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I can't believe it's been 2 years since Asher passed, feels like only yesterday sometimes. I've been thinking of him a lot lately, but the memories are good :mad I welcome all the memories, good and bad, because I never want to forget him. He gave me so much in the little time I had with him and left me with a love of the breed that will never die. I am so grateful to ish for allowing me the priviledge to have known and loved this beautiful boy.

I thought I might share some of the memories

He was a gorgeous puppy - love this photo ish took of him :cry:


He was cheeky and from day one when he came home made it his duty to annoy Lilly and Kayla :mad He and Lilly would play with their cuz toys for hours on end together, Kayla just liked to follow them around with her goofy grin.






He shocked us all on his first outing to Kepala by leaping into the deep end of the lagoon pool after Lilly at around 12 weeks old and from then on was a huge water baby, preferring to leap in to water rather than take the shallow end!




When he left us just shy of 9 months he was starting to mature into a beautiful boy, I wish I could have seen him at full maturity


Small video


'Do not cry because I am gone, smile because I was here'

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I was also lucky enough to have known this very beautiful boy :eek: such a gentle boy and very affectionate!!! RIP Asher, we all miss you :p ;)

:angel: to you Nic, he was definatley a one of a kind boy!!!!

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Hi Bella, Thinking of you. I loved seeing photos of Asher and followed his story online right from when he was born. I was devasted when he got sick and it affected me greatly when he died. He was only a few months older than Kynan. Hugs

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Ive been without a computer for a few days and only got on, to have a look tonight :rofl:

Was thinking of you Bella hugs to you :rofl:

He was a sweet boy, Bryd's will be there playing with her big brother :D

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