offer my support and to say i am sorry for the loss of your gorgeous golden man Buddy. What ever you decide to do Caz i hope you receive a good outcome from it.
  20. Sounds great! I will go and join the group right now! :D ETA. Can't get onto FB on my comp and through my phone it won't be found so will give it a go another time.
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