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  1. I did quite a bit of looking around and pricing up before I bought my 450D a few months ago, love it & so far and havent outgrown it yet at all! Still much to learn! I ended up getting mine from Ryda- Paid $1276 for 450D with twin lens kit http://www.ryda.com.au/Canon-Digital-SLR-Cameras-s/836.htm, but also looked at http://www.digitalcamerawarehouse.com.au/ which were going for the same price. I read someone else on here (Cant remember who for the life of me!) got the 450D at JB hifi for about $40 less than I paid @ Ryda. I wish i went to JB hifi now with my print outs from other shops/price to negotiate a better deal! I have done great deals with JB hifi in the past on other things, they are super super competitive!
  2. I always admire your dogs/pics, well deserved, well done!
  3. LOL, i like the outtake one better! Classic!
  4. Gosh your girls are lovely! Great pics! That last pic of the girls... :p !!
  5. Rusty is super stunning! But not as stunning as Tilly still JS- Love your pics, Leo with his friend Boof
  6. Awecome pics Ruthless! Looks like great fun! I would love to get Leo into dock diving, he LOVES the water no matter how cold and loves jumping in after his ball, I hope it takes off. Cant wait for the games! We only going 1 day but hopfully will see Chopper jump!
  7. I have been tagged by Ruthless! Thanks Ruthless Working on it, (As well as as a new pic I like and am happy to share!) will post in the coming days Loving reading these BTW, quite a few I read and think Gosh, thats JUST like Leo! LOL (So Im trying to think of the most unique things Leo does too ) **Ohh reminds me of another, adding to the running list**
  8. a few old ones Enjoying the sun in the backyard: Chilling at the beach (Trying to stay out of the sun under the umbrella :p )
  9. NSW- Wootton, near Bulahdelah. Ballantine Estate http://www.ballantineestate.com.au/index.html We stayed in the Dairy, really lovely - dogs allowed inside - big verandah, lovely views, very quite, hosts very welcoming, BUT no separate fenced yard/gates on the verandah - and stock around, so dogs on lead outside. We took a tie out/tether lead thing so we could bring the fur baby outside so hang out on the grass patch next to us and chew his bone while hang out in the spa on the verandah Going to stay in Coffs in Feb with Leo too, so will post once we have returned and can rate it :p
  10. SO awesome! I love frogs! My mum used to have a green tree frog that would visit her in her kitchen every day Great pics too! I like the 'over kill of colour' pic
  11. I made one for Leo when he was a puppy, he loved it and got good use of it (Always supervised, just in case he chewed it + was also double stitched) But when i brought it out again winter just gone he hated it and wouldnt go any where near it, go figure. As we have just had a cold snap I might try pulling it back out again tonight, if for nothing else then to rest my cold tootsies on it!
  12. Hehehe, thanks becandcharch. I notice baby Kyra has the same harness but in pink, to cute! Hahaha, AND taking a second look just noticed Kyra and Leo also wear the same Rogz collar now but different colours!
  13. At 13 weeks And now (17 months)
  14. Ok, i fess up.... Its my mock up version of Jamie olivers Potato and chorizo omelette (http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/egg-recipes/potato-and-chorizo-omelette-with-a-kinda). Done with bacon this time as didnt have any chorizo in the freezer (And no fresh parsley either ) Was very yummy but better when done with the chorizo ;) persephone- Think im going to have to do a bit of baking this weekend after seeing that pic, YUM
  15. Oh no...... I am really sorry BB..... What an awful way to lose your girl. My heart goes out to you and your family. xxx RIP Bindi, run free. :p
  16. So Im still loving my new camera and wanted to post some foody pics and thought i would see if there was a thread :p , OMG, love all the pics BUT roughcoat- how good does that food look!? page 6 *Double DROOL* & shoemonster - any chance of your hubby running 'training sessions' ? YUM! And........ Dont you just love eggs!!??
  17. Your pictures are amazing Altheau, I would be very happy to pay for a picture from you with skills like that! Good luck with your adventures! :p
  18. Aw, sorry to hear Texas is going through so much at the moment *Big higs to you both* Lovely pics, I have to say he still looks fab even though he is unwell at the moment for 12.5yrs young
  19. No more dog food to you at the moment, emailed Tracey who let me know she is taking a break at the moment from her treat business
  20. Love the last pic of the wombat!
  21. leo01


    Beautiful girl, RIP Jenny. My thoughts and condolences to you and your family during this tough time ST xxx
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